Daily Chat: Tuesday 12th February 2013

Daily Chat: Tuesday 12th February 2013

Good morning everybody - Pancake Day today. :)

Well, it's another grey one here today - oops, just looked out of the window and it's snowing! (I'm sure it won't stay though.)

Anyone who gave up as a New Year Resolution, it's 6 weeks for you today so congratulations if you're still going - you are allowed to come and brag about it on here. :)

Any tips for pancake fillings today? I like best the tried and tested favourite of lemon and sugar - you just can't beat it. :)

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  • Good Morning to you all. Yes I am still off the cigs and surprisingly doing good. I have my inhaler now and forget to use it sometimes.. I am eating a lot lately so its down to the gym for me when the weather gets better. Anyway Andi this is my favorite filling of all time and my kids used to love it.. Lemon curd spread inside and ice cream on the side. The hot and cold mixture just goes so well. Happy day to you all. :) :) :)

  • Afternoon Everybody,

    Sorry I've not been posting as much lately, I have been struck down with the dreaded lurgy which has trashed its way in, through and around the whole family, Grandbabies and all.

    Can't offer anybody a cuppa at the moment as the thought of milk makes me feel queasy, but I can offer a good cup of flat lemonade or boiled water :D

    Happy Pancake Tuesday everybody :D

  • Hi everyone,

    Just in from the doctors and hospital for more x-rays :o thought i was never gonna get home :D on the arthritis battle it looks like Rheumatic is winning, doc took more blood and is referring me to Rheumatology, on the plus side, at least i know what's wrong now

    I'm with you Andi, i prefer lemon and sugar, Mmmm yummy :D :D we have no snow here, although it's cold enough, we're meant to be getting it tomorrow

    well done Happyme, still smoke free, i'm glad your not having a bad time with the cravings :) i must say your pancakes sound delicious :)

    Loved the video John :D :D :D hope you have a good day :)

    I'm so sorry you and your family have been ill Emjay :( i hope you all feel better soon, love and hugs to you all xxxxxx

    I'm going out to my daughters soon, staying for tea so i probably won't get back till late, so i'll say nite nite now, hope you all have a great evening , luv was :) xxxxxx

  • Hi everyone

    Great picture Andi, I've got no plans for pancakes this evening but those look very appetising.

    I'm glad you are getting nearer to a result from all your tests Sue and hope that you can get some effective pain relief when you go to Rheumatology. Enjoy your evening at your daughters.

    Sorry to hear that you have been ill EmJay, I have been wondering where you were, I'm glad you are on the mend again though. Sounds like you have been quite poorly. I think Sarah has come down with something as well as she was sick last night. Hope you are ok Sarah.

    Do you like pancakes JC? Do you like them as much as you like cakes? :D

    Well done to you Happyme, it's great that you are forgetting about your inhalator. I think it's good that you are dealing with giving up smoking first and then dealing with any weight you have put on. It's hard dieting and giving up smoking at the same time. I know I just haven't got that amount of willpower.

    I hope you are having a great day with your friends Andi, eating that yummy chocolate cake you made and hopefully a few pancakes. :)

  • So, it's been very quiet around here today, sorry you only had yourself and Vida and Amor to speak to JC. Just to let you know that the cake was as wonderful as last time I made it. I should have been out tonight eating pancakes but stayed in so I wouldn't be tempted.

    Emjay, was wondering where you'd got to - sorry you've all had the bug and hope it doesn't hang around too long. :(

    Sarah, no sign of you today so I guess you're tucked up enduring it - if it goes round the family, hope it's short-lived. Get well soon. :)

  • Happy, hope you're still happy and enjoyed your lemon curd and ice cream pancakes. :)

    Kazz, are you busy in your kitchen scraping pancakes off the ceiling - or is that what Pete's up to? :D (Just remembered, it's Holby City tonight)

    Sinfree, evening, if you're so unhappy with the Champix, how about switching to the lozenges or something else? Isn't one of the side effects low mood/depression? Maybe it's just not the right thing for you. Whatever you decide though you must keep coming on here as that'll make yu most likely to succeed. :)

  • Hi Andi, feeling a bit better tonight than last night. Champix can cause low mood/depression but to be honest Andi even smoking and not taking Champix I can be very moody with no patience and give up very easily if things are not going my way, haha bit like my almost 3 year old grandson really, maybe I never grew up lol :) I think I just got really frustrated yesterday because the Champix seems to have no effect whatsoever but thinking about it today I honestly just don't know, after all like you say if I think its so useless what's motivating me to keep taking it anyway, must be something there somewhere.

    Must say I'm very perturbed to hear Emjay and probably Sarah have that sick bug. God, can't believe that thing is still going around its been hanging around since beginning of December that I know of. I've started getting complacent recently thinking it must be well gone by now, did remember to put my touch screen gloves on though when I booked in at the Docs yesterday. Totally paranoid about that bug, drove me mad around Christmas time trying to avoid it. Hope Emjay and Sarah are feeling better soon its such a horrible bug and makes people so ill.

  • So what are touch screen gloves when they're at home then? I've been a bit paranoid about catching ANY of the lurgies going around this winter - I've got too many holidays planned to want them ruined by some nasty bug or another. :o :D

  • They were selling them in Aldi in December last year. You know like touch screens are getting more and more prevalent in public places. Self service tills in supermarkets use touch screens, our Doctors Surgery uses one to book in when we arrive for our appointment and there was one in the fracture clinic at hospital where I ended up beginning of December last year. It was when the sick bug was rampant in our area and I couldn't believe it when I got to the fracture clinic and he asked me to sign in via a touch screen. All I could think about was all the people who had touched it before me and what kind of germs they had on their fingers lol. If you use ordinary gloves on a touchscreen it won't work but the gloves I've got have some kind of coating on the finger tips that do work. They're supposed to be for people who use their smartphones outside a lot so you can still use it with gloves on but I thought they were a brilliant idea for avoiding germs on public touchscreens.

  • So what does perturbed mean then ? cos i aint got a clue :o :o

    Another Andi you are, comin out with these posh words :o :P

  • haha, I don't know, to be honest the spelling doesn't look right to me Pete but am going to go check it out on a dictionary. I always know words, and know where to use them but am never sure what they actually mean - am just weird :)

  • Snap :D :D

  • Sounds like a good idea - do you keep it in your handbag? I'd use a knuckle or a finger that doesn't normally touch your face in that kind of situation but one can get a bit paranoid - most people are too clean these days.

  • Clean :o whats that then ??

  • Its mainly sick bugs with me, am so paranoid I will go to extreme lengths to avoid them. I do keep the gloves in my handbag they come in very handy. I even took my own plastic glass on our works Christmas do to avoid getting the bug for Christmas.

  • Yeah your right Sinfree, cos ave tried usin my phone with different gloves on, but note happens !!!!

    I take my gloves off and hey-presto :) :)

  • Good evening all :) :)

    Hmmmmm whats holby city then :o :o :|

    Aup Andi, makin the pancakes stick to the kitchen ceiling is all part of the fun gal :D thats why I make my batter extra lumpy :D :D

  • Oh no! not lumpy batter as well as lumpy gravy! (Extra lumpy to boot! :o ) :D :D

  • Ouch !!!!

    Huh get you back for that you flippin Woman you :o :D :D

  • Emjay,

    Sorry to hear about your lurgy gal, ave heard there is a lot about this Year :( and there's lots of flu & colds about tooooo :D :D

    I hope you feel better soon Emjay, cos ave missed ya on here gal :( :( you take care and keep tucked up nice and warm and cosy :) are you listenin to me Woman :) huh try to help you and what do I get :o ;) hope to speak soon Emjay :) :)

  • Cor Pete, have you got one of them new-fangled touch screen phones then?

  • Whats up with them then ?? :o

  • Nowt I guess, but I'm not sure I'd be able to work one! :o :D :D

  • Your a lot brainier than i am gal :) plus you got a laptop, so your half way there :) :)

  • Its allright, but at work, when they ring me, by the time i've took my gloves off and took mi phone out a mi pocket, they've hung up :o :( so then i have to tramp down to the reception to find out what they were ringing me for :D :D

  • Droopy time, I'm off to bye-byes.

    Nite nite Pete, Sin and everyone else. Sleep well and luv you all. :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, take care gal and get plenty of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz eh luvs ya too xxxxxxx :) :)

  • Am having bad time one here tonight, stuff isn't posting which is really annoying. There you go Pete, get yourself some touchscreen gloves to keep your hands warm and still use your phone. They're dead good. None left in Aldi though :(

  • Thanks for that Sinfree i will go a searchin for some :o :) :)

  • Night Andi - you sleep well too

  • Well am going now Pete, going to look up perturbed on t'internet :o Night Night, hope you have a good day tomorrow byeee.

  • Well it means to disturb greatly. Haha, I'm always disturbed. Night.

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Nite nite Sinfree, ha ha perturbed sounds really good gal :) and ave got my spell checker on and there's no red lines, so it must be spelt rite eh :)

    you get a good nights sleep Sinfree :) and i hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, take care now, luvs ya :) :)

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