Daily Chat: Saturday 12th October 2013

Daily Chat: Saturday 12th October 2013

Good morning everyone.

Looks like we're in for a wet and windy weekend - it is autumn, after all.

All you recent quitters, have you cleaned out your car yet? You can invest some of your new found wealth and go to one of those places and get the car valeted then it won't be reminding you every time you get in it. Tip - keep a packet of mints in the car for those Grrrr! times when you hit the traffic jams and hold-ups.

Whatever your plan is, enjoy a smoke free Saturday. :)

Right, I'm off to the gym. ;-)

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  • Good morning Andi and everybody :)

    Yeah, looks like were in for a wet and windy weekend too :( but never mind eh, ave got loads of jobs to do inside :P :o

    As for getting your car valeted, why not do it yourselves, that way you keep busy too, so you dont think about smoking eh :)

    Rite am off to my gym :o :D :D

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • Morning everyone, yes it's dark and miserable here too :-(

    Think i will do my gym or phisio routine today too, usually do it a couple of times a week, have to keep it going after my Herniated Disc senario 5 years ago :-(

    Thats another thing that seems to be better since stopped smoking the cigs :-) I am told it's due to improved circulation !! makes sense.

    Hope everyone has a great smoke free day. :-)

  • Hi all, now back from my Body Conditioning class and have caught up with what you've all been up to this week. Too much to comment on individually but sooooo glad that you're all staying on track and finding ways to deal with all that life chucks at you in your quit lives. :)

    Sin and Jonathan, you were having a really interesting conversation last night.

    Jonathan, if someone went on at me about smoking (or it was National No Smoking Day) I would just smoke even more. You can never tell a smoker to give up. I'm sure that deep down every single smoker really does want to give up and it's only when you've got it right in your head that you'll do it and achieve your goal. Meantime, you're doing a fantastic job in encouraging everyone on here and sharing your dark side with us all. We all have one and I'm sure it helps to write it down and see it in "print". Keep up the good work, you're a star. :)


  • good morning andi, hope you enjoyed your body conditioning class. haha, yes that was me too before I stopped smoking. My hubby would sometimes say, its Stoptober next week, my reply would be really? That's nice, good luck to them.

  • Aup Andi :)

    Yeah, I was the same, if somebody told me to quit smoking, I would smoke even more, and probably gave them a mouth full back too :( I think this is one thing that you have to WANT to do yourself :)

    Hmmm, so its wet down South then, so you wont be in the garden then :( soooo get that flippin ironing done Woman :P :P :D :D :D

    Am outa here Whooooooooooosh

  • Hello everyone, Dull rainy and cold here too.

    Just been shopping and gonna help hubby do tiling. ( i will put the kettle on and watch).

    Everyone seems to be exercise orientated today. Done my breathing ones already. May walk to the tarn if it gets a bit drier. see ya soon. xxx

  • Just let you all know had a scam message this morning. I posted it separately for you all to read.

  • Hi everyone, if you get one of these messages just delete it. No matter how heart tugging the story seems they are scams

  • You are all so good! Lovely to read all the hard won and winning successes, active! Healthy! Not smoking.

    I want to join you again, I have to. It's grim and scary, but my broken wrist needs no smoking. I am scared of it never healing. You are so right about circulation Mr Sunnysie! Hope it's not too late, 3 weeks too late already :(

    Starting to stop now!

    It's been 1 hour. I know, that's not proper stopped yet, Ithink it takes a while for the nic to get out of my body. No NRT allowed either. It's the nic that constricts the blood vessels or sthg like that.

    Please send me strength through the ether, and I"l try and be positive. Thanks for being here, through my previous brief successes, and past failures. It's great to have you to turn to for support.

  • Hi Betts and welcome back. I didn't realise you'd fallen off the wagon - you can do this - and stay quit this time. Better to let it get right out of your system and then not put any more in again - like Jonathan always says - NOPE (Not One Puff Ever). Good luck, we;re still here. Andi :)

  • Hi Betts, you know I had an idea it was the nicotine that constricted the blood vessels so explains why my gums are not getting any better as they're being starved of blood supply which would help them heal. Maybe we could quit together. Am really, really addicted to nicotine lozenges so it would be just like stopping smoking giving them up, how about we get through it together?

  • Hi Sinfree :) your not out on ya bike today then gal :o huh, typical flippin Woman, a fine weather cyclist :P :P :D :D :D

    Speak soon, erm, Fred :o

  • Fred?? who's Fred then. :D No, not on my bike, you're quite right I don't do rain or puddles :)

  • We should sinfree!

    Would hate to let you down though

    Still nic free at my mum's, makes it much easier being away.

  • Well done Betts, you're doing really well without anything. Could you not try Champix as you can't have any NRT? You won't let me down as I only lasted this afternoon without a lozenge :(

  • Hi ya Betts :)

    For one thing, you wont let us down, its yourself who will be let down :( :o

    Maybe Sinfree has got a point :) cos I know she wants to come off the lozengers and be nic free, sooooo you could help each other eh :) AND of coarse we are all here to help tooooooo :) :) that is if you or Sinfree need it :) :)

    Just take your time Betts, dont rush anything, cos it sounds like your doing brill gal :) If you want to go it alone Betts, then yeah :) cos everybody is different, and feels more comfortable doing it their way :) :)

    I suspect there is nobody that smokes at your Mams :) and perhaps there is at home eh !!, same as me gal, I think thats why its been so hard for me to quit, cos its so so flippin easy to pick up a fag and smoke it :(

    Stay strong Betts :) just you keep reminding yourself WHY you want to quit, and the benefits that you will have :) :) We are all her to help you Betts :) even if we arnt in body, we are with you in soul :) :)

  • Thanks Andi,

    Just driving over the rainy grey Pennines. Nice and cosy in the car. It's a treat 'going for a ride', much appreciated since I haven't been driving.

    Hope you all keep dry! Unless you fancy a refreshing wet walk - it's very autumnal.

    Mum's not well so going to ort her out :)

  • Aup Betts, its lovely to see you on here again :)

    I am sending you loads of huggs and positiveness on your first day of freedom gal :) try to keep focused on your quit eh, keep reminding yourself why you want to quit :) try one of Emjay's breathing exercises, cos they are very good and do help :) Dont you forget, there's no such word as CANT !! cos you CAN !! do it, and you are going to DO it, arnt you :)

    Hey you enjoy your drive out over the Pennines and keep flippin warm eh :)

    Good luck Betts, speak soon, Pete :)

  • Thanks, Pete, right! CAN DO :)

    I can feel it hitting me! Nice and warm :)

    Getting the old lead in the pencil, find me backbone and determination!

    Hoping freedom's here and ahead, like you say :)

  • Hi Betts , lovely to have you back, You know you can donit this time , you know the routine come on here and shout , scream, moan and groan and laugh all at the same time if you want. :D

  • Aup Jillygirl, you got that flippin tiling done yet ?? or you having annnnnother cuppa :o :D

  • Not enough room for 2 of us in the bathroom, so i will make him another cuppa to keep him happy. :D

  • Jonathan :)

    If your out there pal, I'm not Sir Pete nor am I HRH Pete see, cos am just plain old Flippin Pete :o :) I hope your having a better day today and Sinfree helped you out last night :) She's a good en pal :) Speak soon :)

  • I think your HRH (he`s right here) pete.

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Hey Jonathan, how you feeling today? I see you got a lot of your chest last night. Those of us that are on this site know exactly how you feel. Sin is right we are all responsible for our selves. Nicotine addiction id a killer but we all know this even when we used to light up. Seeing sense and acting on it is the best thing we can do. NOPE you keep on being strong. :)

  • Good afternoon Jilly, Sin, Eye, Flipper and all.

    Well, the rain seems to have held off today so went out for a nice walk down by the river with my friend. It got so warm in the sun that half way through we had to start stripping the layers off - phew! :) I'm feeling knackered now so skipped looking in on my auntie and have just come home to flake out on the sofa for the rest of the day. :)

  • What a difference Andi, up here its rainy dull and cold. had to put heating on today. :(

  • erm...... this weather isn't right. I was watching the weather forecast at work yesterday, which is on like a hundred times in a day cos we have to have it on News 24 and they said the South was getting the rain and we weren't. It's rained here all day long, that fine stuff that wets you :D and its been so grey, miserable and cold. Humph. But......I got 2 jumpers and a tee shirt from Primarni so that has cheered me up a little :)

  • Yes, I thought it was going to be sh1t today and nice tomorrow. We've just had an amazing pink sky and the forecast for tomorrow is now sh1t. My heating came on a couple of days ago too and now I've got to keep fiddling with the thermostat (i.e. turning it up to 20 degrees). :/

  • Andi, it sounds as if you 've had a lovely day out and about gal :) :)

    Soooo you can do your flippin ironing tomorrow then :P :P :D :D

  • Soooooo Sinfree, does that mean you are going to wear 2 jumpers and a T shirt to combat the cold spell :o :D :D

  • ....and a scarf, gloves and a wooly hat. Oh, mustn't forget my cardi :D :D

  • Hey Sin, just found this i think it might be us 2 today never mind when it snows


  • haha .......and that's just in the house.

  • Forgot might need the hot water bottle too. :)


  • Aww, how cute. We bought an electric blanket from In Store a few weeks ago. OMG it is soooo nice to get into bed, it's a little bit like getting into the cold sea normally in our bed in the winter :o I still miss my hot water bottle though.

  • Gosh Woman, how much hottttttting up do you need !! :o :D :D

  • ha, I dunno, when everyone else couldn't sleep in the summer cos it was too hot, I was a happy little bunny, I think I was destined to live in Australia or somewhere warm.

  • We are just softies really. Dont tell Pete. :P :D :D

  • Heared ya, ner ner ni ner ner :P :P :D :D :D

  • BIG ears., :D :D :D

  • Signing off now. Off for a nice HOT bath. nite nite everyone. :) xx

  • night Jilly, enjoy your bath.

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, hey, dont you splash them new tiles while your playing with your duck eh :P :D :D and dont make it toooooo flippin hot, cos I dont like it too flippin hot ok :o :)

    See ya tomorrow Jillygirl, I hope you have a lovely nights sleep :) :) xxxx

  • Anyway, I'm going off now to play animal crossing on my DS. I resurrected it last week sometime, as I find it more addictive than nicotine when I get into it. So have acorns to collect, fish to catch, turnips to buy in the morning and funny little people to talk to. :o one day I might grow up.........til then night Pete and everyone, see you all tomorrow.

  • Nite nite Sinfree, if you want to be a girl, then you flippin be a girl gal :) :) cos am the same as you, erm, I dont think I will ever grow up :o

    Enjoy your game Sinfree, and I send you sweet warm dreams for later :) :)

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