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Daily chat: Monday 21st January 2013

Daily chat:  Monday 21st January 2013

Good morning

I hope you are all having a good day and keeping warm.

It's snowing here and must have been all night as the roads were covered in snow when I woke up this morning. I made it into work though and I'm now sat at my desk with a cup of coffee.

I hope you all had a good weekend and managed to keep yourselves busy to keep those cravings at bay.

Speak to you later xx :)

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Good Morning Kazz! And everybody else who isn't here yet!

Well, it snowed and snowed and snowed and it's still snowing here! I haven't gone to work, am having a 'snow' day. It's alright getting there, even though it would have taken me ages, it's the getting home, and I had to be back home for 1pm for an appointment (if the BT engineer ventures out).

My daughter's school is closed today, good job really as she's lost in cold again! All these horrid viruses about. She seems to have had a permanent cold since December, gets rid of one and another starts! She is using her day well, revising for her 3 maths exams this week.

I shall use my time to potter about at home. Have cleared the drive and the car, and will do it again later. Hopefully the snow will stop and I can go to work tomorrow.

Hope that everyone is okay and coping with the snow!

You take care driving home Kazz!

Am away to dance with with my Dyson...

Oh and Pete, I saw your comment last night, I shall get you later, cheeky chops :)




Good Morning Kazz, you beat me too it :-)

It's pretty snowy here too, everywhere looks so lovely, white and innocent and yet I believe will play havoc with a lot of people's lives. So, if you are one of those people, please take care, wrap up warm or better still - stay in :-)

Today is 21st January, almost a month has passed in our New Year. We'll be on a countdown for National No Smoking Day before we know it!

I hope everyone has good strong strategies in place to recognise and send those cravings packing.

Remembering that together we can do this :-)


Hey Chickles, Lovely to see you about. I hope your daughter feels better soon. Happy dancing! :-)


Morning Kazz, its snowing a little here, we have had two days of it and yesterday it snowed all day :( while it looks pretty it causes so much disruption, my grandson's school is closed today so he is happy lol. Well yesterday I decided to treat myself to a Kindle ;) and kindle accessories, spent £210 all saved from not smoking which is incredible when you stop and think how much of our money went up in smoke:( Have been playing around with it and noticed it has a camera but you can only take a picture of yourself unless you turn it around and press the front with your finger which is very difficult as you cant see what your taking, just wondered if anyone else can throw some light on why they would add it in the first place, its a shame cause it takes quite nice photo's :) Well I hope every one can get around safely today as it very slippery outside.


Hi Delina, the Camera is not really a Camera to take foto,s with, its for use on Skype, hope this helps you.


Hi Emjay and chickles, was no posts before started writing, I am quite slow :( so good morning to you both and anyone else who might be around :)


Thanks Chickles,

It took me about an hour to get into work this morning instead of half an hour, everyone is driving so slowly which is good. I thought the same thing about getting home if it didn't stop but it has virtually stopped now and the hourly forecast says there will be no more snow today, hooray :)

I hope your daughter feels better soon and I hope you don't catch it.

The snow does look lovely EmJay, I was thinking that earlier. I love the snow as long as I'm looking at it out of my window at home and don't have to go out in it :)

You are right we can do this together and without the support of everyone on here I wouldn't have made it this far, so thank you everyone. I wish I had known about this site when I have tried to give up previously but better late than never :)

Hi Delina

It's lovely for the children to play out in it. Up to 2009 I don't think a lot of children had seen snow, they get so excited and it's lovely to watch them playing in it :)

I take it you have just bought the Kindle Fire? I treated myself to the Kindle Paperwhite and that doesn't have a camera. Well done on saving enough money from giving up smoking to buy it, you deserve it. Smoking is such a waste of hard earned money and as you say it just goes up in smoke. I don't think that there are many things we would pay for on a daily basis that costs so much. The way the weather is now, I love not having to think that I have to go to the shops, slipping and sliding in the snow to get some cigarettes.

Just worked it out I have saved approximately £780.00 since I gave up in October, I have treated myself to a new laptop and the Kindle. :D Money well spent I say and both of them should last me a long time which is more than can be said for cigarettes!!


Morning all you non smokers, it snowing and snowing and snowing her in Liverpool, it look,s lovely. Just come back in from spending two hours in the park walking, its beautiful, trees are covered and it looks soooooooooooooo nice. Love it when its fresh but dont like the ice, hope it doesn.t ice over tonight cos I want to go and see my Swans and babys tomorrow. Keep safe and dont slip.


The lake is massive John so they,ll have plenty to drink. They are very well looked after, Park Rangers keep an eye on them. I could take them one of your cakes though, second thought,s your a greedy guts and wont share, ha.


Good Morning everyone :),

Just back from shopping, we don't have snow here, it keeps trying but then it rains, very cold though so i won't be venturing outside again :) :D

It's lovely to see you Kazz, i hope you get home from work okay, it's sounds terrible where you are, hope your day is not too bad :)

I hope your daughter feels better soon Chickles; colds are horrid, i'm battling one myself just now, enjoy dancing with your hoover :D :)

Hi Emjay, hope your feeling good today and enjoying a warm cuppa :) I'm getting excited now cause i'm close to 4 months stopped, i think :o :D :D

Hi delina hope your having fun with your Kindle, it's amazing how much money we save isn't it :) I'm saving mine up for my first grandbaba, got lots to buy for him :)

I hope you all have a great day :) xx


ITS 9 MONTHS FOR ME TODAY, YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. treated myself to some new boots and a bag cos I.m a good girl.


Thanks madimad, my nephew said it was probs for skype, still I have managed to take a few good pics of the snow with it, just very awkward lol bet your walk in the snow was lovely, I popped to the shops yesterday and it was bitterly cold and I was only out for 30 minutes, I didn't really dress for snow as we went in the car but dressed up warmly it is lovely to see :)


Good morning Emjay, Delina. Mad and Sue,

Thanks for your get well wishes for my daughter- she smiled when I told her :)

It's still snowing here, but it's not heavy now. Have done the vaccing, had lunch- cheese on toast. Made todays tea yesterday, so I might just make tomorrows tea today :)

Shepherds Pie tonight with veggies and Chicken curry tomorrow. I menu plan every week, no food wastage here. Every week when I go shopping the prices seem to go up. I usually use Tesco passata for my bolognese sauce, it was until a couple of months ago, 29p, it's now 65p! Gone up over 100%!

Spoke too soon, snow has gone heavy again...looks lovely though!

It is amazing how much money we save! I got my bank statement the other day and was amazed at how much money I hadn't spent :), considering it was my first one since well before Christmas, and it got some hammer, I was well pleased!

It seems strange being at home on a Monday!

Well done Sue on nearly 4 months! Hope that your cold gets better soon!

We are all doing so very, very well!



hope your daughter gets over her cold quick, hopefully the frost/snow will help

your tea sounds lovely chickles, I know what you mean about the prices going up, it's just no funny any more

we buy mainly from lidl but when we buy from tesco I go for the value stuff

I haven't spent much since new year, we have been to town twice, I bought some stuff from boots but used my points

went into lidl and spent £18 the first day and £11 the second

did spend a lot in tesco's though, about £80 each time but I dont have to buy anything now for a month or so because I stocked up on loads of stuff and bought a lot of washing powder that was on offer which I didnt really need but it ws only £5 for a big box so bought 4!

I buy a lot of reduced veg and stuff I can freeze because it wont hurt you.

if I get a lot of reduced veg I make soup, curries, spag bol, pizza sauce to use up the vegetables and then freeze it and I make double batches too so it's even more saving! its easy and convenient too, my freezer is full of lasagne, soup, bolognase sauce, beef curry, chicken curry and god knows what else! lol


Woo hoo Mad- a very big well done on your 9 months anniversary! A treat well deserved! That one year mark is getting closer too!



That's brilliant Mad, 9 months, way to go girl :D



9 months thats brill :)


Well done mad, way to go, your year is nearly here :) :)


Well done to you Mad, I bet you are well made up with yourself. Quite rightly so too :-)

I hope this works:


Kettles on folks....


Thats a good one EmJay, thanks for reminding me I use to smell, not anymore though cos I treat myself to more Perfumes now.


Thanks for all the Well Dones, pity we don,t live near each other then we could celebrate everytime it,s an anniversary, lots and lots of get togethers would be nice. Never mind If I win the Lottery i,ll pay for a big knees up for all of us, Cakeface can bring the Gateaux, I.ll pay the rest.


That sounds like fun Mad, further down the line someday maybe we can arrange a celebration get together :-) With regards to buying more perfumes now, I bet you can smell them a lot better too :-)

Enjoy your shopping John :-)

Chickles and Orkneysarah, you both sound so organised. Planning your meals is one of the best ways to eat healthily and save money. I love shopping at Lidl, they always have great offers on - especially with meats. Do you have a Home & Bargain where you loive, they are great for toiletries etc?


I dont buy much meat from lidl I have to say, pork chops and my whole chickens and that's about it, I get the rest of my meat/burgers from the local butcher shop.

I tend to go to lidl before I go to tesco

I doubt we dont have a home and bargain in Orkney.

I tend to buy all my toilitries from boots because I get my advantage points and then I can buy xmas/birthday pressies for other people with my points.

I am so organised that I have just wrapped birthday/xmas pressies for the rest of the year and some for next year!


Ha Sarah, you sound like me... I do 'cookathons' in the winter, but we used them all up just before Christmas and I haven't got round to doing another batch. I have been buying the meat in bulk and freezing it. There are just the two of us and I could easily spend double what I do. I go to Costco every couple of months and stock up on washing powder, etc. Some things aren't much cheaper, but a lot of things are. Weather permitting, I think I'll go to Morrisons this week, I've kind of fallen out with Tesco.

I tend to stock up on toiletries when they're on offer and I've a right cupboard full. I do like soft toilet roll, and I like the Marks and Spencers one, tis mi extravagance and lots nicer than Andrex lol

I'm sure that my daughter will be better soon. As you say Sarah, hopefully this cold weather will kill the bacteria. It was far too warm for this time of year the other week!

I think that a celebration get together is a brilliant idea!

Well BT rang and cancelled my engineer visit because of the weather. it's not a major problem, the engineer installing the BT Infinity found it. It's outside and may involve digging!

The BT Infinity is very good, and a lot faster than the broadband. I have been well impressed with it.

A decent win on the lottery would be bliss!

I am going to make a coffee and peruse my TV mag to select my viewing schedule for tonight.

Stay warm!



There is 4 of us here, me, hubby and 2 kids.

My son is so fussy its a pain but my daughter eats just about anything.

Have you fallen out with tesco because of the burgers?

We dont have costco here either i doubt, jst lidl, tesco, co-op and boots, oh a dealz just opened not long ago and we do get some goodies from there for a fraction of the price for many things.

I love doing my batch cooking, it gives you a sense of achievement, dont think i have enough room in freezer at moment so it is soup or curry for tea and pizza tomorrow night!

I will make the puzza dough tomorrow so its nice and fresh


Nope I fell out with Tesco because of a problem with their House/Car Insurance(long story) . I started shopping there again, as it's local and I know the staff, but am not very impressed with the rather big price increases.


Hi everyone, went for a nap cause i felt like Kazz's picture :D :D

Wow Chickles and Sarah you too ain't have busy with the cooking, I don't get that much done, I do shop around though, usually Lidl and asda cause there both closest to me, I agree about the prices, there not half shooting up, thank goodness we don't need money for ciggies anymore :)

I'll need to go see what my two want for tea, I'm not very hungry, it's like feeding an army they eat that much :D :D

Hope your all having a great day :) xx


Sue- knew I'd missed something- an afternoon snoozette! Hope that you're feeling better!

Just been looking after the baby over the road for half an hour, whilst his mum walked the dog. Her hubby works late on a Monday and there's that much snow, she can't get the pram out! Aww baby is 6 months old and such a cutie! He was ever so good.

My daughter made me laugh, she said, 'It's amazing how adults speech goes proper funny when they speak to babies'...made me smile, cos she was playing beek-a-boo with him.

To say I've been off today, I don't seem to achieved very much, spent a while on the phone with BT, it was like pulling teeth! I eventually got a rearranged engineer visit and charges on my bill that I shouldn't have had sorted! That took about an hour and a half! It's so frustrating speaking to operators in India when there's a language barrier.

Have also been sorting out some other telephone calls for a health plan. My daughter is on mine for free until she's 18 in April. I shall get her a basic plan of her own when she's 19, as she doesn't need to pay for her glasses or dental check ups until she's 19. I also needed a claim form for her new glasses. She could upgrade to a 'designer' pair for £30, which I can claim back. She's saving her old frames incase they don't have any she likes.

I am just popping out in to the cold again to clear my car of snow again! It seems to have stopped, yay! I don't want the snow freezing on the windscreen tonight.

Hopefully pop on a bit later!



Sue I look like that every morning, that is an actual picture of me :D I turn into a human being around 11am :D

Chickles and Sarah, you both sound very organised, I don't do batch cooking and I don't shop around I just go to Morrisons or Asda near where I work. I have tried Aldi but I find them a bit depressing or maybe that's just the ones near me :)

It stared snowing here again about 15:30 so my boss told us we could go if we were concerned about driving in it, it was like a mass stampede :)

Off to get my tea now, mushroom risotto. Speak to you later. xx


Chickles you've had a busy day on the phone, I know what you mean about speaking to someone in India I always have trouble understanding them and being understood, at least you got things sorted in the end :)

You must have had a lovely time looking after your neighbour's baby, there so cute at that age, it is funny the way we talk to them, even funnier, I find myself talking that way to pets as well :D :D

:D :D good one Kazz, I can just picture you all running out of the office


Hope you both enjoy your tea, have a great night :) xx


phew, time to sit down

busy busy busy, good to keep mind of the ciggys though, prob one of the best days Ive had yet

did so much this morning so had a nice relaxing hour and a half in the afternoon watching a film

Then it was time to put tea on (curry and rice for me and daughter, rice, nuggets for son and my soup for hubby)

I did have to laugh when my husband was looking for the ladle for the soup, told him it was in the soup pot, he was a bit baffled and went over to the pot, stupid fool was about to serve up the pizza sauce for his tea, dont think that would have tasted very good on it's own! lol

now going to go and enjoy a lovely HOT shower and get into pj's before the soaps and free bingo at 7pm


Hi Sarah, It's great that you had an easy day with the cravings :) they will become more frequent as time goes on :)

I did laugh when you said your hubby nearly ate the pizza sauce, that reminds me of mine, it's the kind of thing he'd do :D :D

Have a great night :) xx


Good evening everybody :) it's been busy on here today :)

We had another dump of snow lastnight, so i had a bit of fun trying to get my van out of the drive this morning :o :D

ha ha I see most of the chats about fooooooood, I thought you were all slimming :D :D

Mad thats just super gal, for getting to 9 months quit, you've court Jillygirl up now then :) :)


Hi Pete, how you doing, are you getting on alright with the Champix, I hope so :)

We're gonna slim in the warmer weather, this is comfort food weather :D at least that's my excuse :D :D


Aup Sue, and yes i'm well thank you and am on my 4th day of champix now, but not much happening yet :o :)

Yes I agree with you Sue, we will start our slim in the spring :D :D


I aint going to slim in the warm weather, you,se are on your own, i,ll just watch and eat the food you,se are leaving, ha ha ha.


Hows your day been Sue :o I see you had to go shopping again :(


Aup Peetie Weetie

I think Champix needs a little while to get into your system. It was 3 weeks for me before I actually gave.

That's true Suzie, who wants to eat salad in this weather. I want to be slim for the summer though so I can wear nice summery clothes :)


gave up smoking that was meant to say :)


Maybe it takes a while for anything to happen, although I have no idea about this :o :D I didn't look into it cause I can't take it

Hope your keeping warm in this awful weather, you could always wear this :D :D

30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_... :D :D


That's true Kazz, but I would still rather have cake than lettuce :D :D

Yeh I had to shop Pete, not much snow really, but gale force winds and hailstones, if only we didn't need to eat :D :D


:D :D I love that jumper. I might knit one, I took up knitting in Autumn 2011 and started knitting a chunky knit jumper because I couldn't find one I liked in the shops. I almost finished the front and now it's in a carrier bag :) I should carry on with that but just make everything a lot longer :)


Mad gave me some chocolate covered lettuce, it's not warm comfort food but at least it doesn't taste like eating privet leaves :) I'm hungry now and I've had all my calories for today :( I could just go a nice meat and potato pie D


Aup Kaz,

Hmmmmm I see we are talking fooooood again :D :D


I laughed at that jumper too, bet it would keep us warm though, you should try and knit it, then post a picture of it on here :) :D :D

I'm hungry as well and can't eat either :( oh well I'll just have to have a cuppa, do you think a biccie is allowed :D :D


I think Kaz is better sticking to her pac-a-macs Sue :D :D

I should have a couple of biccies Sue :) :)


Yes I think one biccie will be allowed, If it's broken or you eat it standing up it doesn't count :D Do you want a biccie Pete?


So I could eat a whole packet then Kazz :D :D


Hi Pete,

We're hungry, that's why, I'll just have to wait till tomorrow before I can eat again....so that will be one minute past midnight then :D :D


The problem with pac-a-macs is that they keep you dry but they don't keep you warm. I need a duvet with eye holes in it :D


2 hours and 11 minutes and counting :D


:D :D :D :D don't know if i can stay awake that long :D :D


Well me neither but if we're sleeping we're not eating and that's the main thing :)


sorry every one but I have to go to bed now, hope i can sleep through the noise the wind is making :D :D

sweet dreams luv yas :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I love being in bed and listening to the wind and rain outside, not if it keeps me awake for too long though, must be pretty windy there Sue.

Night night, sleep well you deserve it :)

Speak to you tomorrow, luvs ya xxxxx :)


You two flippin get worse :o :D :D but i luv ya both ta bits a do :) :)


No biccies for you then Pete, Boozie Sue has scoffed the whole lot standing up :D


Nite nite Sue and sweet dreams to you toooo Luvs ya loads gal xxxxxx :) :)


Dont want none anyway, so there :P :P jazzi flippin Kazzi :D :D


:D :D Course you do, you can't kid me Peetie flippin Weetie :D A nice choccie biccie would go down a treat with your erm ... cuppa :D


Rite i must be off to my bed now cos I can hear it calling me :D and am noddin :(

Nite nite Kaz, you keep warm under that duvet of yours and have a nice sleep gal, luvs ya too xxxxx :) :)


Thanks Pete, I will.

You sleep well too and sweet dreams. luvs ya :) xxx


Its 14 mins past ten and your all in bed, boring. You all must be getting old, see you all manana, buenas noches a todas.


:D We are not really going to bed, we just want to have a bit of quiet time and settle down to watch News at Ten with a mug of Horlicks, see we're not boring :D :D :P


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