Good morning everyone,

First of all welcome to kronoskeylock for joining us on the 4th day of quitting.

Its a lovely sunny morning here in Yorkshire so off out soon to make the most of it.

May do a bit of baking this afternoon. John put your request in now. :D :D

Hope everyone is staying positive and enjoying being smoke-free.

Have a lovely day.

Kettles boiled so off for my cuppa. See you all later. ;)

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  • Morning Jillgirl, nice in Derbyshire as well, just going to put some washing in. It is nice to be able to put it out for a blow. Baking sounds good, having to try a dairy free diet so not quite sure how I am going to bake and what to supplement for dairy. If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful. The other problem is hubby diabetic so also what do I do about the sugar!! think we better stop eating cakes - ah!!

    I have tried to put a picture on Jillgirl but hasn't worked, will keep trying and will get there in the end. Love the picture I am a really doggy girl.

    I have to make a decision now on whether or not to retire. Hubby retired three years ago and I am still working. However after the recent health scare now wonder whether it is worth it or whether I should now say enough is enough. Its a bit decision but made the decision to stop smoking and this is working ok at the moment. Speak to everyone later, keep smiling suecx

  • Thanks John I will try this. I am cutting out dairy gradually, too much of a wrench to cut out all at once, so this receipt is ideal.

    Thank you for the advice re retirement. I am sure deep down that I should retire, but been working at the same place for 25 years and do worry about the money side as I cannot get my state pension for 5 years, but will get a small works pension. Just need to cut our cloth accordingly, stopping smoking will help. Having 6 grandchildren, a hubby who retired three years ago and a fight against cancer I think it is now Me time. Let you know how I get on with the cake. Many thanks again. Sue cx

  • Money isn't everything which I think is something we learn as we get older Many thanks for the support Am going to go and try that cake now suecx

  • Will get baking just going to grab my lunch. :)

  • Hi everyone,

    It's quiet on here today, is that cause andi's not here :o :D :D :D

    I love your picture Jillygirl, it's so cute :) your cakes would have been yummy to, JC ate them all though so never got to try one :D :D :D

    Early retirement might be a good thing for you suec, you have been through so much you need some you time :) :) I'm sure you and your hubby will find the right answer for you both :)

    I hope your having a lovely day John, whatever your doing :)

    I'm just up, not been feeling too good, so i've got the kettle on if anyone wants a cuppa :)

  • Thanks John, I'm feeling a bit more human now.

    I bet Amor and Vida enjoyed their tea, it's funny cause i had boiled eggs as well :D :)

  • Spooky I had boiled eggs for lunch. :O

  • I didnt :P :P :D :D

  • Thanks Sue it is such a big step as I love my job and been there fore 25 years, but don't want to look back in 5 years time and think wish I had had more time with the grandchildren and my mum. I am hopeless at making decisions :)

    I hope that you are feeling better, take care of yourself. and don't try to do too much. suecx

  • Hi Jilly. Been busy and just got back onto site. Ooops looks like we both started off at the same time. Lucky John all those cakes bet he'll share them with Amor and Vida :D :D

  • Hi Bunny, put some cakes on your blog too. :)

  • cartoonstock.com/lowres/for...


    Whats the result of smoking too much? (answer) coffin.

    Paddy spies a letter lying on his doormat.

    It says on the envelope "DO NOT BEND ".

    Paddy spends the next 2 hours trying to figure out how to pick the ****** thing up.

  • :D :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Aup Sue :) :)

    Am so sorry you've been under the weather gal :( I hope your feeling a lot better now :) :) you rest gal, dont try to do to much eh :) try to get a good nights sleep now, and I hope you feel tonnes better tomorrow :) :) sweet dreams Sue, xxxxx :)

  • OK folk had a silly half hour . going to sign off now . so night night to everyone. see you tomorrow. :) ;) xxx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, and if you want to have a silly half hour :o you flippin have one gal :D :D sweet dreams gal and you take care eh :) :) xxxxxx

  • Nite Jillygirl love your posts today especially lAst one suecx

  • Evening all,

    Good to catch-up with folks day.

    Mine an improvement... hoorah, I've now got a working Mobile Network again!

    Otherwise well into my third week of no ciggies, but, having to knock off the vapor cigs.. A bit difficult - but don't have much choice as my Sinuses are really very sore indeed. and all I can think it will be, is the stuff in the eCig vapor. Will see if things improve in a day or two.

    Hum, must try harder!

    Hope you day has been an easy one folks.

    Night, xx

  • Hi ya Gilly, am glad you have got your mobile network again :) and a big well done to you for getting to your 3rd week, smoke free :) :)

    Hmmm as for - must try harder !! I think that used to be on my school report alot :o :| nite nite Gilly, you get a good nights kip eh :) :)

  • Good evening all :) :)

    A bit earlier on here tonight, JC, hmmm I think you best get thinking about some exercises :o cos all those lovely cakes you've had today :P :P I think you may have put a tad of weight on :D :D

  • hi Pete, your late tonight :( hope you get a good sleep tonight :)

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