Daily Chat: Sunday 16th February 2014

Well howdy doody Everyone :-)

'Tis the Scarlet Pimpernel here! :D Sorry I've not bobbed on but it's been a hectic couple of days.

I have a couple of things I need to finish off this morning, then once I've walked the puppy dog I'll be around for the rest of the afternoon.

Thank you all for looking out for each other in the only way that only you would all know how to. Your support and advice offered to each other is (as usual) pretty darn amazing :-)

I see there are a couple of Winner's Awards badges needing to be given out, shall action them all this afternoon.

I'm on my (old) iPad at the moment and can't put a photie up so will add one in from my phone as soon as I can :-)

Happy smokefree Sunday everyone :-)

Big waves to everyone else looking in.

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  • Good morning stranger :D Pete and I thought you were having a long nod. :D Hope your ok. we all miss ya. xx

  • Hi Jillygirl, yep I think I've just found her :D


  • Morning all. Sunny and calm in kent!!! About time. So of out with the dogs for a brisk walk and then going to chill the rest of the day :) x

  • Aup Al, the same here gal, no rain, no wind and the sun has got his hat on :)

    I'm off out in the garden now to do some erm, pottering :o I hope you enjoy your walk with the dogs and yes, you chillax eh :) speak later :)

  • Greetings everyone! I hope you are all dry and safe, and keeping the nicotine monster at bay!

    I am still ill and fed up. To make things more stressful I started a new course and it's pretty hardcore for my little brain. At least I'm not bored!

    Big love to you all, keep well and happy :) xxx

  • Hey Lenne, I'm so sorry your still ill and fed up gal :( Hmmm, so you've started a new course eh, well that will keep you occupied and if you want to borough my 1 brain cell gal, your quite welcome to it :o :D

    Luv and huggs to you gal :)

  • *biiiiiig hugs* Thanks, I might just take you up on that! I am definitely feeling out of my depth learning accountancy.

  • Sorry your still down . Love and hugs been sent right now. xxxxx :) :) :)

  • Hi all,

    Still sunny in South East London.

    I have rediscovered my wii Fit today. It was just as amusing as when I first got it (some years ago). Actually it has made me feel quite a bit better! :) It also cheered me up cos it said my wii fit age is 48. Anyone else out there on a voyage of wii fit rediscovery. Keeps your mind off smoking and, although it's early days, haven't felt dizzy today!

  • Aup Rozi, erm, I havnt got a wii fit thingy myself, just a flippin rowing machine, but that gets me by :) although it dosnt tell me my age :o it just makes me puff :D :D

    You enjoy gal :) hmmmm, so your not blonde today then ;) :|

  • Not blonde today! I gave my rower away to my uncle just before Christmas. He is much better at it than I was, he actually uses it:D !! You'd have lumpy onions if I was your Mrs mate. :D : D

  • :D :D :D

  • Hi orzo I was thinking of getting a wii fit hmmmm maybe I will wander up town and see if I can pick one up second hand. Sounds like a good distraction x

  • Orzo lol... I meant rozi hmmmm I will wear the blonde wig today!

  • Brilliant...let me know if you do!

  • Afternoon everyone, It's lovely day here in North East Wales, The Sun has got his hat on !!! :-D I sat out for a bit while hubby cleaned the windows !!! ;-)

    Hi EmJay, Hope you going to watch the Liverpool footy later, I am, :-)

    Hope everyone coping without the dreaded cigarettes, i'm struggling a little since I reduced the nic level with my e-cig :-\ each day I hope It will get easy'er !! :-(

    Happy Sunday everyone :-)

  • Hi Sunny, yep, its lovely here in Derbyshire toooo :)

    ha ha ha I just cant fault you gal :) you sitting in the garden while hubby cleans the windows, nice one gal :D :D

    Sunny, you stay focused now eh :) it will get easier :)

    A happy Sunday to you too :) :)

  • Hey Hun, how long before you decided to drop your nic level? I am on the ecig too so any advice would be fab x

  • Hi Pinkie, I decided to drop the nic level on the e-cig at 5 months of quitting the cigs, I'm not sure if it was to soon, as I'm struggling a bit !! But I know it's got to be done, after all there's so many people on here going 'Cold Turkey' they are so brave !! All I can say is give it a go, you can always go back up again, I must be honest I didn't think reducing would make much of a difference, but it sure did :-( But I'm not giving in yet. All I know is it's better than the cigarettes eh :-) Here's to us quitting Mr Nic for good. x

  • Good afternoon everybody :) Well, thats dins done, and made my lumpy gravy annnnnnnd !! some rite lumpy onion sauce too :) It's got some big onion shaped lumps in it !! dont know where thay've come from eh :o :|

    Hey Emjay, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support site gal :) Our lovely adviser will be along shortly, ermmm just cant seem to remember her name :P :P :D :D :D

    Rite I think its time I wasnt here, hmmm, I cant call for a taxi, so I'de best go hide in a shrub in my garden me thinks :)

    Oyyy you lot, dont you go telling her where am hidin see ;)

  • :D :D :D

    BUT, which ones me ???????

  • Hey there EmJay glad you're back,we miss your smiley face when you're away.Beautiful day here on the North East coast.tons of folks on the beach,surfing and kayaking in the sea or just dog walking.Just makes your heart glad to see it.Saw snowdrops & crocuses in gardens today,makes me think that spring is on it's way at last.Just hope everyone's had a not too hard smoke fee day.Lenne,get well VERY soon,hope the course proves not too stressful,are you doing an O.U course ?Hugs to all H x

  • Nite nite everybody, you stay strong now eh :) Sweet dreams and just dream about the lovely hols your going to have this Year eh :) :)

    Love and huggs going out to all you lovely people on here :) :) xxxxx


  • Hope you are having sweet dreams xx

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