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Daily Chat : Wednesday 16th May 2012

Good Morning Everybody :-)

As requested by you chatty group of folks all heading towards a smokefree future, here is your daily chat spot :-)

If for some reason I have not made it to a PC by 10.00am, please feel free to start a fresh daily chat post. I just copy and paste the bottom part of here for the benefit of any new members.

Today is Wednesday, which means we are half way through the week already and fast heading towards the weekend. :-)

Have any of you noticed those pennies building up yet, I've been reading through some of your plans of what to spend them on... Exciting :-)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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Morning everybody not feeling to good today, still have the remnants of a horrendous headache that sent me to bed early last night, and the cravings are bad today for some reason, don't know why but I'm trying to keep busy, went for a walk this morning but didn't get very far was to painful, my doc will kill me for trying, i hope you all have a better and easier day, keep fighting and winning x


Hi Sue, sorry you're not so good today, if I were you I'd grab the cat and curl up in front of the tv and have a good old doze. Have just come back from a walk on the seafront. Had to go out in disgust as I'd just spent ages fighting with the comment box and when I submitted it the site went into error mode - very frustrating to say the least as my comment has gone into the ether!

Hope you feel better by this evening.x


Hey Sue, sorry to hear your feeling like this. What type of cravings are you experiencing? If you can, grab a little note pad, (or even bette, blog about it on here) and write down the time when you feel each craving coming on, try and describe where you feel it, (physically) and then if you could, describe how you are feeling it in your mind, (psychologically).

With regards to your headache, make sure you drink plenty of water or cordial fruit juice. Do you think these headaches are related to stopping smoking or any other medication?

Obviously, if you have a headache, don't be spending time at your computer or on your phone as this won't help. I'm away from my desk this afternoon but will look in on you around 4ish.

I expect it's really hard, but do try and stay as positive as possible, otherwise this can have quite an effect on you too.

Big get well hugz :-)


Thank you Emjay my headache was do to my autuimmune thyroiditis, i hate my thyroid lol, i'd say the cravings are psychological, i have no physical symptoms, it is like my brain decided i wanted a pig(cigs), an earlier post will help you get that lol, but i have been fighting it and it has passed for now, but i know it could come back again so am gonna sit and think about some strategies i can put in place, and have another pain killer x


Good morning Emjay and everyone else (well it was when I first wrote this - see above note!)

Am now starting my third week of being a non-smoker - never in my whole life did I ever think I'd be able to do it and I'm sure I wouldn't have done without all the help of my lovely friends on here so a great big thanks and hugs all round to all of you!


hi andi , Your doing well . I am on my 7th week now. all i can say about your comments is Hear Hear!. (sound like a politician now dont I.) lol.



Yer, a nutty one at that gal, think i'd better scarper. :D


Hi Andi thanks for that i did have a little sleep and i'm gonna take it easy today, i probably did to much yesterday, i should no better lol, had some tablets and some chocolate, yummy, felt like spoiling myself, i l know what you mean about the site, i couldn't get it working either, i was ready to jump up and down on my phone lol, hope you enjoyed your walk, nothing like fresh sea air, am still struggling a little bit but it is getting better, will keep fighting on, i'm not giving up after all this time x


Hi Suepagal, i hope your feeling better now gal, and those little piggies are nibbling at me today as well, so your not on your own there gal, as for jumping up and down on your mobile !!!! hey it would be good exercise for you !!!! maybe not too good for your mobile though eh.

You keep focused Sue and i'm with you all the way, you know that, you just put your feet up and have a-- like Bruno Mars says--A LAZY DAY !!

Aup what about Emjay then, she has a flippin long lunch break doesnt she, she's not back here untill 4ish, huh its alright for some, on that note i think i'd better go and do some rowing, speak in a bit gal. :)



G'day Pete - do you work part time or is it those shifts that let you get home early?

It's a miracle - the clouds are all going away now and I'm fiddling around, un-bunging the lawn mower. I've even got my arms out! (not the legs today).

Enjoy your rowing - I did it for 5 minutes this morning as a warmup for my spinning class. (Don't do more than 5 mins as have short attention span and low boredom threshhold!)


Aup Andi, nice to hear the clouds are going away, cus there comin here gal, thats why!!!!

Yes i work shifts and i'm on 6am to 2pm this week, which i like cus i get home about 3--3.30 depending on the traffic, so can get things done in the garden etc, and when the sun comes out i can off my Tshirt & trousers, and don my shorts, magic!!!!! hhhmmmm only showin your arms today then???? no legs huh thats buggered the rest of my day up then, cus i'm a legs man, allways have been and allways will be ( thats Womens legs by the way, dont want you getting any ideas )

Just done one lot of rowing for 5 mins, feed the cat now cus i dont get any peace until i do!!!!! then i will do another lot of 5 mins, because it does help me, and i feel refreshed after, and not so kn____erm tierd out, speak in a bit if you like, you keep at it gal your doin great!!!!

Pete :)


Just a quickie Andi, look i'm obviously not well traveled, but whats spinning ???? and could i do it ???? or is it a Woman thing, as it sounds erm interesting to say the leaste.

Huh that Emjay should have come about 4, flippin gone 6 now, bet she's nodded off again. :D


Well Pete, I think you'd love it - and it's not just a Woman thing - lots of Men do it as well (I bet Garry does it too!)

First you have to find a leisure centre or gym - hahaha - then it's an exercise class on static bikes to music with an instructor. Really gets your lungs working (I'm sure yours permanently work overtime when your around people as they sure work through your fingers on here!) Keep up the good work - we all love it mate.


Ha Ha Pete, you make me laugh :-) I've been delivering training today and didn't end up near my PC for long but did have a quick look in and saw that you were all marching on in combat to these cravings :-) So here I am now trying to catch up and see how you're all doing :-)

Hey Sue, good for you recognising that the cravings were psychological. They're probably just throwing up an attempt to catch you out and find a weak moment. You only really need a distraction for a couple of minutes. This could be anything such as doing a crossword, a relaxation exercise, brush your teeth, have a good stretch, yawn and shake out. Hope the headache has subsided now and you're feeling better... They're a piggin nuisance aren't they ;-)

Andi, 3 weeks is amazing. Just always be ready and prepared for any sneaky cravings trying to sneak their way in and catch you out. It's worth practicing breathing exercises so that when it comes to having to use them you don't have to worry about finding one that suits you or trying to work out which way to breath in or out! :-)

MP Jillygirl there! Glad to hear your doing so well, almost at you 2 month mark. What's a top tip you can share with everybody? :-)

It's definitely an experience trying to read this and type whilst on my phone!



hi emjay. like you say nearly reached 2 months As for a top tip dont know if I have one . I nibble on diced melon. and use the inhalator if needed. When I get really stressed I try and go for a walk and get some deep breathing exercises.

Having said that I got stressed out last night , couldnt sleep, hubby snoring, Neighbour didnt come home until 1.30am and banged around until 2.30. Anyway I went downstairs and made a cuppa. inhalator in one hand. Went on to this site and read through all the archives. really interesting. You really do support each other. espescially Emjay your the tops.

Anyway going to see if I can catch up with a bit of shut eye later.

Take care and have a great day.



Hey everyone, hope you've had a good day, Sue I hope you're feeling better (sends you get well hug)!


Hi Lenne, not got much time cus i'm goin to bed in a min, haft2 b up at 4, 2 go 2 work, so i send huggggsssss 2 u gal, cus u r allways helpin others, evan though u r younger, God bless & good nite gal! :)



Hi Lenne, hope you had a good one too - here's another one having an early night - can't keep awake in front of the telly so off to hit the sack. Nite nite.


Wow blimey Pete, that's an early start :o Sleep well treacle! xx


Sleep well Andi! Blimey everyone is way more sensible than I am- currently listening to some trance music and bouncing about heh!


Hi there just want to say everyone is doing great. Im not writing messages often but enjoy reading the messages as this helps spur me on.I am on 10 weeks and 1 day know with just pure willpower.Yesterday i had an awful day spent the full day in tears and really low. I dont know if anyone has had days like this but this seems to happen with me every so often .I am feeling alot better today as my husband sent me a text to say he was so proud of me and not to give up. Just want to say also that the weight ive put on is not a big deal as i feel so much better being a non smoker. And i dont feel the need to be stuffing my face with rubbish as i did in the first month and have started replacing the rubbish with healthy snacks and drinking lots of water as this fills you up and reduces the urge to binge. everyone keep strong as it is getting easier each day and im thinking of it less and less . kari


Hey Kari, lovely to hear from you. Feeling low can be a withdrawal symptom and so should be welcomed with open arms as this is a sign that you are heading in the right direction. At the end of the day, if you continued to smoke, you wouldn't be feeling any withdrawal symptoms. The best thing to do is to remain as positive as possible.

Lovely to hear that your husband is being so supportive, it really does help.

Well done to you, you should be really proud of yourself :-)

We have now started to have a daily chat instead of a weekly chat, some of us like a good old gab you see ;-) So, if you fancy it, grab a cuppa and head on over to our daily chat :-)


Hi emjay thanks for the reply the support is very much appreciated.And yes you are wright being and staying positive will get us to where we can finally say that we have kicked this disgusting habit for good out our lives. thanks again kari


hi Kari, its nice to hear from you. especially since you are about 3 weeks ahead of me in quitting. I too have had the odd weepy days, and wasnt sure if it was a withdrawal sympton. Like emjay says it means we are on our way out of the horrible habit. Keep up the good work. take care. Jilly girl.


Hi there jilly thanks for your message as you say you are at the same stage as me in weeks and i hope it is getting easier for you each day as i feel it is. My only problem is this overwhelming low and fits of tears on occasions so ive just learned to accept this as part of the dreaded withdrawal .So ive replaced the cigs with a nice bar of chocolate at night for comfort im not telling you what size though lol stay positive we will beat this. kari


Dairy Milk or Galaxy I don't mind ...... with a cup of tea ..... lovely..... that is the same feeling of relaxation that I used to think I got when I smoked .... but I had to hang out the back door in the cold, or nip up an alley and be out of sight from work .... tea drinking is socially acceptable at work and at home......it costs less ....and you can skive as much as you did when you smoked as you're constantly having to visit the loo, wash up or put the kettle on. Your work mates whether smokers or non smokers all think ahhhhhh a nice cuppa. Nearly 3 months smoke free and I do not regret stopping ....it;s all so positive..... stick with being a non smoker and if you are craving like mad and think you are not strong enough to succeed ...please read my profile and see how I stopped .... it could work for you too ... .... I never treated myself to chocolate before I stopped smoking ... but now I have no guilt and enjoy treats of the non nicotine variety x x Good luck all.....stay positive


Hi Wonder and Kari, i agree a bar of galaxy sounds good. Its like when your pregnant craving for food. I am on with a bag of sweets which me and hubby keep nibbling at. Jap deserts and licorice comfits at the moment. Better than those ciggys.

Take care Jillygirl.


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