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Daily chat: Monday 6th August 2012

Good morning everybody and welcome to a new smoke-free week.

The sun is shining (between and behind the clouds :o ) and summer's coming back at the end of the week. 8-) :)

Come along and join in the chat and share your experiences so you may also help quitters of the future. It's even better to have any advice personalised to you if you have any niggles or problems. We also love to hear the success stories too.

I see that membership to the site is growing and I don't know how I'd have managed without it so wherever you are on your quit journey - thinking about it, quit date set, newly quit or well along the road with the quit, please come and share with us.

Enjoy the day! :)

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Good Morning Everybody :-)

Lovely to hear that we have some more summer booked in for the end of the week Andi, I'll look forward to it :-)

Yep :-) our community certainly is growing, I hope everybody is finding the information that they need :-) If there is anything that anybody needs to know or would like more information on, please let us know and between us all I'm sure we can find the goodies :-)

I'm just having a think about some activities that you might like to have a go of, to keep you busy and get you thinking :-)

Be back in a mo :-)


Good morning Andi and Emjay the weather here is a bit funny today, lots of grey clouds but it feels warm, i hate it when it's like that, think we need a big thunder storm to clear the air, not feeling to good today, my health is rubbish at the moment and there's been another 3 deaths , between me and my husbands family, so thursday starts the first of many funerals :(

Will do my best to stay strong but life just seems to be beating me up at the moment :(

I do hope you all have a great day, sorry to moan x


Hey Sue, I'm not surprised that you are feeling this way :-( You've certainly had more than your fair share of bad news and I really do feel for you. I understand how tough it may be to stay strong. Just try and hang in there and please remember that if those sneaky little things creep into your mind at all, tell yourself that by giving in to them will only make you feel worse. We are with you all the way xx


Thanks Emjay I'm really gone beat this,if i have to cut my hands off to do it, i wouldn't have got this far without yours and everybody else's help on here so i don't want to let everybody, or myself down xx


Hello everyone, been tryin to leave a message all morning

but it would'nt submit! Hope everyone's OK, 2 months now for

me and it's all good. Sue sorry to hear your'e going through a rough

time, it happens to the best of us love, things can only get better!

Have a good afternoon!

Dawn x


I think we've all been having a spot of trouble this morning Dawn (and over the weekend) to be honest. No doubt I'll be to blame :-/ Usually I always have this affect on electrical gadgety things! I'm useless with mobiles!

That's the spirit Sue. You're doing great :-)


I've just replied to your comment in the poll Sue, twice now and it hasn't shown up... not sure what's going on! So apologies if you get something twice! I just asked if you had voted? If you have, yours hasn't registered you see. I can tell because there is nobody aged 18 on it... If that makes sense? :-/


I think something's gone funny with it as isn't it usually the vote screen on the home page?


Tried to vote again Emjay but there's a problem with the page, will try again later x


I'm off to report this to HealthUnlocked again....

Hang fire folks :D


Hi everyone, got a reprieve from my childminding . She has to have a check up at the hospital (nothing serious) so got the afternoon off. Mind you got her tomoz all day.

Well andi got very heavy showers up her in yorkshire, with the odd glimpse of sun. :)

Dawn well done on reaching 2 months . I sent you a post yesterday you must have been busy. :)

Emjay last time I tried reporting the probs to healthunlocked , they said they were updating the site. :O Still keep getting problems.

Sue , sorry your going through a really bad patch at the moment. Please stay positive, it will eventually get better. Just come on here and have a really good moan and groan. Think we are all experts at that and even better at listening. You take care of yourself. xx

Will call back soon. :)


Thanks Jillygirl, i'm gonna try lift myself out of this mood, i'm sure I'll get a few laughs on here later, nothing like a good laugh to lift your spirits :)

Bet your glad of the rest from childminding, put your feet up today :) xx


These posts are like buses, none then 3 come along at once :D:D, managed to delete the other 2


That made me laugh sue. your right. Talking about buses I caught one the other day , showed my bus pass, went upstairs , sat down. Bus set off about 1 yard and broke down.

Shortest journey i have done on the bus. :)

Will join you later, going to see if I can find some wheels for pete for later on he he. :D


Hiya Jilly, by the time I'm old enough for a bus pass they'll have moved the goal posts again - a bit like the pensions!! :X :D :D


see your buses are as bad as ours Jillygirl :D :D

can't wait to see Pete's wheels ha ha


Well it's typical isn't it? I don't do anything for weeks on end then decide to start doing something and the phone rings off the hook and visitors pop in. It's really nice but what about all those other times your sat there all on your own? :( :)

Have done an hour in the garden this afternoon - I'm so out of practice at this working lark I'm knackered after an hour or so! :o :D Anyway sky's turned a funny colour and now there's BIG black clouds heading my way. :o It's looking very ominous. I'm going out for a walk with a group of friends tonight followed by a fish and chip supper in one of their gardens. :)

Gonna have to go now, have a good evening everyone and see you tomorrow. :)


Have a good night andi see you tomorrow. :)


By the way, I finally managed to report our problems on the feedback button this morning. I got a reply back to say that as I thought it might be, they are having much more usage of the website than they had anticipated.

Now I think that's a good thing because that show's that there's a big need for it out there. :)


Hi Andi, sorry i missed you been looking at some real wheels tonight, thats why i am late. :(

Have a good night with your friends, and you enjoy them fish n chips gal :P :P


agree with that Andi, they should have thought of that earlier, hopefully it will be fixed now

have a great night with your friends :) xx


Hi Sue, i'm so so sorry to hear about your troubles, you keep strong now gal, do you hear me, cus you know we are all here for you if you need us, and my heart goes out to you Sue and your family :) xxxx

Rite bugger catching gremlins, i'm off to catch that flippin Jillygirl, and to give her what for :D :D you seen them wheels she got me????

By the way this is the third time am posting this, p------g gremlins :X


Hi Pete, Did you manage to get your wheels?

Hope your day went ok and no piggys or gremlins around. xxx :)


Aup Jillygirl, no not got any REAL wheels yet, but have seen a nice Renault Grand Espace that i fancy :) :) going for a test drive tomoz night.

Piggies are nibbling at me tonight, funny been ok all day :o


Oh Pete, tell those piggies to S..! off. they tried knocking at my door this morning, and i said " no sorry no cold calling." :)

Went and bought some more grapes, a melon and what I love eating without cooking Peas in the pod. Podding them keeps me quiet. trouble is they fly out of the shells and roll on the floor. :)

Hope the test drive goes well. nice car. what colour? ( yeah its a woman thing). :D


Off to watch tv for a while and put nora battys up.

will call back before bedtime. xx :)


Hi Pete i was the same as you, this morning the piggies were really annoying me, this is what they'll do show there face when we least expect it, but you are way too strong for them, you can kick them out the door no problem :) they have no idea who they're up against :)

think of that lovely car your gonna get, then you won't have to get on your bike :D :D xx


i'm about giving up posting on here, posts are disappearing or not going on in the first place

they need to kick the gremlins out now


Hi Sue, know just what you mean gal, what i do now is write my blogg and then copy it !! :) then send it, so if it disappears, i just paste it and send it again :) :)


I've changed over to my phone, hoping that's gonna be better, doubt it though x


Goodnight everybody, off up the wooden hill now to get some kip, sleep tight all :)

Jillygirl, have tried 14 times to post to you, but just kept disappearing so gave up :X :X

By the way the cars black, with tinted windows at the back, pretty smart i think :) :)

Nite nite all and luv ya xxxx

Pete :)


Nite nite Pete sweet dreams :) x


Nite Nite Sue and Pete, see you tomorrow. xx :)


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