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New Job!

Hi to all my lovely virtual friends. On Monday I'm starting a New Job

which I'm so happy about (it's my ideal job)! However the down side

of this is I won't be able to come on here so often, you know, new job

good impressions to make etc etc. So will only get on here if and when

I can. But please know that I will be thinking of you all on your quit journeys

Obviously if I can get access on my lunch break I will but if not it's AU REVOIR

from me for now. Keep on supporting each other and please think of me on

my Journey!

Dawn xxx

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:( We will miss you Dawn but congratulations on your new job, I hope it goes well for you and getting your ideal job is wonderful.


Please do try to keep in touch Dawn as we really want to know how you are going on with giving up smoking but also in your new job.

Hopefully, if you are not on the naughty list, you might get a computer at home then you can come and join in the mayhem in the evenings and weekends :)

Take care, love & hugs

Kaz xxx


AAAWWW, thank you Kazz that's so sweet! I don't think

I'm on the naughty list (yet) so yes that's a good idea.

I'm sure in the meantime I'll find a way of checking in from

time to time!

Lots of love

Dawn xxx


Hi Dawn, congratulations on your new job, you must be sooooo happy :)

I will keep sending you positive vibes to help you on your non smoking journey, along with my spears :D :)

Hope you manage to get back on here sometime so we can see how your doing :) xx


Thanks Sue - Yes my love I will stay in touch....defo! xxx


I hope you understood that Dawn, I meant you might get a computer for Christmas :)


I did understand love, you do make me laugh! xxx


Hi Dawn, congratulations on getting your ideal job :) yippeeeeeeeeeeee for Dawnyyyyyyyyy


Thats Kaz, Andi and Sue, sorry i couldnt find my skirt :o :D

I hope everything goes well for you and good luck in your new job :) :)

You take care now gal, keep strong and loads of huggggggs going with you :) :)

Pete :) xx


Wishing you all the best Dawn in your new job! I'm sure that you'll find a way to pop on the computer from time to time. We'll miss you!

Oooh, good thinking Kazz....Dawn put a computer on your list to Santy Claus! :)



Yes Chickles, I'm sure I'll find a way as I know I'm gonna miss

my daily visits here. Will be here tomorrow so at least I can come on then!

Dawn xxx

Pete I couldn't open your pic for some reason - I think it's the work system here!

But thanks anyway xxx


Hey Dawn, that s fantastic news :D

I'm sure you'll still be around, just not as much as you have been. As everyone says, we'll want to know how you are doing from time to time too anyway :D


Oh Dawn, we'll miss you but all the best in your new job. :)


Hopefully you'll manage to stay off the fags and save up really quickly so you can get that computer and come back and keep us all amused. Hopefully see you again soon. xx :)


Sorry - previous one didn't work! :o



Congratulations on your new job. I hope you're very happy. Take care x


Good luck with the new job :)


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