New admin support

New admin support

Hi Everybody,

As some of you may know, we had quite a few changes within our workplace last year which resulted in me finding it really difficult to devote as much time as I used to, to you all here on Quit Support :-(

Although I do my best to look in on you all each day, I find that as our community is growing, I am missing a fair few posts. More so, quite a number of you are missing out on getting your Winner's Awards for each milestone that you reach within your stopping smoking journey.

Quite often - most of the time if I'm being really honest - I am relying on Pete (Monky) and JillyGirl to give me a gentle nudge (some times it's a bit of a shove actually ;-) ) to let me know that another Winner's Badge is due :o

Both JillyGirl and Pete have been with Quit Support since we first started and have posted and supported you, me and each other almost everyday. They both really do go out of their way to help in anyway that they can. In fact they haven't even let certain issues such as work, family life and (dare I say it!) lung cancer and heart attacks get in their way of support!! I'd have really struggled without them :-/

Having spoken to both JillyGirl and Pete, they have both agreed to become admin assistants within our Quit Support community. This means that they will be able to lend more of a 'hands on' help to me and ensure that you are looked after instead of having to wait until I manage to get online and sort all those badges out that Pete has been chasing round them fields and catching :-)

Having you all supporting each other in the amazing way that you do means that I am able to look at other ways of promoting our online stop smoking family and letting others know of the valuable help and support that is available :-)

Lets get this Quit Support show on the road - onwards and upwards eh?!

I hope you'll al please help me to welcome our two new(ish) Admin Assistants...


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  • Ahhhhhh what a cute couple :D

    Congrats to the lovely Jillygirl & mister monkyyyyy :)

    Your right emjay, they both do a great deal to support each and every one of us and am sure that they will both do a great job :) Monkyyyyyy you now have to behave and listen to Emjay and do everything she tells ya ... :O :P

    They will be both be a great asset to you Emjay and this support site :D

  • That's just BRILLIANT news Emjay :)

    Jilly and monky make a real handsome couple and they are super supporters of everyone on hear, CONGRATULATIONS to both of you on your new role :)

    Emjay I reckon you got the very best there to help you :)

    Fantastic, I'm thrilled but does that mean I have to be nice to monky now :O

    Only joking :D

    They will both do an amazing job as they are amazing themselves :) x

  • mmm Briar you don't think this is going to go to his ed do ya????

  • you been editing again.... :D

    He looks great..... but is he nicking my P for my V..... :P :) :D

  • Oh I don't want to get him into trouble on his first day in the job, I'll let him answer that one himself :D

    Love his interview suit :D x

  • :D :D :D

  • Love it Briar, just flippin love it gal :D :D :D

  • :D :D

    You find the best photos Briar!

    Just catching up. It'ss all been happening! Gonna read on now after that lol :)

  • LMAO :D :D :D

  • OOOOOOH look at you with your new snazzy badge..... cant you get one with your quit months as well ????

    :D :D

  • Good evening DroopyJ :) :)

    Erm, Emjay court them badges, I will have to go have a look :o :D cos we are only allowed so many characters to put on a badge :o I think Emjay said it was 20 including spaces :)

    If not, then I will pop a post up when I get to each month quit :) :)

    What you been upto today then, sorry I havnt had time to look through the posts yet :o :P :D :D

  • then it could be 'administrator 3month' for you and obviously the same for Jilly.... it would be a shame if people cant see how long you two have been quit for as you have both worked really hard for it :D

    Got my fringe cut (couldn't see a blooming thing) then went for a 5 mile walk... I am soooo feeling that :( just sat watching sport all afternoon.... F1, Equestrian now Athletics... :)

    Pull your finger out man it's your job now you know .... :P :D

  • :D :D that's it droopy, you tell him : D x

  • :P :D

  • Tell me what ?? :P :D :D

  • OYYyyy Droppy draws, I've only bin in the job 5 flippin mins, give us a flippin chance will ya :P :D :D

    Typical flippin Woman, wants it all at once ;) :D :D

  • Absobloominlutely..... I is a woman after all :) :)

  • oooh ooooh oooooh now your a administrator thingymajobby, does that mean you can get the techy people to put the news feed back to what it was....? can ya, can ya ???? :O :P :)

  • :D :D x

  • Droopy dear, I shall try my utmostestest to get our old news-feed back :) :)

  • thanks..... see I missed this post ....... :O

  • Yeah, I know what you mean Droopy :o

    Loves ya gal :)

  • Hi

    just wanted to say hello and thanks to you all for your help and support in the past

    would u believe i have quit smoking for 14 months

    Never thought I'd do it

    good luck to everyone u can and will do it

    love liz

  • Hey Liz, well done hun, 14 months is a fantastic quit :) looks like you need a new badge ... :)

    MONKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY new badge for Liz please, a nice sparkly one :D

  • Your wish is my command Droopy :P :D :D :D

  • :D you star

  • OOOOH LIZ you got a nice shiny new badge :)

  • Yes great news couldn't happen to a nicer couple xx

  • Thank you ever soooo much Beth :) and its lovely to see you gal :) :)

    I hope your well and still smokefree :) and enjoying life to its full again :) :)

    Take care gal :) xx

  • Congratulations Jilly and monky

    These two are both awesome and will be great for all of us. It's a win win all round :) :)

  • Morning to you Linda, why are you up so early? Hubby not letting you sleep ;-) :-) :-D


  • :D :D :D

  • couldnt sleep, Applying for a new job at work next week and couldn't switch off. At time of posting, hubby snoring his head off after a night of watching the first game of the final series and copious amounts of beer :D :D

  • :-) :-) that makes me laugh. Hubby snoring his head off not you applying for new job :-)

    know what you mean about not been able to swich off I'm like that all the time and my shift work doesn't help either :-(

    Off to count sheep probably get to a million tonight :-D

    Enjoy your day xx

  • I dont envy you doing the shift work. I did that for years working in aged care..Loved the work..but not the hours.

    When i moved over to Aussie, i went from working in aged care to working with people with intellectual disabilities. Such a rewarding job. About 5 years ago i got a promotion to being the organisations Quality/safety Manager. Love the role, but at times could pull my hair out.

    We get both state and federal funding and they both have a separate frameworks that we have to be compliant with ...Fun fun fun...NOT!!!!

    I am hopefully for a change of role as they are after a Residential Manager to oversee the running of our 6 supported accommodation and 2 independent living.

    The way i see it, a big part of my current job is fixing up, training mentoring our residential staff but with no authority so I do think i am in with a good chance.

  • I'll move to Australia to be a support worker. I do it here in England but would be my ultimate goal to live in oz ;-) ha ha

  • c'mon down :)

  • Thank you soooo much Lin :) thats lovely of you to say that :) :) xx

  • Congratulations Jilly and Monkey :-) :-) xx

  • Hi Shan, thank you ever so much and I hope we will be able to keep your badges upto date eh :) :)

    I hope your Sister is on the mend and all is ok with you too :) :) xx

  • Hi Monky or is it Sir now :-)

    My sister is getting home for the weekend so she will be getting very spoilt :-)

    I'll need to get my quit date up on the right page if I can find it, this site is all over the place or maybe thats just me :-D

    ps I like your new badge it suits you :-) :-D


  • Aup Shan, thats just great news that your Sis is coming home for the weekend gal :) :) and, yes, I would spoil her to Shan :) :)

    Yes, I know what you mean about this new flippin site at the moment :o its not you gal :)

    If you let me know when your quit date was, then I will sort it out for you :) Plusss, do you work in :o

    4 weeks = a month


    A calender month

    :) :) xx

  • Couldn't find you again Monky :-) :-)

    Quit date was 25th April now I have counted 4 weeks as month but whatever way you want to do it :-)

    12th September will be 20 weeks :-)


  • Shan, 4 weeks as a month is just fine gal :)

    I will sort that out for you :)

    PS, I call you Shan, is that ok :o or would you rather be called Shanti or Shantimar ??

  • Well all you lovely people, I am off to my bed as cant keep my peepers open :(

    Sweet dreams to you all and wishing you a smoke and craving free weekend :) :) -x-

  • Nite nite Hun, sleep well after your long walk today and happy dreaming :) xx

  • Well Briar, I think I will have to go hit the sack too gal, cos am noddin :o

    Nite nite Briarwood, enjoyyyyyy your sleep and sending you loads a sweet dreaming, glad your well again, cuddly soothing huggs :) :) xx

    Take care gal :)

  • Nite nite monky, hugs coming your way :) x

  • Nitey nite Droopy, sleep well with loads a sweet dreaming thoughts and of course loads a coooool cuddly sleepy Huggs :) :)

    See's ya tomorrow perhaps :) xx

  • Thanks guys :)

  • My name's Shan it's an old gaelic name so my old mum tells me. I always thought it was after the shandy she used to drink :-) :-) or the fact my dad wanted a boy. The amount of times my name is wrote as Shane :-) :-) The mar is for my middle name marie. But I answer to anything :-) :-)

  • Hi Shanti, very pleased to hear your Sister is coming home for the weekend, great news :)

    Enjoy yourselves and spoil her to bits :)

    Have lots of lovely hugs together :) x

  • Oh Shanti that's great news.... well hopefully your sister enjoys her spoiling... is your other sis still with you?

    Enjoy your weekend hun :) -x-

  • Hi droopy yeah my other sister is still up here. My neice is coming home and so is my nephew.

    It's great everyone will be here but it's very bittersweet.

    Anyhoo you enjoy your first day back at work, within 5 minutes of being there it will seem like you were never off :-)


  • I know hun but hopefully it will be a good weekend and I hope your sister is well enough for the weekend.

    It's all about making good memories :)

  • Thanks droopy :-) your right,memories are very important and very precious. We shall make sure they are good memories for everyone :-) :-)


  • Hi Briar it's very hard to get near her as everyone wants to give her hugs and she is loving it :-)

    She is getting very spoilt from everybody but she deserves it :-)


  • Thanks shantimar . :) xx

  • Emjay, I just hope I can fullfill the role that you have given me to your utmost desire :) :D

    Does this mean I can deal out punishments to some of our ermmm, mouthy members ?? :D :D

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lovely monky, so glad you got the job coz I think you will do an amazing job :) but remember you have only had the job two minutes so no getting carried away.... hmmm punishments for mouthy members.... Briar is NOT that bad :P :)

    Taxi for droopy........................................... :O :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Here's me thinking he meant you sis :O :P x

  • MOI ? MOUTHY? NAAAAA he can't mean me..... can he? unless he meant both of us sis... :P :D

  • Noooooooo that's not what an administrator does, he does not administer punishment :P

    What mouthy members you on about anyway :O :D x

  • Good evening Briar :)

    Erm, I will tell you when you get mouthy eh :P :D :D

  • Hey Jillygirl, I hope you have your wrinklie stockings on tooooooo :) what with them and your rollers in, your just one hell of a beauty gal mmmmmmmm ;) :D :D xx

  • All I can say is you have your work cut out Jilly with that fella :D x

  • You can say that again... :P

  • Thank you everyone for you lovely comments. I hope Pete and I do Emjay justice. We both know hard it is to quit and if we can help we will.

    If any of you are due a badge just let one of us know. There are over a thousand members and they take some sorting out.

    Right Pete got my wrinklys on so badge hunting we go.

  • Assa coming Jillygirl :)

    You Admin youuuuuuu :D :D xx

  • Right Pete, I am off for my shower and get pjs ready , been singing and dancing this evening. One of the community events where I live.

    So Mr admin your in charge. Loves ya. Xx

  • I love it Jillygirl, giving monkyyyy his orders .... :D :D

    Well I'm so glad you been out enjoying yourself, that must mean you are fully fit and able now :)

    Enjoy your sleep hun sweet dreams to you :)

  • :P :P :D :D

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, enjoy your shower and sweet dreams gal, erm partner :o :D :D

    Sending you some cuddly, relaxing, therapeutic huggs to calm you down after all that flippin singing and a dancing eh :o :D :D

    Loves ya too Jilly :) xx

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