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Daily Chat : Friday 25th May 2012

Good Morning guys and gals

The weekend is just around the corner again, mind you i've finished now until 6am Monday now, yipeeee. :) although some of you are on one big weekend, huh !! its alright for some!!!!

There's just been a news flash on the radio, and it said - in Yorkshire the birds are being blinded by a mysterious bright light!!!! and are flying into lamposts. -- HMMMMM think i will don my sunglasses 8-) and go and google Yorkshire, -- AHHHHH i thought so, its smiley Jillygirl :D :D

Just wandered if you have noticed that the ''fury'' tongue has gone, and that your teeth are whiter, or 'brighter' ?? as Jillygirl has :D

Enjoy your day, and keep them piggies at bay!!

Pete :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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Just a quicky,

Do we want a Weekend chat this week????

Who's opening the Daily chat next week?? cus i'm on 6am to 2pm and i cant think what to put at 4am in the morning!!!! :O

HUH just thought that i would go for a bike ride now all the kids have gone to school, ( so i dont get laughed at ) and my b__ erm i'm not sore any more, got a flippin puncture in the rear end, on the bike, Andi !! so got to fix that now, mind you i could fix it outside in the sun, ah!! get a sun tan at the same time. Hey is that called multitasking????

Pete :)


LOL Pete, your poor derriere! Did I spell that right meh you know what I mean ;) I'd class that as multitasking personally hehe! I went out in the sun yesterday with giant sunglasses for half an hour and I burned like a crispy fritter so applying some lovely aloe vera gel which is a Godsend to ouchie skin.

My teeth are whiter, most definitely. My tongue is also pink which is weird, normally it is white all the time, poor little anemic looking thing. Isn't it wonderful when we can see and feel the results of the good work we put in?

Lots of love to you all xx


Hi Lenne, i hope your skin is a bit softer & smoother now, after the aloe vera gal did her job!! :) who is she anyway ?? cus i've heared of her before, somewhere!!!! ;)

Yeh i know what you mean about your teeth, and your tongue should be pink, :o I think!!!! Just think all that punishment that we have given them, over the years!!

Derriere, hmmmm, it looks right and sounds right to me, if not i am sure Emjay will tell us. Is that French????, cus my name in French is Piere Rogiere, which is close to derriere, isnt it???? :D Speak soon gal and loads of huggs.

Pete. :)


hi pete hope you got your rear end fixed. Very witty news bulletin, dont work too hard over the weekend. Sorry cant help out as I am playing Nanny Mcfee with my grandchildren. Whilst their mum and dad are having a long weekend celebrating their anniversary. Hey what about the 31st NON SMOKING DAY. At least we wont feel embarassed when its advertised on the radio and tv. Take care .xx


Seriously, 31st is non smoking day? Haha aren't we going to feel all proud and smug!! Loving this.


Tooooooo Riteeeeeeee gal!!!!


Aup Jillygirl, yep!! fixed my rear end gal, it goes alot smoother now!! but will leave it another day before i try it out, toooooo flippin hot now gal :X

Talking about your hubby, liking stockings!! ask him what colour he likes to wear???? :D I like red myself, but i am with him on the wrinkley ones, just not good!!!! I hold mine up with braces!!!!

Hey dont let them little ----- erm children eat all your nuts & raisins will you!! and keep positive gal, dont let the little ------- children get you down. Enjoy gal you enjoy!!!! :D xx

Pete. :)


thanks pete, you always make me laugh. Yeah Lenne we should be really proud of ourselves. Think ahead next year we wil be really big headed.

Hey pete hubby says " a man after his own heart" red uns are gud,

Off to find some braces.!


Noragal, tell him i cant fault him. :o

Hey Jillygirl, i luv having a laugh, and a joke, lifes toooo short gal!!!! isnt it!!

magic gal, just magic. 8-)

Pete. :)


Hey Everyone... Phew... made it at last!..... I have never had so much trouble in all my life as I have had today trying to get on here today!

It is so unbelievable that we are into another Friday already, how quickly has that come round then?! :0

This means another week of learning from how well we've done, or from our slip ups - However, looks like you are all doing fantastic. I am so proud of you all. :-)

Love the comments about your pearly whites and lovely pink tongues. Thinking back to the days of yellownes and furred up tongues... Eeeeeuuuuurrggg... not very attractive is it really?!

Pete, I think having a weekend chat is a great idea and as for next week, I can start off the daily chat again. You have been a great start of our day, I have really enjoyed reading the posts you have set up. Thanks ever so much for doing that... Take the day off ha ha:-)

Hope you are all set for a lovely Friday evening and don't have too many trying challenges on the way :-)


Oooops.... I got so excited about being able to post that I forgot to say about Jillygirl's comment about No Smoking Day...

National No Smoking Day is always the 2nd Wednesday in March and is quite a favourite day for smokers to give up.

31st May (next Thursday) every year is World No Tobacco Day, this is also a brilliant day for celebrating the fact that you have remained smokefree... you should be excited about this :-)


Most definitely am excited EmJay, I think we all have a really good excuse to feel good knowing we are all free from the prison that is tobacco now. It gives me warm fuzzies to know this.


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