Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all, i've never met such a kind, caring, funny bunch of people :)

You've all helped me through this journey, and without you all, and Emjay and Jarvo, i would never have got this far, thank you for making this journey such a blast :) :)

I love you all :) :)

Susan xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hi Sue, I know exactly how you feel. Its amazing how many lovely people there are. :)

  • Friends are worth their weight in gold

    True friendship is always warm ,and never goes cold,

    We listen , and talk our troubles away,

    Laughter and smiles dominate most of the day,

    We are there for each other , without asking why,

    We are there with the comfort when we start to cry,

    No matter what comes our way,

    Our friendship is here in our hearts, and thats where it will stay.

  • What a beautiful poem Jillygirl, and sooooo true :)

    you couldn't have said it better, exactly how i feel :) :) xx

  • Thats just so beautiful Jillygirl, its bought tears to my eyes gal :) :)

  • Well, I just think you are all amazing :-)

    A great bunch of friends all supporting each other!

    :-) :-)

  • Like Sue says you are amazing too. :D

    by the time we have all been on site we will all have claimed those cutie kittens.

  • awww, i love the pic Emjay, i want one now, don't think i'd have room for all of them though :o :D :D

    we all think your amazing too :)

  • Hi John, this is a brilliant site, isn't it :)

    I hope you have a great day today :), I love your lovebirds, sorry i forgot their names, my one brain cell isn't working yet :o :D :D

  • what beautiful names John, just right for beautiful birds :),

    I'll try to remember them now :D :)

  • There's a lot of love and thank you's about round here :D


  • Thank you to you as well Susan, you are a very special and caring person and support everyone here even through your own troubles xx

    I would love kitten :)

  • Thanks Kazz :)

    I think altogether we're a pretty special bunch :) xx

  • Dear Sue,

    I thank YOU for all your kindness and support to me over these months. So sorry you had your blip but I know you're over the hump now and coming out the other side. xx :)

    ps special delivery. :)

  • Awww thank you Andi, your gonna make me cry in a minute :)

    You helped me so much as well, probably more than you realise :) xx

  • Hey Sue thats lovely gal, but like all the others have said, a big thank you too :) :) for helping me in this difficult time xx we all help each other on this lovely site dont we :) :) we have all got our own little ways of helping and as for Emjay and Jarvo, there the best you can get xx :) :)

    So a big THANK YOU to you all as well xxxxxx luvs ya all :) :)

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