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Thank You

Good morning everyone,

Due to work/family commitments I don't usually get chance to write a blog or comment myself, but when I get chance I have read all of yours since quitting on 1st Aug after 38 years.

It has helped more than I could ever tell you, the strength I got from others experiencing the same feelings and knowing how I felt really boosted my determination.

Nearly 4 months now, and still have the cravings now and then, but the thought of what it was like in the first few weeks, and a quick read of your messages keeps me on track.

Good luck to Jilly, I know you will be fine with all the love and positive energy being sent your way.

Thank you everyone, good luck on your journeys

Sharny X

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Good morning Sharny, congratulations on nearly 4 months as a non smoker, that's brilliant, thank you for posting this as this has helped me as well :) all the positive stories help me to keep going :)

Stay strong, you can do this :)

Susan x


Hello Sharny, Its lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your kind wishes for me.

I am so glad this site as helped you. I know how hard it can be. You seem as if you have conquered this quitting lark and are truly a non-smoker. Please join in the daily chat I am sure the other members would love to chat to you. As you will have gathered we are slightly silly , in fact a lot silly at times. However it keeps us all focused. I myself feel as if I have conquered the battle with ciggys , now got to fight another with the cancer. However with all the support on here (spears at the ready) I will conquer this too. You take care and well done. :)


Morning Sue, How are you today? Ready for action I hope. rainy here so not doing anything special. Going for a cuppa now. see you soon. XXXX :)


Good morning Jillygirl, I'm fine today thank you, got my spears at the ready, just in case :D

It's raining here today, it's gonna stop by 2pm, we're very lucky here with the weather just now, i hope things are not too bad for you, i really feel for everyone going through all this flooding just now

I was gonna start the daily chat but i had a shower cause i'm going out this morning to visit my daughter :) so i'm gong away to have some breakfast then get ready to leave

I'll be back on later this afternoon, i hope you have a great morning :) xx


Welcome Sharney, glad we can help you. It makes it all seem worthwhile to hear this. Please feel free to come and join in - the more the merrier (and we do seem to get a bit merry at times!) :o :D :D


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