Thank you

Thanks so much everbody for your continued support and encouragement on the days I'm down I come on here and realise I'm not the only one so thank you everbody as I know that you all have your own issues and problems but you put those to one side to come on here to help other people thank you so much and here's to the next month which I hope will be much easier

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  • Seconded everyone is a huge inspiration and great support I come onhere every day to see what's going on. Prob when I would before have sat down for a cigarette.

    I expect monky is hard at work on the concept for our limited edition animated onemonthwinner badges!

    I can't wait 🍻🍧🍰🍦🍹

  • We are all passengers in the same lifeboat pulling together to reach our ahoy 😁 ⛵ you're doing great so keep up the good work x

  • What a lovely description, I second that😊

  • Hi ya Lilyyyyyyy, its lovely to see ya gal :) :)

    I third it :) :)

  • I like the lifeboat word-picture, too!

    How about we steer for the South Pacific?

  • Sounds good to me 😄

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