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A Massive THANK YOU!


Before tomorrow comes I just want to take the opportunity to thank every single person on this site for their support, advice, inspiration and motivation to stop smoking. It has been the most amazing week - complete strangers, I don't even know where you are, have changed my life. You've left comments which were heartfelt and completely touching, it's like we've known each other forever! And they were positive statements of what can be achieved. The truth is, you have made me believe I can do this, you have given me the strength to do this and I will ALWAYS be grateful for that.

I have never ever planned something for myself so much and I really do feel ready now - awesome!!!

To Louby, Joolz, Dave and Oscar - I just want to say your stopping tomorrow has also inspired and motivated me so LETS KICK BUTT! We can do this and it's going to be fantastic!

Loads of love and hugs to everybody

Chrissie xxxx

(a soon to be NON smoker!)

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:) :) :)


Chrissie, You can do it . BIG BIG HUGS and POSITIVE VIBES on there way. :) xx

ChrissieG in reply to jillygirl

Jilly thank you so so much - your support and especially your advice has been fantastic - I've copied a lot of it across to my own personal "stop smoking folder" to refer to quickly in the future!

I shall take those big big hugs and positive vibes with me - and I just know they will help me during the day!

Love Chrissie xx

Nick-o-teenfree3 Months Winner

Hi ChrissieG,BIG BIG hugs tomorrow,you will do this.

Look forward to hearing from you and your 4 co-stoppers tomorrow.Just remember shout,scream,cry.....just come on here and let it all out.We are all 1 big family ):

Once again all the best and kick BUTT x speak soon Nick

Thank you so much Nick - it's so great to hear from you again!

As I said to Monky - get the hankies ready, this could get messy!!! ha ha ha

Thank you for all the support so far - it has been amazing!

I'll catch you when I'm a blubbering mess tomorrow!

Love Chrissie x

monkyAdministrator in reply to ChrissieG

Chrissie, I think you deserve a bit of ermmmmm, comfort gal :o :) :)


Erm, sorry theres a bit missing, but had to make sure it was ok before you eat it :) :)

Nite nite Chrissie, Louby, Dave, Joolz, Jaja and all :) :) you get a good nights sleep, cos tomorrow is the DAY :) :) dont you forget, we are all here to help, if needs be :)

Nite nite xxxxx

ChrissieG in reply to monky

Ha Ha ha - THAT is awesome!!!! I shall take it to bed with me and no doubt have sweet dreams!

Thanks Monky - so funny :D :D :D

Love it!!! xxx

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Go Chrissie, go Chrissie, Go Go Go!

You all can do ths and have already made a fantastic start already. The planning towards stopping is key to success, as is staying positive along the way, especially at the times when you least feel like it :-/

There are the ups and downs within the whole stopping smoking journey, it's all part and parcel of it. See it as part of the journey and believe that the 'downs' won't last forever :-)


:-) right there with you :-) xx

go go go chrissie. you can do this - ecig to the ready, tomorrows the beginning of the new you ! let us know hw its going - good or bad ? we are here. dont puff post :-) :-)

You can all do this and you all have support of everyone on here, go all of you, heads high, you are certainly motivated, party time!!!!!!!!! All in my thoughts x

Emjay there are tears running down my face, but it's okay they are happy tears!

You guys are all amazing and the comments made me laugh so much!

Today was a good day, actually today was an amazing day! It doesn't seem real but I know a lot of that is down to my practice runs and being prepared - but it's just such a lovely feeling.

I am enjoying today because I know I'm on a high or something, but I know that it won't always feel like this but I've just got to do it and stay strong - I will never smoke another cigarette again - I've just got to keep on remembering that!

Thank you all - I'm one very happy lady today! xxx

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