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I would just like to thank each and every one of you for helping me to get to one year quit smoking. :)

There's no doubt in my mind that if I hadn't come across this site whilst looking for hints and tips to help with quitting I'm sure I wouldn't have got through the first day, let alone week. :o After reading the posts and chats for a couple of days it gave me the inspiration to jump straight in with both feet and get on with it much sooner than I'd originally planned.

Emjay and the members at the time - some of whom still come on here most days - gave me such fantastic support (and still do) especially at the beginning and in the early days, particularly during the rough times. We have all learnt from each other with our different experiences and ways of quitting and I feel compelled to stay with the site and try to support Emjay and all the quitters, if possible, wherever they are on their quit journey. :)

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Hi Andi

What a lovely blog! Not been a member long but have always enjoyed reading your posts and some of your pearls of wisdom will stay with me forever. I am so pleased that you have achieved a whole year smoke free and will, in the future, hope that you are about to celebrate with me when I achieve my 'birthday'. There have been a number of people attaining the one year mark just recently and that gives me the courage to carry on until I reach the same milestone. Third attempt and day 4 and still no ciggies so I may be going a bit slower than you but I will get there. Congratulations again and have a lovely evening.




Hi Andi, I couldn't be more pleased for you, one year is an amazing achievement :) :)

Thank you for all the help and support you have given me, without you and the others on here I'd probably still be smoking, your an inspiration :) :) xx


Ooooh, exciting. Congratulations on your anniversary quit day. You always cheer me up with your comments and advice. Happy cycling, running, skiing and whatever else you do to keep fit and may you enjoy it all for many, many years to come. :) xx


That's a nice 'Thank You' Andi :-)

Thank You right back atchya! :D :D You have been really supportive and are a valued member of our community. Always one of the first to welcome aboard our new members and I am really grateful for everything you do to help with the smooth running of Quit Support :-)


I've just seen this blog... CONGRATULATIONS Well done.. You must be so so proud of yourself and so you should be.. I'm so pleased for ya..

Keep up the good work :)

You did it, you rockstar!!! *big cuddles* Congrats xxx

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