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Thank you lovely people


I want to thank you all for the banter yesterday.

You will be pleased to know that my soft seat soft close toilet seat is now fitted (I sound like Hyacinth Bucket). However, one of my cats has taken possession of the toilet seat lid and will not budge. One think I have learned is never argue with a Maine Coon, they are very gentle but big and stubborn.

I'm now looking forward to reaching my 1 year no smoking anniversary. At last I am starting to feel much better physically.

To all you lovely and courageous newly quits, hang in there the end result is so worth it.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Not quite so Catmad 😾

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It must be a good seat , if your cat approves.


Catmad10Administrator in reply to jillygirl

It is, a veritable piece of fine art but don't forget, cats are not like dogs, cats get the greatest pleasure in getting one over on their slaves.


You're really selling that toilet seat catmad 😂 I've got a soft close...... ohhh... but a soft seat too, now then Mrs Bucket, that's just plain extravagance!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday xxx

That 1 year is winging its way to you x



Hi Karen, no more toilet humour I promise. Haven't used it yet so don't know how comfortable it is or even if I have fixed it properly. xxx

Oh well, you'll have a nice warm seat too at no extra cost.... result!.

Glad you're starting to feel physically better, it can take such a toll on our bodies.... nasty nic and his poisonous friends have a lot to answer for😒.

Enjoy your evening Catmad (notso😜)


Thanks Frostie,

You are right, I was beginning to think that my lungs would never get better but all of a sudden after 10 months they are starting to heal and I'm no longer getting out of breath so quickly. That for me is the greatest achievement.



Lovely to hear your feeling better Catmad xxx


Great post, thanks! Holly

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