Daily chat: Friday 30th November 2012

Daily chat: Friday 30th November 2012

Good morning everybody.

Wow! I can't believe it's the end of November already. Another month ticked off for some people. :)

I bet there's a lot of blokes out there heaving a sigh of relief as it's also the last day of Movember and they can shave off their dreadful moustaches tomorrow! I don't know if we had any of these people but most of them that I've spoken to have hated growing and having their taches! :D :D

I do know of one person that sports a moustache but he didn't shave it off to join in with Movember - well if he did, he didn't tell us! :D :D

Another bright crisp day to finish off the week. Have a good day and don't let the gremlins get you! :)

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  • Good morning Andi, love your picture, wish i was there right now, it's freezing here :D

    my hubby did the Movember thing, only cause his work wanted them too, he hated it and his shaving his off today, cause he's off work :D :D

    A big thank you to everyone for helping me last night, i never would have made it without you all :) :)

    I'm out shopping this morning, and paying bills so will be back on later today, you'll get your cake then Kazz :) :D

    i hope you all have a great day :) xx

  • Good Morning Everybody,

    Another Friday upon us already, time is fast flying by dont you think... Until a craving appears and then those couple of minutes feels like an eternity. But please remember, each craving you get is a good sign that your body is getting better and the more times you overcome these cravings, the easier it'll become. Eventually you shouldn't feel any cravings atall and that's when you'll be completely free :0)

    I'm at home today looking after my Grandbabies so shall look in as much as I can :0)

    Glad you're okay Sue, some times folks that come into our lives can very trying! :0)

    Andi, I have taken great delight in saying "Movember? - it's looking good" To anyone I know who has had a 'tash for years... They find it annoying apparently :D

  • Good morning and what a glorious, frosty but sunny morning it is.

    Great picture this morning Andi :)

    Well I can't say I wasn't disappointed last night, I had my party frock and party shoes on all ready to go and everyone had gone to bed :D I suppose the good thing is that I haven't got a hangover this morning.

    Can't wait for my cake later Sue, I have a feeling I will have to share it :) Enjoy your shopping. I'm glad you are ok now, you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family.

    I can't say have seen that many men with moustaches this month and nobody grew one in my office. I know one person who grew one for Movember. If anyone has seen the comedian Sarah Millican on tv recently you will know what she is planning on a similar vein to Movember for the ladies in January :D I thought that was hilarious.

    I have to say that this week has been my easiest week since giving up smoking on 4th October. I do still think about smoking quite a lot but I have had no cravings to speak of this week and it has been great especially after how much I struggled last week. I am not going to get complacent though as I know those pesky cravings can creep up at any time. I suppose as time goes on, you break the habits and reprogramme your brain not to associate certain activities with smoking.

    I hope your eye is a bit better today Pete.

    EmJay do you know what day Jillygirl comes out of hospital?

    Off to get a coffee now xxx :)

  • Hi Dawn

    I am not going to be around this afternoon so I just wanted to say I hope your last day is going well. You didn't say if you were leaving the company you are working for or your new job is within the same company. If you are leaving then I hope your colleagues are going to take you to the pub for a farewell drink.

    Good luck for Monday and don't forget about us :) We will be waiting to hear how you are doing. xxxx

    I'm glad day 2 is going ok for you John, keep up the good work. Your lovebirds sound as if they are loved and very well cared for.

  • AAWWW Thanks Kazz! I work in a hospital and am going to another

    department so will still be with the same company. No drinks planned

    but wer'e all having fish and chips for lunch. I will stay in touch with you

    all and hope you'll all keep strong and support each other!

    Will come on just before I leave to say Goodbye!

    Dawn xxx

  • Hi everybody :) :)

    Andi, love the pic gal, is it of a beach near to you then :o :D :D

    Sue, you mean to tell me your hubby has to have a day off work to shave his tach off :o :D

    hope he's got his wallet and not you if your going shopping :D :D

    Emjay, I bet your loving it looking after your Grandbabies :) :) hey, no flippin noddin off today gal :D :D

    Kazz, its not my fault you missed the party, huh going gallivanting about like you doooooo :o

    anyway i got a cake for you, dint ah huh dont get any praise whatsoever :P :D

    John a big well done on day 2 pal, and like you :) i have had a tach since i was knee high to a grasshopper :) its never done me any harm :D :D

    Dawn, I hope you enjoy your fish-n-chips gal, and please try to keep in touch with us eh :) am missin you already :D :D

    You all enjoy, cus its the weekend again whooooooopy doooooooo :D :D

  • Hi again everybody,

    Jillygirl has just txt me, and says --

    She's got the all clear for the op, and go's in on the 23rd of December and her op is on the 24th. :) :)

    Although it means she will be in hospital over Christmas, this is what she wants, to get it out of her body as quick as possible :) :)

    She also said that she would hope to be back on line on Monday, so she will be able to have a chat then Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    I've told her you are all asking & thinking about her :) :)

    Jillygirl sends her love to all of you. :) :)

    Pete :)

  • That's great news Pete, tell her my thoughts are with her and that

    she makes a full and speedy recovery which I'm sure she will. Sad

    that she'll be in over Christmas but the staff on the wards really make

    an effort for the patients over Christmas.


  • Good afternoon all, the picture reminded me of all our planning last weekend and it's not local to me. :(

    Pete, I guess you couldn't get that gammy eye open this morning but it seems to be working quite well now - hope the ointment's helping. ;-)

    Dawn, not long to go now - enjoy your fish and chips and see you again soon. :)

    John, well I was surprised to hear that you've got a moustache - nearly through your new 2nd day now. :)

    Emjay, did you take your grandbabes out with you for your run? :|

    Sue, hope you didn't spend all your hubbie's money in that bar! :o

    Kazz, ironing! When I said I'd put it with mine I meant I'd hide it away in my cupboard! (Just ask Pete. :o ) :D :D

    Glad that we've heard from Jilly. Shame she'll be in at Christmas but I'm sure anyone would want to get the op over as soon as possible. A friend of mine had breast cancer a couple of years ago and her options for the op were Christmas Eve or her birthday 6th Jan! She chose her birthday as the dates were pretty close together and is okay so far. :)

    Look forward to you being about on Monday Jilly. :)

  • OK folks - I'm going home now - All my best wishes and thoughts

    are with you. I will try and come on again soon but if not I wish

    you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

    Lots of love


  • Goooooooooooood luck Dawn in your new job :) :)

    We all love you too gal, you know that, and i will give Jillygirl your message, I promise and a happy and lovely Christmas to you too Dawn :) :)

    You stay strong now gal, cus if you dont i will sharpen my spears and stick them in me :o :P :( that will remind me to be strong :D :D lots of love heading your way Dawn, you take care now, do you hear me gal :) :)

    Pete xx :)

  • Heloooooooooooa anybody thereeeeeee

    Cus its only meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Huh if your not talking :P :P :D :D :D :D

  • Well, I'm waiting.

  • I'm free! :D :D

    (Don't know where everyone is tonight. :( )

  • Are you being served Madam :D :D

  • What you waiting for then :o :|

  • Knock knock,

    Door opens

    hello Missis, is Sue coming out to play please :) :)

  • I think she's still in the bar! :o Am I no good then - better go to bed then - not bothered. :( :(

  • Helllooooooooooooo

    Has anyone got their Christmas tree up yet? I love Christmas :)

  • Hurray! Where've you been hiding then? :)

    Christmas tree? I'm not putting one up this year - it usually goes up a few days before Christmas when I do. :)

  • Andi, of corse your good, well most of the time anyway :D :D

    Am sorry gal, a luvs ya :) :)

  • Been hiding in the kitchen making a meat & potato pie it was yummy.

    I usually put mine up 2 weeks before, I thinking of doing it a week earlier this year.

    Have you been exercising today Andi? :)

    Well ..... not sure what's happened to our Sue, she promised me a fruit free cake so the only thing I can think is that she ate it and is now too embarrased to tell me :D

    You are good enough Andi, I think Pete is hoping for another party :)

  • Been hiding in the kitchen making a meat & potato pie it was yummy.

    I usually put mine up 2 weeks before, I thinking of doing it a week earlier this year.

    Have you been exercising today Andi? :)

    Well ..... not sure what's happened to our Sue, she promised me a fruit free cake so the only thing I can think is that she ate it and is now too embarrased to tell me :D

    You are good enough Andi, I think Pete is hoping for another party :)

  • Andi why you not putting a Christmas tree up then :( :(

  • What do you mean goes up when you do? Like goes up in flames? :) up goes up in the air?

    I love your idea about putting my ironing in with yours Andi :D :D That really wasn't what I was expecting to hear, I thought that maybe you had someone who did your ironing for you and you were going to put mine in with yours so they could do it :) We should get someone to do our ironing.

    Why aren't you putting a tree up this year? Is it because it's a pain having to take it down again.... I don't like that bit

  • What you flippin on about gal ?????

  • Which bit ? :) About going up? If so then Andi said her tree goes up a few days before Christmas when she does. :)

  • So should I have put a comma in somewhere or something? :o

  • Hi Pete, you not speaking? :(

  • Kaz --- you feeling ok gal :o

    You havent bin out for a drink have you :D :D

  • Well, this morning I did deep water aqua class - the instructor is great - he really camps it up and I can't decide if he's gay or straight. :| Then after lunch I went out on my bike. Did really well and cycled 17 miles along the prom to Poole and back. It was amazing - the sea was like a millpond, there was no wind and the light and reflection on the water was beautiful. :)

    How about you, done your usual today? :D :D

  • oh you are :) No I haven't been out for a drink :D I'm stone cold sober, not even had any chocolate get. Just sat here watching Corrie :) How's your eye now?

  • :D I don't like tomatoes :D

  • They were big m & ms :D :D

  • Is that what they are? :D :D

  • That's disgusting Andi, I feel sick just thinking about cycling 17 miles. You are very good. I love the sea but I like just sitting down and looking at it with a big ice cream cone in my hand :)

    Is your ankle feeling better now?

    I was in work this morning then took my mum out shopping for a Cockatiel cage this afternoon, came home made the meat and potato pie and that's about it. I'm shattered now after all that exercise :D

  • You just calm down a bit gal, cus all that exercise might not be toooo good for you :) :D

  • Still not there yet as in can't do any impact stuff yet or stand up when spinning so still quite restrictive. :(

  • You mean you cant be bothered :D :D

    Am out a ear whooooooooooooooosh

  • Ear ear! - nothing to do with the eyes then! :D :D :D :D


  • That looks like Mr Potato head :)

  • Who's he then? Gosh you must be just a young whippersnapper! :|

  • Luv you too gal :P :P :D :D

  • You catching up now old man? :o :D :D

  • If you want to do spinning then do what Chickles does, sit down on your chair and whizz round, if you have a chair that whizzes round of course. :) The spinning you are talking about looks like really hard work. I wish you would calm down Andi and do some yoga or something a bit less tiring, I'm worn out just listening to you :D

  • Cor if you did that kind of spinning that might mean you were at work! :o :P :D :D

  • Yeah slow down a bit Andi, cus am getting old now gal :( :(

    Or is it got old :o :D

  • You're as young as you feel and Andi definitely makes me feel old, tired and very unfit :) I will just comfort myself with some Belgian Chocolate Haagan Dazs :D

    Have a tinnie Pete and you wont care :D

  • Got one tar Kaz, am slupin it now :P :P slurp slurp :D

  • :D I think Andi has gone to watch I'm A Celebrity :)

  • I'm on the biscuits tonight - just plain ones. :(

  • Christmas! Not putting a tree up as I won't be here. :)

  • Why ?? where you going to then, :o

    Cus a dont want to know really, and am not nosy :D :D

  • Shortbread, they are plain but scrumalicious :)

    Oh going away for Christmas, are you going on holiday? At least if you wont be home, you wont have to cook and wash up :) We go out for Christmas lunch so no cooking or washing up for me either :D

  • Who's we then ?? am not beein nosy :D :D

  • Push offfffffffff :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • 4 rich tea fingers and 3 shortbreads - I'm trying to reduce my calorie intake so not having so much chocolate today! :o :D :D

  • Yeah, I had a real s**t Christmas last year so I'm off to stay with my sister. :)

  • Oooooh Andi, am just lost for words gal, but i tell you if i could i would come down there and give you a cheeeeeeeeering up gal, so there :P :D :D

  • Cheers mate! :)

  • Sorry to hear you didn't have a good Christmas last year Andi, I think not being there is a good excuse not to put the tree up :) It will be good to share the work or are you going to say that you are a guest so you shouldn't be doing anything : )

    No you are no being nosey, it was like me asking Andi if she was going away, just curious :) and we can always say, mind your own business nosey :D This year it's just my mum and my brother, so it's a quiet one.

  • Rich Tea are boring. One of my fav biscuits is milk chocolate Rich Tea biscuits.

  • The only ones I like covered in chocolate are digestives and hobnobs. :D :D

  • Rite Ladies, am off up that wooden hill, cus am worn out :o :(

    Nite nite to you all, and luv ya loads xxxx happy dreams :) :)

  • Nite nite Pete, sweet dreams. xx :)

  • Night night Pete, luvs ya, sweet dreams, sleep well. We are enough to wear anyone out :D

  • The only thing with going out for Christmas dinner (apart from the cost :o ) is that it's never as good as your own! :) I've never been to a restaurant for C dins but have been to a couple of different friends and it's never as nice as mine - I like it simple and they do about 10 veg or more and they're usually over or under-cooked, gravy's tasteless (with no lumps! :D ) etc etc.

    My Mum died last year and apart from going out for a dinner I was all alone with no contact from anyone for days as everyone has so much to do with all their own families.

    My brother lives in Australia so I may go there one year but my sister lives in Austria so that's nearer and if they have snow there by then I can go skiing too. i have been to Austria a couple of times at Christmas but it doesn't feel like Christmas over there. :)

  • :( Last year must have been a very sad Christmas for you, Christmas is a really hard time if you are going through a bad time as everything is about happy families xxx

    I can't imagine Christmas in Australia, it would be so weird with it being hot and sunny so that wouldn't feel like Christmas to me.

    I have to admit Andi, I totally agree with you about Christmas dinner and they never ever have bread sauce. We have gone out for years to a hotel and I just go along with it because they like to do that, it is nice but nowhere near as nice as a homemade dinner. I begrudge paying such a high amount for a meal, it's ridiculous but I suppose understandable as they are working on Christmas day. I would have though Austria would have been very Christmassy :)

    I tried skiing once but I kept falling over so I gave up with a badly bruised hip :)

  • I used to have a myriad of bruises all over my legs and bum in the earlier years but I don't tend to fall over so much these days. :)

  • Well I'm off to bed now as I've got to get up a bit earlier tomorrow so I'll say nite nite Kazz and have a good kip - see you tomorrow. xx :)

  • Night night Andi, see you tomorrow. Sleep well and sweet dreams xxx

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