Daily chat: Monday 12th November 2012

Daily chat: Monday 12th November 2012

Good morning everybody.

Well, Jilly's christened this Moaning Monday but I can't think of anything to moan about at the moment.

Don't forget that if you want to have a moan about your quit (or not quit) please feel free to come and moan about it on here as we're all here to help you get through it. :)

Oh, just a quick moan - after the wonderful weather yesterday it's miserable and raining today. :( But we won't let it get us down, will we? :)

Have a good day everyone. :)

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  • Good morning Andi and everyone else,

    you just beat me this morning :D :D i'm just up, a quick moan, i didn't get much sleep last night, but i won't let it get to me :)

    The weather here is the same as yesterday, really cold, so i'm not going out today, i hope you rest your ankle today, it's not nice going out in the rain anyway

    my daughter didn't leave till late last night so i didn't get back on here, hopefully i'll get a quiet night tonight, i need the rest :D :)

    Hope you have a great day :) xx

  • Good Morning Andi and Sue!

    Day 7 for me today - one whole week tomorrow!!!!!! You'll be glad

    to know Andi, I had no partying this weekend as I babysat for 2

    of my beuatiful grandchildren, I have 7:) So a lovely smoke free weekend

    was had by all. Have a lovely day whatever your'e doing - I'm at work:(!


  • Hi Dawn - isn't it day 8 today? I thought last Monday was your 1st day. :)

    So if you keep babysitting for the next 3 or 4 weeks then come the Christmas party season, you should be strong enough to not succumb then. Also, if you do the driving then you can't do the drinking so less temptation and I'm sure you won't be a party-pooper just cos you're sober! :D :D

  • Good morning Dawn, that's brilliant, 7 days smoke free :) way to go :D :) you must be well cuffed :) and so you should be :)

    It must have been great having your grandchildren over, i still have that to look forward to :)

    Don't work too hard :) xx

  • No Andi last Tuesday was day 1, so today is day 7 I think???

    Yes day 7 today - 1 whole week tomorrow! I don't drive

    so that option is out but anyway have'nt got many social events

    just family stuff so that's OK as nobody smokes around the kids

    anyway. Yes Sue it is lovely to have the Grandchildren, but also

    nice when you can hand them back...lol!

  • Morning everyone, I'm back, been at work for a few days was reading the blogs but didn't write anything.

    Got a couple of days off. Just tried to gargle mouthwash and accidentally swallowed it!

    I hope I will be OK!

    Anyway how are we all? Well done to everyone who has done another week of no smoking x

  • Morning, my moan was finding a dirty ear bud shoved between plates to go in the dish washer, gross.

    Still got my dressing gown on and not moving out the house all day.

    Rain as much as you like, I'm looking forward to a lazy day

    I've cracked the no smoking so am happy that I'll be smelling as fresh as a daisy for the festive period but still weigh the same as I did last January, so going to buy some bridget jones and will crack on with health kick in January

    Hope you all have a stress free day X

  • Well done JohnUK, we all know how easy it is to slip up

    but just carry on the way you are and I'm sure you'll be fine,

    just keep thinking how proud your wife would be!

    I don't want to moan today either...lol!


  • Hi everyone

    Well done to all who have stayed smoke free over the weekend. My only moan for Moaning Monday is that the weekends just go way too fast for my liking, I say that every Monday :)

    Thanks Andi for stopping Pete from trying to poison me yesterday with all those tablets :) Good job someone is keeping an eye on him. Thanks for thinking of me though Pete and helping to get rid of my hangover, it's not your fault that the cat knocked your arm :)

    I wouldn't think that drinking some mouth wash would do any harm Aaron but drink some milk just to be on the safe side.

    I had 3 dreams over the weekend where I was dreaming about smoking. It made me laugh because I don't think I've ever dreamt about smoking before. I didnt bother me when I woke up, it wasn't as if I was being attached by those pesky cravings. Looks like they are trying to get me in my sleep now because they can't get me when I'm awake :D

    Have a great day everyone. xxx

  • Hi there all!

    A big well done to everyone remaining smoke-free! Well my thryroid results are back, they're fine, within acceptable limits! I was convinced it was that making my heart gain a beat! Have made an appointment for next week, medication check is due. It may well remain a mystery....bit like an Agatha Christie crime thriller....'The Mysterious Case of the Additional Heartbeat'.

    Hope that everyone is fit and well! Aaron, what does it say on the container about accidentally swallowing the mouthwash? You should be alright, just drink plenty of water.

    What's my moan today....erm popped to Argos to collect a steam cleaner/mop. It was heaving! Then I realised why, 3 toys for the price of 2...there must have been 50 plus people in there! I did the self serve, the queues were horrendous! A very nice young man carried my purchase to the car for me. I may have to assemble it later and have a little go, it's got some brill attatchments!

    Oh yes, it's Christmas soon, bring it on :) I saw a little robin today, first one I've seen this Autumn, it made me smile!

    I may make a start on writing Christmas cards later, after tea. Tonight it's meatballs in a bolognese type sauce, with onions, garlic, peppers, mushrooms, Italian herbs, a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon, tomatoes etc...with pasta and grated cheese. As per usual I am starving hungry!

    Have a great evening everyone! Hope your ankle is lots better Andi, and I hope that despite not sleeping well, you feel better today Dawn, and Kazz, I hope that you're fully recovered from your headover and hangache....

    Laters all...



  • Going home now - 1 whole week tomorrow - I'm getting there lol!

    Have a good evening everyone see you all tomorrow!

    Dawn xxx

  • Evening all, nice to see so many of you on here today - and all struggling to find something to moan about! :) Jilly should have thought of a different name for today (I've been trying to think of one all day but my brain cell still hasn't managed to come up with anything suitable. :o )

  • Hi Andi, hope you had a good day :)

    I'm sitting here shivering, i have on a thick jumper and cardigan, i'm wrapped up in a quilt with the heating on full, drinking a hot chocolate :o think i'll immigrate to the arctic :D :D

    my brain cell couldn't think of anything either, apart from marshmallow, cause i love them :D :D :D

  • Hi Sue, pretty boring one really due to miserable weather - getting a bit stir crazy now so hope I can get out for a walk tomorrow.

    It can't be that cold in Scotland surely :( :o Do you need to replace your boiler? If I turn my thermostat up to 21 degrees I have to start stripping off! :D :D :D

  • Turn it up to 25 :o :D

  • You walk into it every time! :D :D :D

  • Into what :o

  • Hi everybody :)

    Moaning Monday eh :o well i've got a moan, flippin had to flippin go to flippin work today :P :P moan grumble moan grumble :( :(

  • Well you're home now - moan grumble moan grumble :( :(

    :D :D :D

    Cheer up Pete, "tomorrow's another day" as Scarlett O'Hara used to say. :o :)

  • Hey you got a pic on here then gal :) :)

  • Told you before I can do it on a blog but have trouble on a post :o

  • Oooooooooo sorryyyyyyyyyyyy

    Just thinking, was that a moan !? hmmmm

  • Hey Minnie, which brain cell were you using? :D :D

  • Whats a brain cell then, ? :D :D

  • Andi, i just followed what Jillygirl said

    i went on google to find the picture i wanted

    then i clicked on it

    then right click, from there click on copy image URL

    when on post right click then click on paste, it dhows in black type, when you post it's blue

    don't know if that helps, or if it's clear as mud :D :D :D

  • I think she's before my time :P :D :D

  • I'm always cold Andi, even in the summer, think it's my bodies thermostat that's on the blink :0 :D

    Hi Pete, at least you got away early tonight :D :)

  • Aup our Sue, how are you feeling today gal, well apart from being cold that is :(

  • If its moaning Monday today, then does this mean we cant moan for the rest of the week then :o :|

  • Hey Sue whats the idea of chucking poor hubby out in the back garden then :( :D :D

  • best place for him :D :D :D

  • I'm fine thanks Pete, how are you :)


    just saw that in the back garden though :D :D

  • Sue i just replied to you, but erm i seem to be on top of you gal :o sorryyyyyyyy

  • What's Tuesday then Pete? :o

  • No we can moan whenever we want to, but Moaning Monday is just another excuse to do it. I can't think of another name for Moaning Monday either. I quite like Mondays :) Jillygirl will think of something.

    How's your ankle Andi? As for you Sue, brrrrrr do you put your cold feet and hands on your husband when you're in bed to warm them up? :) bet he loves that :D

    Hi Pete how has your day been? How is everyone doing with those pesky cravings today? Everyone ok?

    Well I had a lovely tea. Chicken, mashed potato, sprouts and gravy and then some Strawberry cheesecake Haagan Dazs yummyyyy. Yes that's something else with fruit in that I like Andi :)


  • Sue, I also feel the cold so if I'm cold at home I will turn up the heating. I'm lucky that I don't suffer from hot flushes like so many women of a certain age. :o :D :D

  • Nor do i Andi :D :D

  • Cor, and all these months I thought you were a bloke! :o :D :D

  • It's brill not getting hot flushes :D :D :D xxx

  • Hi Kazz, i'm coming to yours for tea, yummy :D :)

    i just had chips, couldn't be bothered cooking for myself

  • I love chips, sorry Sue all that yummy tea has gone now :) I will let you know before I eat it next time.

    I couldn't remember what Tuesday was so I've had a look back at Thursday's daily chat and now I know.... should be a fun one :)

    I'm sat on the settee now hugging my hot water bottle:)

  • Aup Kaz, nice to see you gal, erm sorry about the tabs though, they just sort of all come out at once :o :(

  • Shush, don't tell! :D :D

  • What is Tuesday Kazz, my brain cell can't remember :o :D :D

    Your cold as well, is anybody warm i wonder :D :D xx

  • Hiya Kazz, lovely things aren't they, settees (sofas, couches etc :o ). You can lie on them and keep your feet up whilst fiddling on your laptop and even watch a bit of tv at the same time! :o Well, you can if you'r a woman cos we can multitask much much better than those blokes can, can't we? :D :D

  • My laptop's keeping me warm - mind you I heard something funny on the radio today. They were interviewing someone who works in a fertility clinic. A couple came in and a chance remark made by the woman, they realised the bloke was cooing his sperm cos he spent every evening with his laptop on his lap. Once he stopped doing this they conceived! :o :D :D

  • It's Tell Tale Tuesday :) I suggested that if we couldn't think of anything then we could make something up, not mentioning about who though :D I love my settee Andi, what do you call it? You can't beat lying on it and watching a bit of tv, or talking on the phone while eating a box of maltesers :) I'm not sure men can multitask can they? I haven't met one yet. :D :l

  • Can someone please tell me how to do the face with the :l it's obviously not a letter 'l' for the mouth because it doesn't work.

  • Do you mean this? :|

  • Yes that's what I mean Andi. Are you going to tell me how to do it or just show off and not tell me and drive me mad :I

  • If you mean this one :|

    Then you want the two dots : followed by | which is on the bottom lefthand corner of your keyboard :) :) but you have to press capitals with it :o

  • ok giving it a go :|

  • Ha! Thanks Pete xx I don't think I have ever used that character before, didn't even know it was down there.

  • No it's not, it's on the right of the keyboard - on my laptop it's the key to the right of the up arrow and above \ :)

  • it was on the left hand side on my keyboard :| Sorry I'm going to be doing that all the time now, until the novelty wears off or I find a new one to do. :)

  • I'm going now, too tired to stay on

    hope you all have a great night's sleep

    sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxx

  • Nite nite Sue, Hope you get a good night's sleep - at least you'll be warm all snuggled up under your duvet! xx :)

  • Wow, who would have ever thought that using your laptop could stop you conceiving :) good job she mentioned it or it may never have happened unless his laptop broke :) Another form of contraceptive there then:D

  • Night night Sue, sweet dreams, keep warm and sleep well xxx :)

  • I would love to stay and chat Ladies, but have got to go now, as in up the wooden hill, so you all enjoy a good nights sleep, as for multitasking, i can :P :P

    Nite nite everyone and sleep well, luvs ya all :) :)

    Moaning Pete signing off :) :)

  • Night night Pete & Andi, I am signing off as well. Sleep well and sweet dreams.

    Until tomorrow my no smoking buddies, luvs ya xxx :)

  • Nite nite Kazz, Sleep well, xx :) ;-)

  • Nite nite Pete, sleep well, see you tomorrow. xx :)

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