Daily Chat/ SATURDAY/ 17/11/2012

Daily Chat/   SATURDAY/   17/11/2012

Hello everyone, Saturdays here at last. Hopefully your not working.

Firstly I apologise for last night but had only just signed off when i noticed a message from Pete his computer wasnt working , so he sends his love to you all and hopefully is back today.

Aarond, and Ken noticed we had just missed you both last night , will catch up today with any gossip :D etc.

Have a lovely day and enjoy. xx :)

See you later as I am out at my daughters most of the day. :)

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  • Did have a piccy but gremlins have eaten it. :)

  • Morning Jillygirl, you don't need to apologize for missing Pete's message :)

    So the gremlins are out again, i'd better get my spears ready :D hopefully Pete will get on later and help :) :D

    have a great day at your daughters :D :D xx

  • Morning Sue, You have a lovely day , hope your tooth prob isnt bothering you too much. see you later. :) xx

  • Hi Jillygirl, my tooth isn't too bad today, thank you, hopefully i won't need painkillers today, think they knock me stupid :D :D :D

    see you later Jillygirl :) xx

  • OH ! got my piccy back. :)

  • Thanks Sue threatening those gremlins worked. :D :D

  • Morning Eveybody :D

    Have a lovely day Jillygirl :D

    Sue, I have a few extra spears at the ready to send in when needed too... To help combat those PC and Piggy Gremlins :D

    Hope everyone is going to enjoy their day :D

    Remember that if you think about it and plan ahead, you won't be alarmed by any surprise visitors dressed up as excuses :D

    You really can do this if you try and help yourself to stay positive and focussed


  • That's a beautiful picture, i'm glad you got it back Jillygirl :) :)

    Morning Emjay, thank you for the extra spears, i hope we don't need them though :D :) i'm not going anywhere today, still tired from yesterday, plus it is freezing here, colder than the past few days, so it's duvet, hot chocolate, and film day, my favorite :D :)

    I have my craving chasing spears handy as well, just in case

    hope you have a great day :)

  • I've just had a catch up on last nights antics... You're all properly funny! Its nice to see other members popping on too :-)

    Sorry to hear about your poor peggy Sue, hope it's not painful today too.... If today is anything like yesterday for you... You've probably forgotten all about it :D :-/

    I've finally downloaded the C25k app to my phone, just have to put some music back on it now and then I'll probably do more 'thinking about it' before I get out there and give it a go. I only have to start off by walking for 5 minutes and then running for 90seconds.... Watch this space... Again! :-/

  • Good morning Jilly, Sue, Emjay and everyone else. :)

    Wow Emjay! I'm really impressed and it's only one minute running each time for week 1. Have you signed up for something next year to get you going - you did say you were going to do more for the foundation in the future? :) I'll be having to catch you up before you know it - will it be fifth time lucky for me? :o :) I've been doing it with my watch cos I don't own a walkman-type thingy (ipod? :o ) or one of these new-fangled type of phones. :D :D Also you are a lot younger than me. :)

    Nice day down here today but not too much planned. My still smoking friend's coming round for a coffee in a mo but she takes herself outside for a smoke now but I never asked her too. She's still talking about giving up - not sure she ever will but you never know.

    See you later. :)

  • Whoooooops

    Good morning Andi, i must have been writing my blog when you posted your's

    You have a nice smoke free coffee now :) she's obviously a very considerate friend :) :)

    See you later :)

  • Good morning everybody :)

    Jillygirl its a lovely picture gal and you enjoy your day :) :)

    Sue sorry to hear about your poorly tooth, but if you need any more spears, i'm making some cus used all mine up lastnight on my computer :( :(

    Hi Emjay, its nice to see you gal, just got back from the chemist and my CO reading is the same as last week '' 6 '' so perhaps it wont get any lower than that :( :(

    Rite am off to catchup with the goss from last night :)

    Speak soon

  • Hi John, that sounds great designing 3d shapes on your computer,plus it will keep you occupied :) i've had a bit of trouble with my computer, but left it doing a scan disc last night, and seems to be ok today, '' so far '' fingers crossed eh :D

    Speak soon

  • :D :D :D your right it's totally forgotten Emjay :D that's a good thing for the pain, not very good for everything else :o :D :D

    It's good you downloaded the app, you'll be out running before you know it, you wouldn't get me doing it in this cold weather though :D well done for doing it :) xx

  • Aup Sue you sound cheery today gal

    You got anything planned for today, or you just chilling out ?? :o

  • Hey Pete, try not to be so :-( about your CO reading. Remembering that it was originally in it's 40's!! If you can just keep up your god efforts then I'm sure it not be too long before everyone at home starts to consider giving up to. Keep in there mister, you are doing your best :D

    Andi, the hubby now has my phone and is downloading some music for me. I'm not sure I can run or even walk to music though as I don't think I could coordinate my feet... I'd be trying to run to the beat... Will end up flat on my face.... Ooof!

    Hey John, happy Saturday, give those little lovebirds if yours a little whistle from me :)

  • Hi John and Pete,

    Glad you both finally surfaced. :) That sounds a bit :o to me John. I bet that keeps your brain off thinking about those little piggies. :)

    Pete, glad you didn't have to chuck a new computer in your shopping trolley this morning. :)

  • Aup Andi, i hope you enjoyed your coffee time with your friend :) especially the gossip eh :D :D

    Hey have been reading through the blogs, erm how do you know i've got hairy legs ?? anyway, just counted them, 3 on one leg and 4 on the other hmmm think the cat must have had one last night, cus am sure i had 8 :P :D

    As for my computer, just looking at some laptops, think maybe i will treat myself to one :) :)

  • Andi erm havnt you got a laptop, :o just wondered what sort it was, !! so that i dont get that type :D :D

  • Hiya, mine was a made-up one from a little computer shop and is very good thank-you - it's got a 17" screen so nice and big. :) (I don't need glasses to read with anyway. :D )

    Did you get your legs waxed then for when you go out on your bike? You never told me you'd got your gel shorts yet! :( (Or been in training.) :D :D

  • afternoon peeps,hope everyone is well,halfway through a bit of housework here in between cups of tea the pc and tv,nice easy day,going to visit my mums later,then off out to the pub later for a catch up ,its so nice to sit inside the pub and not have to huddle up under a cold leaky umbrella,toodle pip for now ;)

  • Please feel free to come and do my housework! It will be something else to do to take your mind of those piggies. :) :D

  • Good morning peeplies! Hope everyone is tickerty boo today!

    Hope the tooth is okay Sue! There's nothing worse than toothache! I'm on anti-biotics for a tooth problem, hence the reason why I can't have even a sip of wine tonight, if I do I'll be a not very well teddy! It's those tablets that you're not allowed to drink with. C'est la vie, I can enjoy myself without having a drink!

    Hairdressers shortly, am having a 'tied' up creation with tendrils and curls...manicure done after I finished work this morning. Am looking forward to getting dressed up for a change!

    Tis 11 weeks for me today, woo hoo! I can't believe that I dreamt about smoking AGAIN last night!

    Have a brill day everyone!


  • Congratulations on getting to 11 weeks Chickles. :)

    It may be a good thing not drinking tonight cos then you won't let your guard down - and it is horrible standing outside on these wintry nights! :D :D

  • Many thanks Andi...well I'm in the company of non smokers, which makes it easier :)

    Goodness knows where today has gone, will have to do my washing/ironing/shopping and cleaning tomorrow! I might take Monday off work...I think I need some 'me' time, plus I can get some jobs done. Have got a busy time looming socially and I've a boat load of 'declutter' junk to take to the tip, it's in the garage at the moment. Infact I might go to the tip tomorrow before I go food shopping.

  • Aup Chickles, nice to see you again gal, gosh it looks like you will need 50 hours in tomorrow then, with everything you have to dooooooo :D :D talk about a busy busy little bee :o

    A massive well done for 11 weeks gal wayhay thats just brill gal :) :)

    As for your garage being full of junk ( as mine is toooo ) does anybody put there cars in them nowadays ?? :o :)

  • Hello all, Hope your day is gong well.

    Sue are you asleep? or still engrossed with your film. :)


    Andi hope you enjoyed your chin wag with your friend. :)


    Chickles enjoy your night all dressed up . :)


    John hope the 3d shapes have worked . will have to see a piccy of your walls when you have done. :)

    Emjay, Hope the music wasnt too fast for you.


    Ken enjoy your evening in the pub. like you say its nice to stay indoors where its warm . :)

    Pete, glad you managed to get your computer fixed. :) As for your co reading well done I think your doing great. keep at it. by the way are you sure your legs are`nt hairy. :P


  • Oy flippin Jillygirl, I was liking the pics up to the last one :o :|

    They just arnt my legs, erm am sure there not, well dont think so anyway :o you've got me thinking now gal, and i havnt got 1/2 a brain cell, it cant be my legs cus i dont wear blue boxers, most of mine are pink, and got frills around the bottoms :D :D

  • Now I thought you would have something like these :-


  • Hi Jillygirl, tell you what gal, you've nearly got em there :o


    Hey somebody's swiped my frills :D :D

  • I you sure his belly will fit in those or is it a hangover the top of them.

    I am sure he will like them. :D

  • Your one hell of a cheeky Lady :P :P

  • Oy so you've got em then :P :D

  • If you dont like those I Found the perfect ones.


  • What you trying to say gal, that i've got a big erm erm mouth or somthing :o :| :D

  • something !

  • Is it his head? :D :D :D :D

  • I think they call them muffin-tops. :o :D :D

  • I dont want tops :o i want unders, hmmmm muffin-unders :) :)

  • I think the outfit on the right would suit better. :P


  • These outfits look terrible! :D :D Look more like your noras Jilly! :D :D

  • thats cos they`re wrinkly.

    this any better.?


  • That reminds me of strictly tonight - not seen all of it yet. :D :D

  • Now then Jillygirl '' You are a talkin gal '' i'm in sheeeeeeeeeeer delight gal oooooo

  • Well that didn't work then. :o :P

  • its a man. :P

  • Wot is? :o

  • It must be a man if it didnt work.

  • Hilarious! :D :D :D :D

  • Who's a man then ?? :o

  • dunno!

  • Me neither!

  • What didnt work ?! :o

  • What andi deleted didnt work.

    Have we confused you enough yet. ?

  • Hey Pete, how's your bike? ;-) :)

  • What bike, Fod you've got me all a do :o dont know whether am comin or goin :D :D

  • No wheels on my wagon, but i will keep going along :D :D

  • My ed urts :o :o

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha just ace gal just ace :D :D

  • My stomach hurts and I can't see properly - crying with laughter!!! :D :D :D :D

  • I need the loo , or might make a puddle with laughing.

  • That means poor hubby will clean up again then :P :D

  • off for a break back soon. think wev`e worn Pete out. :D

  • I'll be back

  • I think that you 2 are taking the mi--- erm piss out of me :o am thinking backwards now whooooooooooooooooooops

    not bothered, can if you really want too :P :P

  • Pete, the bike question referred to your comment and my reply of 7 hours ago. :|

  • Forgot !!!!

  • And do you really think that Jilly and I would take the .....erm.... out of you? :)

  • YEP :P :P

  • What is it they say, -- people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones, well i do :D :D

  • Eh? :o

  • A think i got that wrong gal, not my fault :o :o

  • Hold on a minute, got to go back 7 hours to look at what i said, about bikes :)

  • Andi i havent had my legs waxed to go biking, cus if i had, i wouldnt have loads of hairs on them now would i :) :P

  • Don't know what you mean by loads - ave you stuck then back on again? :o

  • Nope,

    it was the cat, she was on my legs, i will have to get my eye's tested :o :|

  • Sue are you ok gal ??!! :) :)

  • Hi all, another long day at work. One more tomor then 2 days off. Thank god. Not a bad day and no serious cravings. Is it getting easier at last. Starting to feel really glad I'm doing this. Will have a flick back through the gos now!

  • Hi Aaron, you have some nasty shifts don't you? Glad you're starting to find it a little easier each day. Watch out for the days when it comes back and bites you on the bum though! :o :D

  • Aup Arron, dont think we have met yet, but we have now :) :)

    It sounds like you do long hours too, a thought i was the only one :( :(

    Well done for keeping strong & focused, i know its hard pal, but am with you all the way :) and as for feeling glad about quitting, i think that is one of the loveliest feelings i've ever had, cus you've broke the habit, you've told him who's the master !! stick with it pal :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Thanks both, yeah I know it's not over yet and will prob strike when I least expect it. But am carrying on with the patches every day so fingers crossed.

    Yeahs have some nasty shifts! Nah it's ok and u get more days off so alls good.

    I think ur right about breaking the habit, was thinking that today. Didn't associate cravings with things or times I used to so I thought that was a good step forward. And I got NRT for the addiction for ages yet!

  • Hey Andi, if it had been the springtime, then I would have took your offer up, and bin down there to sort your garden for you, and maybe do gardening for a living, but nowis not the time to start a gardening business, pitty :( :(

  • Ah well, you'll have to get on that bike of yours to get your strength up then get touting for business in the new year. My friend who started up a couple of years ago was very quickly turning work down as the word of mouth spread - and she specialises in doing pensioners gardens. :)

  • I'm getting tired now after all of our hilarity earlier so I'm going to sign off.


    Nite nite Pete, Jilly, Aaron and everyone else. Sleep well all of you. xxx :)

  • Nite nite Andi and God bless gal :) :)

    ps i would do your garden at an oap rate :D :D

    Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom outa here :) :D

  • Nite nite all, and please ENJOY your sleep, luvs ya all xxxxx :) :)

  • Nite nite sweets dreams everyone. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) :)

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