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Daily chat: Sunday 4th November 2012

Daily chat: Sunday 4th November 2012

Good morning everybody.

I hope you all had a good night's sleep. :) The sun's come out now but not sure for how long - had loads of heavy rain last night and this morning - at least it should have put out any smouldering bonfires. :)

I guess Pete's too busy making his lumpy gravy to open up today but here's a piece of my Dorset apple cake for your tea Pete.

Enjoy a nice smoke free (or thinking about it) day - catch up with you all later. :)

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Good morning Andi and everyone (when they appear, must be having a Sunday lie in),

Had a better sleep last night, but feeling under the weather this morning, ache and tightness in chest (it's been going on a couple of weeks now on and off) reminds me of when I had chondritis, but hey onwards and upwards, too much to do to be feeling sorry for myself. Work tomorrow, just 4 hours, so that's good.

Am going food shopping later, am so not buying cakes, sweeties or puddings! Am also trying a day without lozengers, hope no-one upsets me (ha!).

Got a couple of things to iron from last load of washing that went in this morning, a quick 'dance with my Dyson', and that's about it for today. I might wrap up the selection boxes I've got as stocking filler pressies, so I aint tempted to eat any more of them! I've eaten 2 already and I don't even like chocolate! How's that work?

Have a great day everyone! If you hear on the news about an irate shopper being arrested for creating mayhem, it was probably 'lozenger free' me in Tesco ;)


Good afternoon Andi, Chickles and everybody, i hope your all fine :) :)

Andi, you managed to get a pic on here then, see you can do anything if you put your mind to it :) :)

As for me making my lumpy gravy, no gravy today cus we have got smoked haddock and new spuds, so dont think gravy would go with that :o :|

Chickles i hope your lozenge free day goes well, and i hope you dont lose your temper and run some poor old bloke over with your shopping trolley :D :D I see you have a question posted up, so i will go and have a look :)

Speak soon :)


Hiya, yes I can get one of my own pics on to a blog ok. It's finding those other things and inserting them as you go along (as in the cakes etc yesterday) that I can't get my brain cell around. :(


Aup Andi, just tell me what part you dont understand and i will explane it in more detail to you :) :)


For the cake pics i used yesterday,

Find the pic you want,

Right click on it,

A dropdown menu appears,

Left click on - copy image URL,

As you write your blog, right click on it,

Select paste,

And the web site address will appear.

Job done and dusted :) :)

Any probs just ask gal, thats all you have to do :)


Okay, trying that but don't get 'copy image URL' only 'copy'.



Type in your search - happy sunday images, and click on the search tab,

What do you get on the screen ??


I am going to show you how to do this even if it kills me gal, so there :P


Just a quiky to all you busy busy bees out there,

Keep strong, focused and positive on your quit attempt, because you know that you can do it, if you really try, and i mean try, you will succeed and become more healthier and live longer, although they may be a few hiccups along the way, you CAN do this :) :)

Rite i'm off to bed cus am noddin, so i will say nite nite to all you lovely people and sweet dreams xxxx :) :)


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