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Good Morning,

Some of you may have read this blog before but I thought it may be helpful to Lizziec1 who needs advice and any new members.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can lead quitters back to smoking

When smokers try to cut back or quit, the lack of nicotine leads to withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is both physical and mental. Physically, the body reacts to the absence of nicotine. Mentally, the smoker is faced with giving up a habit, which calls for a major change in behavior. Both the physical and mental factors must be addressed for the quitting process to work.

Those who have smoked regularly for a few weeks or longer will have withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop using tobacco or greatly reduce the amount they smoke. Symptoms usually start within a few hours of the last cigarette and peak about 2 to 3 days later when most of the nicotine and its by-products are out of the body. Withdrawal symptoms can last for a few days to up to several weeks. They will get better every day that you stay smoke-free.

Withdrawal symptoms can include any of the following:

Dizziness (which may only last 1 to 2 days after quitting)


Feelings of frustration, impatience, and anger



Sleep disturbances, including having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and having bad dreams or even nightmares

Trouble concentrating

Restlessness or boredom



Increased appetite

Weight gain

Constipation and gas

Cough, dry mouth, sore throat, and nasal drip

Chest tightness

Slower heart rate

Just a tip on what withdrawal symptoms you may get.


have a lovely day everyone.

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Saturday is here its super dooper day.

No need to go to work can have a lazy day.

Get up early or get up late

Doesnt really matter Saturdays great.

You can go to the super dooper supermarket

and buy yourself a treat,

Nice bottle of red wine, and some chocs to eat,

Super dooper Saturdays are meant for you and me,

so be super dooper happy and super dooper smoke-free. :)




Good morning super dooper Jilly and everyone super dooper else.

Super dooper poem to start the day with super dooper Jilly. :)

Not such super dooper weather today though, flippin rain and flippin clouds and flippin grey! :( :D :D

Okay. that was flippin yesterday so off to the super dooper supermarket and see you all super dooper later. :) (Not sure how super dooper long I'll manage to keep this up for! :o )


Good morning Andi, I just wrote you a reply no prob. now when I`ve logged on again its disappeared. spears at the ready! :)


Good morning super dooper Jillygirl & Andi :)

Love the pic and the poem Jillygirl :) :) just super dooper :D

Andi weve got super dooper grey clouds here but no super dooper rain yet :o :)

Just got back from the chemist, I had my CO read and its down to '' 6 '' am super dooper well chuffed with that result :) :)

See you all soon :)


Well done Pete, No stopping you now eh you Non -smoker. :)



Aup Jillygirl, ha ha love the pic gal :D :D

I hope that your resting and have your feet up today gal :) :)



oh yeah! I like pink socks. However its a super dooper sunny but cold day here, so I am going to go out after lunch , have a walk round the tarn its just short of a mile so its just enough. then home to put my pink socks on. :)

have you introduced yourself to Lizzie yet. ? Sure she would like to meet you. :)


I thought those pink socks would go with your jim-jams :) :D

And yes i have introduced myself to Lizzie :)

Its just great to have you open up the Daily chat again, it really is :) :)



Thats where I am off this aft. Pete. :)


That looks lovely Jillygirl :) :) is it far from you :o


Hi Pete its about 5 minutes from my house. not far.


Hi Pete, tell me if I am wrong but isnt this pic near you. If it is it looks beautiful. :)



Yeah, its about half a mile up our lane, heading to a village called Hullandward ha ha and i think that trailer of horse manure is still parked up there :D :D


Hi John, I must admit I have bother sleeping even before I started to quit. If either of us find a solution we will have to let each other know. Your love birds sound really content and happy. they are so lovely.

Take care and well done on another smoke-free day. :) xx


Aup John, well done for another smoke free day :)

Erm i've never had a problem sleeping, when i was smoking and now, smoke free, my problem is getting up :D :D

Have a good day John :)


Good day everyone!

What beautiful weather! Can get out in to the garden to potter about doing those last minute jobs!

Well it's 10 weeks 'smoke-free' for me today....yippeeeeee

Well done Pete on your CO reading!

Well done to everyone on another smoke free day!

That's my coffee break over- back to the garden!

Have a fabulous day!



chickles lovely to see you. meresideyear6h.primaryblogg...

well done on reaching 10 weeks.

enjoy your gardening. :)



Well done Chickles for 10 weeks, that's brilliant and to you Lizzie for 5 weeks. Your CO reading is fantastic Pete, just think your first one was 42, well done laddie :) Please keep up the good work everyone, you are an inspiration to everyone who has given up or is thinking of giving up.

Love the poem Jillygirl it made me smile, you have a great talen there, you are very creative :)

Thanks also for the withdrawal information, I found it interesting and useful to see it as it reminded me that if I am feeling any of those things, it's not an excuse to start smoking again because I feel down, or a bit unwell, it's just my body getting rid of all those horrible, harmful toxins and getting clean again.

I hope you are all having a super dooper Saturday. I'm just going out now to do exactly what Jillygirl said, off to the supermarket to get myself a treat, bet you can't guess what that would be :D

I hope your ankle is feeling a little better today Andi, don't go overdoing it, try and rest it as much as you can as per the docs orders.

I hope you are having a good day Sue and EmJay. It's been a lovey, sunny day here in Cheshire, sorry for pointing that out And when you have had rain and grey skies :P Hope it's improved since this morning.

I'm off out tonight, so probably wont be here again today. So have a great evening everyone, be strong and keep up the good work you are all doing, you are all doing brilliantly well and should be very proud of yourselves.



Hi Kazz , have a lovely night and enjoy yourself and I hope you got your treat. ( yummy) :) take care. xx


Hi Kaz, gosh you had a good lie in today didnt you :D :P

Hey thanks for the compliment Kaz, much appreciated :) so your going out tonight then, so that means you'l be plastering the makup on now then, :o which am sure you dont need, - creep creep - a mans got to try, hasnt he, huh i dont seem to get anywhere though :( :(

Kaz you have a super dooper night out gal, and '' ENJOY ''

See's ya xx


Many thanks Jilly and Kazz! I'm having an lazy evening- no sweeties or crisps though. Am trying not to snack! I got on the scales yesterday and I haven't put any weight on, yay! I haven't lost any either, ha! My metabolism is a bit out synch I think, am awaiting the results of my latest thyroid function test. Apparently smoking cessation can have an impact on some of the levels. My dodgy heartbeat has been lots better this week and the chest ache is lots better too. Good thin is - I know that my heart is okay and in full working order, despite the additional beat every now and again! Again that can be down to thyroid medication needing adjusting. I was putting all my aches and pains down to not smoking!

Have a fab night out kazz!

Am away to cook pasta, chicken and bacon with a cheesie sauce, followed by a muller light lemon Greek yoghurt, I might even have 2 :)




oooooooooooH! Can I come sounds scrumptious. :P


Hey there Chickles, done your gardening then :D just wondered how many your cooking for, cus am starving, and that sounds just yummy :P to me, hmmmm i may have to bring my own desert though :) :D


Course you can Jilly, I'm not that far away from you lol...but by the time you get here, will prob be all in my tum!

A friend of mine had a stitch put in her ear for weight gain when she stopped smoking, it's a form of acupuncture. She's lost 38 pounds in 8 weeks! Top result there!

Am away to make a cheese sauce...I'm back and forth from the computer to the kitchen...

I am proper starving hungry!


Oy you just cant put it all in your tum !! :o


Wanna bet....it'll grow and grow like a balloon, ha!


Hey be careful chickles. :D



Ha ha ha ha Jillygirl, that pic was super dooper gal, erm now then, do i ask you a question Chickles, or do i take the pi--- erm micky first erm, am not too sure about you, cus i might just get a clout around the earole :o :(

What does alliteration mean then ?? :o

Hmmmm i think maybe that hair do you have is a bit out of it :P but it looks like you have a nice pear of pins gal :D :D rite am gona scarper, whoooooooosh


Ha Jilly, that proper made me chuckle!


Well Pete, You can take the mickey if you want chuck, I don't mind, as long as you don't mind getting some back :)

Alliteration, in a nutshell, is where all or most words in a sentence or phrase start with the same letter, for example, 'Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers'.

You scaredy cat running off...or have you gone to check your peck...of pickled peppers :)


Oy flippin Chickles, am no scaredy cat, just dont liked being bashed, thats all :( :( and as for the pickled peppers that pete picked, he didnt :D :D :D :P


Jillygirl, you've done it again gal, just love the pics :D :D

Jillygirl, were you truly waftered down from ''paradise'' to meet me :) :)

Core yeah, snog hug snog hug :P :D


You behave yourself or I'll have to tell 'er indoors! :D :D


You flippin wouldnt, you tell tale you :P :D


Evening all. :)

Where did that word appear from then Pete? (alliteration Dumbo before you write any other daft word :o )

I see everyone's been having a super dooper day which is just super dooper! :) :)


Chickles, great that you've got to 10 weeks now. :)

Pete, so glad that your readings are going down - don't suppose they'll get much lower now though. :)

Jilly, always finding those appropriate pics for everyone - keep up the good work. :)

The sun did come out here eventually but I didn't have a chance to go out and enjoy it today. After shopping had to catch up on a few chores so didn't get the foot up as much as I'd have liked. Would have been good to do a bit of gardening like you did Chick. :)


Ha ha ha ha, you gardening gal, there's more chance of you ironing your knicks :D :D


Did do my ironing earlier in the week - was about time - I was running out of tshirts. Not sure why I'd want to iron my knicks though. :o I need to do some digging in the garden but can't do that as I use my right foot for digging. :(


Well Andi learn to use your left foot then :D or perhaps not cus i dont think you like gardening somehow, as you said you wouldnt iron your knicks :o !! erm just forget it, its easier :D :)

As for that big word, i didnt say it :o :|


Yeah but if I used my left foot I'd be standing on my right foot and I can't do that can I?


Ya can flippin walk cant ya :D :D

What you need Andi is a strapping young gardener to do it for you, just call this number 00000000000000 and i will be there :D :D


0000000000000 Hang on a minute .................... didn't you say young? :o Doesn't matter - so long as you can dig, that's the main thing! :D :D


Andi as it happens i love digging, its very good exercise, as in all your body is moving, which means so are your muscles, and burning that fat off :) :)


I dunno why you think I don't like digging. Digging's fine, it's when you have to keep bending over pulling out the weeds and roots and does your back in that I'm not quite so keen on. It's just that with my ankle being a bit poorly at the moment not even sure I'd be able to get my wellies on at the moment. I'd love to be able to do something to burn that fat off. :o :D


:D :D :D :D


Ha ha ha ha love it Jillygirl, but just one little thing, erm i think its the wrong leg :D :D :P


I thought that too but I didn't like to say anything.


I was looking through a mirror!


Going to sign off now. So have a good night and sleep well everybody. loves ya all.

Dont forget to put your smiley sunday heads on tomorrow. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)


Nite nite Jilly, hope get a good night - try and dream about all those smileys. xxx :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Jillygirl luvs ya gal, really doo, keep happy, and stay on the road your on gal, just luvs ya ta bits gal, a do, i will try to remember its smiley Sunday on Sunday, erm when exactly is that :o :o

Nite nite Jillygirl, a luvs ya so much gal :) :) xxxxxx :)


Hey Jillygirl, are you ready for bed then ?! :o



That's how I'm feeling Pete so I'm off too. Hope you sleep well too and enjoy a nice long lie-in cos you deserve it mate! Nite nite xx :)


Hey there Andi, am with you gal, well erm am not really with you, as in - dont go there Pete :o

Good night Andi, luv ya gal, you take care, speak tomorrow :) :) :) :) :) :)


Jilly, those pics were fab! So Pete where's the peppers??

Hey Andi, thank you for your kind words...I hope that your ankle is on the mend. remember RICE, Rest Ice Compression and Elevation....

Sorry to have missed you Jilly...nighty night and sweet dreams...

So then Andi, where are you going to find a young strapping lad to dig your garden....I know Pete offered but I think he might be a tad delusional....:)

Skips off smiling sweetly


Good nightly to you all, well done for getting through yet another day of being smoke free :D

You have all properly entertained me today! I think that you are amazing folks and love the way you are all showing support for each other.

Together, we really can do this :-)



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