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DAILY CHAT / SATURDAY / 11/08/2012

DAILY CHAT  / SATURDAY  /  11/08/2012

Good morning.

How is everyone today?

Weather wise its just a misty grey day here in yorkshire , hopefully it will clear.

Going out for tea today with family (Berties mum and dad) . So will look forward to that.

I was thinking how I used to have as many ciggys as possible before they came to collect us. Then sit there thinking I need a cig and make up an excuse to go out.

Its so nice to sit there and not even think about smoking. I am sure you all know what I mean.

So everyone stay positive and focused. and most of all have a lovely smokefree day.

See you in a while. :)

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Good morning Jillygirl, just lovely and cool at the moment here, but it gives sun later 8-) 8-)

Know what you mean about the ciggie thing, cus if you couldnt have one you just wanted one even more and more !!

Rite i'm off shopping, see you in a bit :) :)


Good morning early bird. Just waiting for hubby to finish brekky then we are off shopping too. see you later. :) :)


Morning Jillygirl and Pete the weather is great here so gonna go to St Andrews today, could do with a day off :D know what you mean about the smoking Jillygirl , that used to be me as well once upon a time, hope you both enjoy your shopping, have a great smoke free day :) will be on later :) xx


Good morning all you early birds - see how this weather affects us all? Great isn't it!! :)

Got back from my run 1/2 hour ago. Decided to do the Head this morning - with this weather it would be rude not to! :D :D Also decided not to go to the beach today as am going out for afternoon tea in a hotel and really need to attempt to do something at home! :o The tea is in aid of a sort of hen party for my friend who got married earlier this year.

Enjoy your shopping and whatever you decide to do today. Most of all, enjoy the weather (while we still have it :o ) and keep kicking those piggies outa that door! :) :)


Morning Sue and andi, Done shopping. still bit cloudy here but very humid. hope its not going to be a thundery day. Just going to hang washing out and keep my fingers crossed.

Just saw the most beautiful young girl prob about 18 really smartly dressed beautiful looking , I just said to my hubby isnt she lovely , then you guessed it she lit a ciggy up. what a shame. :( I suppose we were all the same.at that age. If only people knew what it can do to your health and looks, and the smell of stale tobacco.

I never thought I would be writing like this 5 months ago. Its amazing how your brain works isnt it. ( thats if youve got one unlike me :D )

catch up later. xx


Hahaha! :|


Aup Jillygirl, am sure you've got a brain !! :o not quite sure where though :D :D


thanks Pete , its probably keeping yoours company wherever that is. :D :D

You enjoy your day whatever your up to. :)


Typical flippin answer from a Woman, its like when a bloke asks a woman a question, - what reply do we get !! yeah you girls answer us with a question :P :P

What i think it is, is that you are just all drippppyyy :D :D

best scrammmmmm :P :P


takes one to recognise one.! :P


Morning Andi,

A day out on the beach yesterday, afternoon tea at a hotel today, you are a busy little bee, but cant fault you gal, you enjoy it cus you deserve it gal :) :)


So what's your plan for today now the shopping's done?


Hey Andi :)

Yep done shopping, have cooked dins for today, now getting salad ready for tomoz, cus my sisters & brother are coming for tea, gosh am i looking forward to that, :P :o as in being nagged at, no i dont really mean that, they are only thinking of me !! :o well thats what they say :D :D but luvem ta bits, a doooo :) :)

Just hope that i havnt forgot anything, cus i will soon know if i have, i tell you!!!!

Wish i could just get up and go somewhere, but too many chores to do !!!! :( :(

Andi i do hope you enjoy your tea gal, why not try a little tipple while your at it, you never know it might be easier than you think :) :)

Speak later, got to do the lawns now :( :(


Hiya, just got back. It was very nice and we had Pimms with our tea. Nice garden on the cliff top. 3 weddings going on there today - boy were those people lucky considering the rest of our summer this year! :D :D Yes, 8 middle aged women sat round a table - you can imagine when some of the stronger-charactered ones got going. :o :o

I think you'll be in your element when your family come round tomorrow, just don't overdo the amber nectar and lead your neice astray! :o :D

See you later. :)


Hi andi sounds like youv`e had a good day. You had better weather than us up here. Its been very humid but too much cloud to let the sun through, but it didnt thunder.

Went for our tea at my daughters, and let my grandaughter show me all her holiday photos. Just going to have a word with Pete then calling it a day. have a lovely day tomoz. :) xx


Hi Andi, sounds like you had a nice time gal, pimms as well, :o :o

As for 8 Women around a table, i can just imagine the conversation, him-in-doors dont do nothing, mines the same, just a couch potato, mine leaves a mess every were he goes, CORE look at the a--e on that waiter :D :D

Am just a bit foxed about the strong-charactered ones, cus i am sure that you are not :D :D :P :P

And i assure you that i will not lead my Niece astray, that is if she comes ??

Because she has a mind of her own, :o :| i tell you :D


Hi Pete, well I hope youve made your salad and done all your jobs for tomorrow.

I bet they spoil you to bits, or is it the other way round. Anyway have a super day tomorrow. going to sign off now. luv ya. xx :)


Hi Sue, sorry missed you this morning. Hope youve had a good day .

Think Pete and I have been too occupied to do our comedy act . But will make up for it dont worry. Will chat tomorrow, see you later and enjoy the rest of your day. :) xx


Nite nite Jilly. :)


Just watched Mo get the gold again - brilliant! :) Feeling quite tired myself so also signing off and hopefully will manage a bit of a lie in tomorrow! :)

Nite nite and sleep well everyone. :)


Nite nite, Andi, Jillygirl, Sue, and everybody, luv ya all, cus i wouldnt have been able to get this far without you, :) :) xxxx

Rite time for me to go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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