TUESDAY - DAILY CHAT - 13/05/2014

TUESDAY - DAILY CHAT - 13/05/2014

Well Good Morning Everybody

Well hopefully here is another quackers picture for everyone - I hope it makes you smile :)

I've spent so much time attempting to attach it that in the process I've lost what I had said - so I've run out of time now and have to get ready for work!

But I hope you all have a wonderful and sunny and happy smoke free day and your world doesn't go too quackers!!

Love Chrissie xxx

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  • Morning all,

    Love the picture :)

    Hope you all have a fab day x

  • Good Morning All, just a quick hello before I leave for work. I have meeting's first couple of hours but will be on around lunch time.

    I did pop a 'hello' up on daily chat yesterday but our computers seemed to be really slow in the office and when I checked, my post didn't even make it :-(

    Just to let you all know, I'll be away from my PC all of Thursday this week, so won't be on until Thursday evening and then on Friday I am away from the office delivering training so probably won't be around until Friday evening. Other than that, I should be able to dip in and out as usual throughout the day :-/ :-)

    If anybody needs me, and I seem to have missed a post - please don't be shy in giving me a nudge from any nodding off - JillyGirl usually gives me a poke with a big stick ;-) :D :D

    Right, time to leave - I'll pop the kettle on as soon as I come back :-)

  • Hope you are fully recovered Emjay, take it easy, pace yourself, as my good friend always says. Sounds like another busy week!

  • Hi Emjay, its lovely to see you gal :) :)

    I suspect you have your pjs on now having a well earned rest :) and I hope your keeping your tutsies warm, cos its gone flippin cold down here tonight :(

    Just want you to know that I love ya ta bits gal, cos you work soooo hard, not just on here, but in the background too, behind the scenery, helping people like me to get to where we want to be, and that is SMOKE FREE :) :)

    Am sending you some massive, big, gigantic '' THANK YOU '' huggs :) :) :) so if you dont want em, you'd best keep your doors and windows closed, cos there's loads of em gal :)

    You take care now, and keep warm eh :) :) xx

  • ;-) :D :D

  • Good Morning Chrissie, Pinkie and all :)

    Lovely picture, thanks Chrissie :)

    Enjoy your day everyone :

    Emjay I hope you're feeling better now :)

    Remember - smoke free is the best way to be :) x

  • Afternoon All :-)

    The kettle is on if anybody fancies a brew :D

  • Hi Emjay

    I'll have tea if it's going. No sugar for me I'm on a diet.

    By the way can I have my 3 month badge :)

  • Huge congratulations Teric, 3 months is FANTASTIC, well done :) i.imgur.com/D4DXXzl.gif

  • Hey Teric, congratulations and a huge well done to you!

    Your badge is just winging it's way over to you with a fresh cup of no-sugared tea ;-)

  • Hi Teric

    Really great! 3 months! Inspiring, it really is - and I am hoping to follow in your footsteps.

    I had a tougher day today, don't know why. Maybe due to being awake most of the night? yes, that'll do it. Pretty bad tempered and irritable, fortunately with the time available to go for a very long, wet, muddy walk. Oh the joys :)

    Glorious sunshine now, hoping you are all getting some. Have a good evening all, soak in the sunshine :) x

  • Hi Betts, I have NO doubt you will follow in Terics footsteps coz you're doing brilliant :) some days are just tougher than others but I guess that's life in general :D Far better to face them as a non smoker :) onwards and upwards :) x

  • Thanks guys.

    It's actually 3 and a bit months, just wanted a badge............

    Still go through spells like something is missing but I am now trying to watch what I eat which takes my mind off smoking.

    I'd say it gets easier, but every time I say that I end up going through a rough patch. So I'm not saying it, really I'm not.


    Hey I've got a badge, yippee!!!

  • Wayyyyyyy Hayyyyyyy Teric, that badge really suits you :) :)

    Congratulations to reaching 3 Months ''Plus'' quit :) :) I hope you feel sooooooo proud of yourself, cos I dooooo, A massive big well done to you :) :)

    Ha ha ha I know what you mean when you say, it's easy now !! then the flippin next day, that mr nic is hanging around your neck all day eh :D :D

    You stay happy Teric, see's ya soon :) Pete :)

  • That badge sure does look good on you :)

    Yep, I think we all have ups and downs, and that's when we get reminded of them!

    Briar, I was trying to make out I never usually got bad tempered :D BUT you are so right. Bad tempered can be whether you smoke or you dont, and I am SO pleased that I DON'T :) Just not going yo anymore, ever.

    You are so supportive, thank you xx

  • Hi Betts. The bad mood probably has a lot to do with the weather. That's why I've not been on here. They say if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. So have been sat with a plaster over my mouth for days now due to skanking rubbish, raining stupid weather. Very brave of you I have to say, to go out walking in rain and mud. We nearly went out on our bikes this afternoon. So glad we didn't because we would have been battered to death by hail stones and massive bouncing down rain. Washed all the flaming grass seed away this afternoon that we planted last night.

    I feel better for that huge moan about the weather, have been saving it up for days. I know you will understand because you live, probably under the same rain cloud :(

  • Hi sin! You let it out, I'm glad you came and got it off your chest, cos it's good to know it's not just me :[ It's been raining stairrods here too. Cowpats that never dry :( Slugs the size of snakes :( So sorry about your grass seed.

    The good news :) - It will be a paradise There In your garden in no time now so, remember that, and all this will be forgotten Youll be 8-)

    Get that tape off your mouth, sin, I just love to hear you :)

    Hope you can get some decent dry cycling in tomorrow x

  • Hey Betts, thats the way to feel and go gal :) :)

    Am with you all the way on that one :) :)

  • Good evening everybody :) :) sorry am late, got held up at work again :(

    Chrissie dearest, just love the pic gal :D :D ermmm, I hope you wernt late for work !! erm, it wasnt my fault :o

    I can feel some sort of punishment coming on here, But I will take it like a man seeeeee so you chuck want you want at me :) :)

    Hmmmmm, anybody got a good flippin hiding place :o :D :D

  • Chrissie will send you to live round here as punishment. Amongst the rain, the hail, the cold and a garden full of slugs eating your bestest plants :( Hi Pete, I don't know second day back and you're staying behind already. :(

  • Aup Sinfree, I hope your well and loving life gal :) :)

    Yeah, they still havnt sorted this new flippin computer system out at work yet :X I thought it would be all sorted and dusted by the time I got back to work :) how wrong was I :o :o

    Hey, its not Chrissie that needs punishing, its me gal :o :D :D

  • I'm OK thanks, will love life a whole lot more if it would stop raining. It's been at it a week now. I know it's not Chrissie, that's what I said, she will send you round here to the wetlands of the North :D Well that's not good with the computer is it? What've they been doing this past week, sat around drinking tea I shouldn't wonder.

  • Oy Sinfree, we've got enough flippin wet around here thank you :o :D so thats not really a punishment for me eh :|

    As for the IT flippin people :o yeah, your probably right, BUT what makes it worse is, the only contact I have with them, is through the flippin computer !! they wont talk on the phone !! But apparently, I've made such a stink today, that 2 of them are coming over tomorrow, so I will see what that brings eh :o :|

  • Ooooh look at that new face you've made :X now that's one I could make very good use of :D How do you know how to do them?

  • Good Evening all, yes please tell us Monky I want to use that one, I do I do :-(

  • Me too!


  • Ha ha ha just flippin love it galllllllllllll :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • I'll try this >:(

  • Come on Sin, tell us how to make the red face pleeeeeeeese :-@

  • I'm just NOT going to bed till ya tell me :O

  • :X trying this...

  • Yipppppppppeeeeeeeeee

  • You flippin lot are something else, I tell ya, but a luvs ya a do :) :)

    If you hover your mouse pointer over the smilies, you will see how there made :)

    Mr angry is : and then X and when you put them together :X :) :)

  • Way hay!!!!

  • Oh no I got no mouse :X

  • :D

    Going to bed with a smile on my face

    Thanks all x

  • I can't believe I'm so happy to get this - it says a lot about a grown woman's suffering :X I put it all down to years of smoking affecting my brain :X

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Well, got to go now, cos my beds calling me :o :D

    Thank you Betts and Briarwood for cheering me up :) :) xx

    I hope you all have a lovely cosy nights sleep :) :) Sweet dream hugs on their way to you :) :)

  • Night monky :) x

  • Tried a few there that didn't work..... So I'll stick with this


    Need my bed :*

    Wishing you all a lovely night's sleep and sweet dreams x

  • Did you just mean to send nothing Betts coz you had nothing to say or are you also affected by my complaint : D

  • That's just perfick :) :)


  • Haha you just hover your mouse over the face and it tells you how. But for tablets and phones with no mouse, doh I've forgot now and I've turned my PC off. It involves an X, I think the other may be a colon like this :X

  • So that's what Briar meant!

    Night sin, dream sunbathing :) x

  • I just did but it didn't send the reply. Have turned my laptop off now so am trying to do it on my phone, it's a colon and a capital X I think :X

  • Night, my messages seem a bit delayed, they've probs gone rusty, night night :X

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