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Daily Chat: Tuesday 24th June 2014

Good evening everyone. :o Better late than never. ;-)

I hope everyone's still managing okay and not having any slip-ups.

It's still hot out there on the south coast 8-) - no complaints please, winter's long enough. It's just great having these lovely long days and being able to be out in the lovely fesh air, even all those of you who have to go to work every day.

I've had a message from Pete about our lovely Jilly. She's on the mend now and will soon be about and champing at the bit to come back on here and help keep you all in order with all her wise words. Good vibes still coming your way Jilly and hope your recovery doesn't take too much longer. We all miss you. :)

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Hi sue

It's been a lovely day here in Essex until I left work, just poured down and I got soaked just getting to the car park lol

That's great news about Jilly have really missed her words of wisdom.

Have a lovely evening everyone (what's left of it)



Fantastic news about Jillygirl,, I was the same Bethayne it abosoltely bucket'd downaround 4.30 just as I had to go out,, was gorgeous apart from that :)


Bethjayne,,,,, I have a proper block with your name and constantly write it wrong even though I say it right in my head haha sorry lol :D


Haha don't you worry I answer to anything Flasher oops


:D :D :D


Thank you ever so much Andi for posting how Jillygirl was getting on, cos I knew when I got on here, everybody would have gone to bed :o

Thank you again :) :)


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