Good morning everyone,

Yet another weekend and another week to tick off the quitting calendar.

You are all doing brilliant , and its good to see you all helping and supporting each other.

Mich and Betts have new badges today, I think when monky has finished his breakfast they will be delivered.


Anyone due a new badge, please let me or Pete know . (got to get Pete busy :D )

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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  • 8 months for me today. Pete will be busy.

  • Hi KC, congratulations on reaching 8 months . Thats fantastic. Badge ordered . May have to wait a bit as HU

    is playing up. May be too many badge requests. :D

  • Good Morning all,

    Loves the image Jilly..soooooooo cute :) :) such a cute kitty cat. Monky looks pretty cute too :D :D

    Hopes everyone has a fantastic Saturday. stress free and craving free.

  • Whoa KC, 8 months? FANDABIDOSIE that's fantastic achievement :)

  • Seeing its the weekend here is a treat for all you lovely people.

    Hurry up before Monky sees them . :D :D


  • To wash it down with


  • I havent seen Briarwood about for the last couple of days.. Is she ok??

  • Good morning all :)

    Super picture Jilly!

    Massive congrats Mich and KC, - and me too! Whoohoo! Taking the high road and getting to the top of the next mountain, swell with thanks to you all, I couldn't do it without you :* That's a big kiss,...

  • A huge congratulations on your shiny new badge Betts :) :) Fantastic effort

    Pic of bike exactly the same as ours


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