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Welcome home Andi22, weve all missed you !?

Welcome home Andi22, weve all missed you  !?

A big big welcome home Andi, we hope you had the time of your life out there gal :) :)

Oy just wondered were my post cards got to ?? :P am sure i didnt get one :( huh flippin typical Woman, not bothered what goes off here, just look after yourself :P :P :D :D

Am not bothered, am not :) :(

I will have you know that i've been a good boy while you've been gone, and dont listen to all that gossip, thats been on here :o :|

Will speak soon gal, if you can stop yawning :D :D

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Welcome home Andi :) :)

bet you had a fantastic time :) and Pete's been great, honest :D :|

will speak soon :) xx


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