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E-cig Clearomisers !!

AL ermmm, ermmm, Pinkiezoom, I'm so sorry to disturb you gal, cos I know your very, very, very busy :P :D :D

My clearomisers/atomoisers, have split and are leaking, just been online to where I usually buy from, but they are about £5.00 each :o

I'm sure you said a bit a go now, that you could get them cheaper from somewhere :) but my 1 brain cell just cant remember where you said :o Its not my fault, its an old boy thing seeeee :| :D :D

I hope your well and staying strong and focused Al, your looking as pretty as ever and Hay, havnt you lost some weight gal :) :) xx

Pete :)

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Hello, probs too late now you'll have gone off up that wooden hill of yours but anyway, there's a website called go4smoke where I got mine from as recommended by...........doh, you see my brain cells are seizing up now too, umm thingy, is it Ray?? Anyway, they're really good and if you order before 11.00am they send them out same day. The only reason I haven't bought any recently is cos I thought the postage was a bit dear so I paid a fiver for my last one from a local shop, which I haven't actually used yet so don't know what its like.

Y'know a fivers not bad really, they last a damn sight longer than a pack of 20 and they're like £7 now.

Was ebay btw Pete - where Al got hers from I seem to recall.

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Hi Sin

Hope you are well. Yeah it was ebay i got mine, and their p&p is free if you shop about x


Hi Monky i just use ebay and i get 10 for about 10 quid, just type in ecig in the search and it brings them up. I go multi coloured so i can remember what flavours are in each cig lol!

They may have split because you are screwing the top in too tight hun, also if you look on youtube it shows you how to wash them out once they start tasting ropey and use them again! this saves a fortune x


Good morning Al, I'm fine thank you, getting excited for the brief heatwave we've been promised (beautiful morning today). One of my ckearomisers split but couldn't remember why. I remember now you've mentioned it, hubby filled it for me and screwed it on too tight. Only needs to be finger tight Pete, monkey wrench not required :D


Lol @monky wrench :)

glad you are ok, i am stuck in work during this lovely weather which is typical, so no tan for me :( ah well will just have to go away for a couple of weeks when i can :)



Ah that's a shame, you'll have to have an extended lunch hour and sit outside.


OY flippin Sinfree, you calling me an old spanner :P :D :D


Hi Pete. Try go4smoke.com

Hope you're well.



Hello Ray. I guessed right then - see above post, I recommended go4smoke too :) Hope you are well too :)


Hi sinfree. I saw it but had to dash,thanks. I'm ok ish and happily vaping. Changed to Vegas flavour now. A bit smoother than tobacco but ok. I hate change but will persevere. I hope all is well with you.



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