Congratulations Andi22

Congratulations Andi22

Andi, just sooooooper doooooooper gal, A BIG congratulations to you - 4 whole Months smoke free :) :) I just cant believe it gal, but you do know that we are classed as old friends now, cus i've known you for 4 months :D :D rite am out a here before she wakes up :o

Wait till Jillygirl gets back she will have something to say :o :)

Pete :) :)

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  • Good aaaaafternoooon! Cooooooooooor, whaaaaaaaaaaaat's haaaaaaaaapppppening wiiiith myyyyyyyyyy tyyyyyyypiiiiiiiing!

    Thanks very much for that old bean! Gosh, fancy that, knowing some of you lot that long! :) Isn't this internet thing amazing! :) (at times! :o ) :D :D

    ps I want to do the same for you - one day! Hahaha!!! :D :D

  • Andi -- i think you've got the stutterssssssssssssssssssss gal, i think it must be our age group :o ;) :D eh

    You can laugh, but i tell you now, i will get to the big 4 month, just hope you and Jillygirl are still around to help me :o :( i thank you for all the support that you have given me :) :) Luv ya ta bits gal, a do :) :)

  • Hey Andi.... Well done on making it alive, safe and well to your 4th month of being smoke free :D yaye!! Can you believe that you are now into your 5th month?!! Amazing :-)

    I knew you could do and am really, really proud of you too :D

  • Fantastic, hope you feel proud of yourself and see this as such a positive achievement. Well Done Andi ;)

  • Woooooooooohhhhoooooooooooo

    Congratulations Andi ... Big well done for reaching 4 months.. You must be feeling sooooooooooooo proud and so you should. Gives us ones behind you something to aspire to..

    :) :) :)

  • 4 months and kicking bottom- well done my friend, big hugs and congratulations xxx :)

  • congratualtions Andi, you've done brilliantly. Hoping I can get there to

  • Congratulations Andi. I am just gonna say this with no smilies, no sticky fingers on vowels. Not a pimpled teenager anymore. By the way, Good job, Stay here, Keep it going.

  • Hi Jai and thank-you, you un-pimpled teenager! :) Why don't you came and join in too? (You don't need to do smilies if you don't want to - honest! :D :D )

  • CONGRATULATIONS ANDI, Your a star 8-)

  • Thanks Claire, not seen you so much lately. :)

  • Oh, Thanks Andi, This is my story. My mate had a heart attack, a week ago, at 39. Can you believe it, we started on the fags together. My mate has been a smoker for 20 years, me 17 years, Having previously quit for 3 years. My Dad has been a tobacco (chewing) user for as long as I know and at 72 he had breathing difficulty, today he had By-pass surgery. I am scared, absolutely terrified. I have not been smoking for 20 days now, started with a little help from zyban, but today when my Dad went into Surgery I was so anxious I wanted to light up. I dunno, I am still clean but worried about my Dad. In a previous life, I would have been a chimney now. Now I am just trying not to think .....

    That is a scare for you fellas !!!

  • Hi Jai__ , :) i'm sorry for smiling Jai but Andi is a Lady :)

    Jai your doing so so well, just wondered if you try some gum or the lozenges, it may just help you through this hard time.

    Have a read at some of the blogs and questions on here, and keep your mind occupied :) come and have a chat with us !! the people on here are really lovely and helpfull, and as Andi says you dont need to do the smillies !!

    Perhaps see you in a bit then Jai !!

    Pete :)

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