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Daily chat Saturday 4th May 2013

Daily chat Saturday 4th May 2013

A very good morning to you all :) :)

Firstly I would like to congratulate our Sue on becoming a '' GRANNY '' Hoorayyyyyyy just super flippin dooper gal :) please give our hugs and best wishes to mum,dad and to little Nairn :) :)

I bet your jumping over the moon arnt you, erm GrannySue :| ;) we are all so so happy for you Sue, see ya later gal :) :)

Lisa-Jane, a massive well done to you to getting to very nearly a year quit gal :) hmmm just wondering if you've been trampled by your pouches lately :o :D :D

Buddyboo, a big big well done to you too gal, for getting to 3 whole months quit, your doing just fine, you stick with it :) :)

Piglet98, a big welcome to this lovely quit site :) and a massive well done to you for getting to 6 weeks quit :) :) there is loads of friendly and helpful advice on here, so please stay with us eh :) :)

Em11, a big warm welcome to you too gal, day 2 now :) and congratulations on being erm, in the family way too :) :) as I 've said to Piglet98, there is loads of support on this lovely site, so if you have a question, you just ask gal :o :)

I hope everybody has a lovely smokefree day :) and try to keep busy, it takes your mind off you know what :o :) enjoy your day :) :) speak soon.

Pete :)

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Good morning Pete and everyone,

I love your pic Pete, it's beautiful :) A big thank you to you and everyone else for all your kind words and congratulations :)

The weather is sunny here today, to match my mood :) makes a nice change from the monsoon rain yesterday, our weather is going nuts :o :D I hope you all have great weather too :)

I'm going to have to catch up with everything on here, a big well done to everyone and welcome to the new people on this wonderful site, you've come to the right place, like Pete said, come join us on the daily chat :)

Hope you all have a great smoke free day :) xx


A very special ~Good Morning~ to Grandma Sue Don't those words have a lovely ring to them ! Wonderful - beautiful memories that last forever come from days like today. Enjoy every second Sue!

Hiya Pete - not heard from you for a couple of days or is it that you were that quick I just missed you? How's it going - see you're about bright and early again so hope that's a good sign that everything is OK.

Been raining here this am but seems that the blue sky is in the distance at the moment - hoping for a bit of wind to blow overhead sooner rather than later.

Going food shopping shortly so will catch you all later.

Whatever you do today hope its stress free!

Together we can and are doing this.

Luv and hug



Good morning Pete, Granny Sue and everyone,

Lots of excitement yesterday, but what a lovely outcome with baby Nairn. Cant wait for the photos.

keep thinking positive everyone, like Pete has said this is the site for help and support and most of all friendliness.

Off for a cuppa now. catch up soon. :) xx


Morning all!

Just wrote loads and lost it !! :(

Basically, congrats, welcome, bit rainy, early start monky!!, great photo, lovely to be up with you all :), anyone for a cuppa? :) and have a lovely smokefree day :)

More later when my fingers have recovered (it isn't that easy on my Blackberry, but I love it :) )

Now Cuppa !! :)


Morning all 8-)

Have a great day GrannySue :-) Can't wait to see a photie :D :-)

Kath Hope the foodie shop went ok. :-) The weather here is beautiful with 23oC forcast for Monday Woo Hoo....horray 8-) 8-) :D :D 8-) 8-)

Gonna put the kettle on and thought I'd share croissants if anyone is interested :-) and yes John a special cake just for you.....a non-sharing one!!. Hope Amor and Vida are well too?

Pete I hope you are well after such a busy week? :-) Do you get theweekend off? If you go I hope you can relax, potter about and have a tinnie (cannie) or two :D

Have a great smoke free day y'all

Sue xx


Sorry John, you missed it - should have got up earlier! :D :D



:P :P :D :D :D


Hi everyone,

I hope your weather improves Kath and that sun comes out :), hope you don't spend all your money on your food shop like I do :D :D :)

I'm off to have breakfast now, now that I've wakened up properly :D :)

Have a wonderful day everyone :) xx


Hi John, I'm gonna need lots of energy now :D :)

Is Amor not better yet, I thought the vet would have got to the bottom of whats wrong by now.

I hope you have a lovely day :)


Thanks Bunny Sue, I'd love to join you for the croissant :)

glad to hear you have the sunshine :), make sure you soak in some of that vitamin D for the rest of us - still waiting here, it is sure to be on the way, with high temps forecast here too by Monday, 19 I think :)

Hope you can catch up on some rest, Pete, over the long Bank hol weekend :)

Buy anything nice, Kath?



Couldn't resist a beautiful vanilla slice made by the local farm shop - extremely, and I do mean extremely, naughty but ohh ever so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May put a pic up with my blog later just so that you can all drool!!!! Not often I won't share but on this occasion not enough to go round everyone so will keep it all to myself.

Sorry friends but can't show favourtism by giving to one or two and not others.

Have a nice smoke free day everyone whatever your weather - still dull and cloudy here unfortunately but never mind car cleaning ready for Monday and a show and what should be a good day both weather wise and visitor numbers.

Catch you all later.



Good morning everyone, busy on here already - I don't think anyone wants to waste their valuable Bank Holiday time. :) I guess Pete'll still be in bed though due to the lateness of him getting into it. :o

The sun was shining here at 6 o'clock but had gone in by half past and it's been raining off and on since about 8 :( - supposed to clear up this afternoon though. :) 8-)

Enjoy your free time and don't work too hard. :)


What sort of cake would you like John ?? :o


Morning everybody :) just got up :o I was a bit late finishing work last night/this morning :P :P

I hope everybody is well and you all have a lovely day :) :)

Aup Andi, yeah we got rain too :( but it is brightening up now :) 8-) mind you we did need some rain to damp the dust down a bit :)

Rite am off to get a cuppa, and yes Andi a Cuppa :P :D


Should hope so too at this time of the morning! :o :D :D

Does that mean that you got out of shopping today then? :|


Have done mi shopping, erm online, so just waiting for it to come :) :) lazy or what eh :o :|

Hey what was up with your new bike then gal ??


Didn't like it. :P :o :D :D


Hello Monky Monky Pete and everyone!! Beautiful windy but sunny day down in The Gower, managed to escape in the van for the weekend. Other half gone to purchase an electrical cable (oooops I forgot to pack) so he can have his morning coffee! Gone hour and half, either he's lost or vans broken down!!

So managed to stick with this non smoking lark, 11 weeks I think, come Monday! Struggling somewhat today, missing that cuppa and ciggie whilst sitting in the sun! Still using NRT so maybe its the caffeine I'm craving!! Soon forget once we hit the coastal path for that afternoon hike..

Anyway hoping everyone has a super day and Bank hols weekend :-)


Aup BellabellabellabellaSuze :)

Thats magic gal, nearly 11 weeks quit :) whoooopy flippin dooooopy to you Suze, you stick in there erm maybe try one of Emjay's breathing exercises :)

Enjoy your hike :o :) :) speak soon.


JC, here's a little something for you :)

As you can see I've taste tested it for you, mmmm yum :P flippin yum :P :) :) maybe it will last you a couple of hours eh :o :| :D


Some of the others may help you with the smarties :)


Woo Hoo... the sun is back 8-) after disappearing for about another half hour. :-o One of my girl friends has rung so we are off out to lunch at a restaurant that over looks the Thames and has a beautiful balcony....happy days and she is a non smoker...even better :D :D

Have fun all chat later :-)

Sue xx


I hope you have a lovely day Sue :) xx


I've had some cake, yummy yummy :D :D was gonna have a cuppa with it but the 8 pints of milk i had yesterday seems to have vanished :o :D :D


Hi ya grannysue :) :)

Am glad you got some cake before JC gets it all :) hmmmmm now then milk :o I will send you some Sue :) :D :D



:D :D :D brilliant pic Pete :D think i must have a secret milk nabber :D :D :D


Here you are Granny Sue, some cake just for you.



Aww you can't eat that!

:) :O

Can you???



I'll nbble the toes first :)


Aww that's sooooooo cute Jillygirl, too cute to eat, i'm gonna keep that one :) xx


Hello all,

I hope everyone has a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend. It's a bit cooler here in NE London at the moment but I don't really mind. I appreciate the time off from work, whatever the weather.

I'm going to continue cleaning paintwork in preparation for the decorating I want to do.

Enjoy the rest of the day



Hi Sally

It feels good to get a few jobs done :) and have plans for decorating - getting things fresh for this spring\summer that's finally here :)

You have a great day too, don't work too hard!



Thanks Betts. You have a great day too.



Thanks jillygirl.



Oh jillygirl!

These look scrumptious :)

Thank you :)


Just found this - Jillygirl you are really spoiling me now - a whole cake just for me but I did share it with my other half we had a slice apiece after our tea and it was absolutely scrumptious! Thank you from us both.


Thank Jillygirl, i'll eat that one :)

i'm off to the hospital soon so I'll see you all when i get back, have a lovely afternoon everyone :) xx


Gosh, what a lot of busy bright folk on here today... I can't keep up!

Congratulations Sue - to you and your family. I love the name.

Well, nice to see new folks here - the more the merrier. Building work starts again Monday, so going to enjoy a sleepy weekend while I get the chance. If you hear loud Z z z's ... It'll just be me.

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone,

Gill, x


Hi everyone,

Just back from the hospital, got more pics, can't post just now as i'm on my phone, my internet is not working.

I hope you all had a great day, i'm away to have a cuppa if anyone wants one, or a coffee, I'm parched :) xx


Would love a cup of tea please Sue. That's the problem with hospitals - if its hot outside its always hotter inside so no wonder you're thirsty. Worth it though I bet?

Milk but no sugar thank you.

Hug :)


Hi Kath, I know what you mean, hospitals are way to hot, and maternity is even worse :o Sam is still in the labour Suite so i was lucky to see her :) x


Evening all. Everyone seems so happy today and that's all down to the new arrival. Think you need to put your feet up now Sue, you must be exhausted. :)

All those lovely cakes Jilly - you were busy! I think mine should have gone to Sin cos she's the real cyclist round here. (Oh, Pete might be another one, but only in his dreams. :o )

The sun came back out this afternoon so I went off visiting instead of doing stuff at home - it'll still be there tomorrow. ;-) :D :D


Hi Andi, hope you had a great day, visiting is always better than housework, there's always tomorrow for that :)

my feet are up now, one hospital visit and i'm wiped out, oh to be young again :D :D :) xx


Hi Sue , Bet your still on :-


Put your feet up and relax now. :) xxx


Hi Jillygirl,

I think it will be a while before i come down from there especially now that Sam is okay, she's not on a ward yet though, they want to monitor her tonight.

I hope you had a nice relaxing day :) xx


Going to sign off now. Off for my bath. then its telly time. :)

Before I go Here`s to baby Nairn.


Cheers. :) :) :) xxx


Nite nite Jillygirl, so sorry i missed you, have just got in :o :) take care now, enjoy your bath :) and I hope you get a lovely nights sleep, with plenty of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in it :) :D :D

Speak tomorrow :) xxxx


I'll drink to that, cheers :)

Thanks Jillygirl, nite nite, sweet dreams,

Love and hugs :) xxxxx


Well folks been a beautiful, even if only from dinner time here, day and all that fresh air has made be yawn rather a lot so cuppa and then bed ready for more polishing and cleaning of the car tomorrow in preparation for Monday's show.

Hope everyone else has had a good day doing things that have been enjoyable and not too tiring so will say goodnight and pleasant dreams all.

Catch you tomorrow at some point.

Night night

Luv and hug




Nite nite Kath, I hope you've had a lovely day, I bet that car is gleeeeeeeeming 8-) 8-) take care and sweet dreams gal :) xxx


Nite nite Kath, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow

Love and hugs :) xx


I've had an exciting and tiring day so I'm off to bed too

nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxx


Nite nite Grannysue, you get a good nights sleep :) cos you need it gal, what with all the excitement thats been going on :) :) So just shut your eye's and ''dream'' gal, and go with the flow :) :)

See you tomorrow :) xxxx


Hmmmmm I wonder where she gets that from :o :|


Hi All

Doesn't the sun make a difference. Had a greatrlunch then we played crazy golf, had cuppa and cake and have been sewing a nursing the other half as he's got a stinking cold.

Sleep well all and see you soon :D :D :D



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