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Tuesday and the second day of of stoptober.

Good morning, and well done to anyone who started their quit date yesterday. Whatever day you choose or no matter how long you have been quit well done and stay positive.

Just a reminder that not only do you improve your health , you will be livinig in a cleaner enviroment. Decorations in your home stay cleaner. any pets you have will breathe easier, even you computer will be cleaner. as you will see the effects of your pc with smoking :-



If you struggle when you get a craving, bob onto this site , everyone is welcome ,and everyone tries to help. Emjay and Jarvo will be there for advice.

Have a lovely smokefree day, :)

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Morning Jillygirl, hope your fine this morning, and no sore throat :)

looking at the computer pics has made me think i'd better clean mine today, it's not as bad as these ones though :D :D the house is much nicer, i want the livingroom done though, so that's next, hubby will love me :D :D everytime he has a holiday i have him decorating :D :D

not doing much today, going to asda later to get bedside lamps

have a brilliant day :) :) xx


Morning Sue, still got a sore throat , but at least its not developed into a cold yet. fingers crossed. I`m lucky as my hubby has done the decorating to sell the house.

At least the white paintwork stays white now. I only used to smoke on the kitchen with the cooker hood fan on, but its amazing how it still gets into other rooms.

Enjoy your trip to Asda. I`m off to dentist later as my crown came loose yesterday.

Seems I am going to have a medical week this week. :D

Have a lovely day, and dont you work too hard, hope you get the lamps. xx :) :)


Hi Jillygirl, just had my daughter on the phone telling me i'm gonna be a granny, so excited about that :) she's coming here this afternoon, about 1.30, so won't be on at that time, can't wait to see her :)

Hope your trip to the dentist goes okay :) xx


Good Morning Everyone,

Thats a lovely picture Jillygirl, I love my online friends too. I think they are all so, so very supportive of each other and it makes me realise how much I love working alongside people like yourselves :-) I hope all goes well for you at the dentist and that you are a braver soldier than I am :-/ Make sure you to tell your dentist that you have still stopped smoking too :-)

Big fat huge congratulations to you and your daughter Sue, is this your first Grandchild? How exciting. Now you have even more motivation to stay away from those piggies :D

It's the 2nd day of Stoptober, and as Jillygirl has already said - wherever you are up to within your quit, remember to stay positive.

Whenever you have set your quit date, remember the same figures still apply;

* Stay quit for at least 28 days and you are five times more likely to stay stopped for good

* By recieving extra support from somebody like your local stop smoking service or from us here at Quit Support, then you are 4 times more likely to remain stopped at 4weeks

* By using a form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), then you will increase your chances of quitting

* Planning towards your quit date beforehand will greatly increase your chances

* Just think how it will be if you done as many of the above as possible!

Today is a good day to find some extra motivation :-)


Hi Emjay, hope your ok. Yes dentist has already written ex smoker. :)

Going to have a chat before, but hubby fixing squeeky floorboards. Flippin men can`t do it without me there. Dont know why as I just stood there :O

see you later. :)


Morning all..

Don't know what the weather is like where you guys all are but here.... Depressing!!

Since I've been off work I've been even busier! Between the dogs and the dogs and moving waterbeds about and possibly more dogs... Staying at home is a nightmare!! And it's doing nothing to help my elbows!! But I'm hoping to get done acupuncture done next week see if that helps. I've had it previously and it is amazing.

I am also in need of going to the gym.. As despite walking the dogs I've put on a stone and a half!! Whilest I'm appalled that I'm turning to a mr blooby and if I hear my partner aka mr very annoying motivator/ / irritator say once more "I have more than enough cushioning" now!!!! I might throw my hand made brownies at him!! .. I do have to say woooooo does my cooking taste goooooood!! And it's just not me that's putting in weight either ... Dogs are loving it!!! :) ;)

We should get NRT and a gym pass or something!!

Anyway I think it's stopped raining might me able to roll to the shop!!! ;) I need eggs!!

Catch you all in a bit


Oh Lisa-Jane, you have made me laugh :D

As long as you know that you are putting the weight on because of your tasty brownies and home baking etc and not because you have stopped smoking, then at least you know you can tackle it when you are good and ready. One thing at a time though :-)

I've just thought about something that I can write up in a blog... Give me a mo :D

JohnUK, just read your last post, thought I'd reply here as I know that you want to close that thread off. Maybe you are going to start a new one today, join in on the daily chat or maybe both :-) It will be lovely to hear how you are doing.

Right, off to write a new blog up myself :-)


Hey EmJay

its my brownies,my cheesecake,my home made lasagna,chicken rice n peas, not to name all the other dishes that are tasting so very delicious since getting my taste buds back.

After clearly not tasting food for over 17 years,my taste buds are loving it.. waist line... no where near as much..

The other half is in austrailia for the next couple of weeks so I intend to finish off all the bad stuff and then try and make an effort into shifting this extra padding!!

and Congratulations Sue.. x


hi Lisa-jane, Can I come to your house, sounds really yummy all the things you make. :) I too have put on weight, but at least we don`t smoke. :)


hiya Jillygirl

your most welcome...

funny thing is I am not a cake person making or eating.,never been very good at making them,that has always been my sons strong point!!

but I think not only am I eating more But its all the wrong things! and I know this just cant help myself!

but its very true we are not smoking , even my nurse agrees with that!!


I think I feel better saying I need to slim, rather than I need to stop smoking. I am going to do more exercise, but am waiting for the docs advice first due to this arthritus thing.

Enjoy the rest of your day. :)


Hi everyone, thanks for the congratulations :)

This is my first grandchild, sooo excited :)

Just back from shops forgot half the stuff i was needing, but got the lamps, my heads all over the place :D :D

away to have a cuppa, will chat later :) xx


This is a ditty just for Sue,

Now I bet you don`t feel blue. :D

Going to be a grannie for the very first time.

I really had to send you a rhyme

Its so exciting and makes you feel young

Playing with baby is so much fun. :)

Makes you feel good ,and it makes you feel happy, :)

especially the bit when you change the little ones nappy. :O

Well done to daughter and hubby too,

And congratulations to grannie Sue. :)




Hi Emjay , Kazzachoc needs your help. a.s.a.p


Hi everyone, that's my daughter just left :)

Thanks for your poem Jillygirl, i love it :) gonna print it off and keep it then when the grandchild is old enough gonna read it to them :)

that sounds yummy Lisa- Jane :) wish i was in your house :D :)

It's sooo hard sometimes not to eat the wrong stuff, but not as hard as quitting smoking, so i think if i can do that then i should be able to diet, but we shall see :D :D :D


Have come down off cloud nine yet! :) What date have they given your daughter.?



Hi Jillygirl, just about there :), but i'm sure it will take a few days yet :D :D

they can't giver her a date till she has an ultrasound, her monthly's are so erratic that she can't remember when her last one was :D :D so i'll just have to wait see, i think she might be about 2 months though :) xx


You have all come a long way, all this practicing of stopping smoking before earning your Gold medal to a much, much healthier future. I'm sure that any weight gains can be dealt woth as soon as you all feel ready to :D

I love the ditty Jillygirl :D

I'm away home in a mo but shall pop on again in a bit :D


sorry Jillygirl, i've just done what we weren't gonna, should have posted that down here, i'll get my brain back someday :D :D :D xx


dont worry I forgot yesterday. Bet Pete will be pleased for you. :)


I'm trying to remember to do it cause Andi was getting dizzy going up and down the posts,

bet she's having a whale of time :), my daughter and her hubby were on the verge of booking a holiday to canada when this happened, they can't go now, she'd be too far on :D

yes bet Pete is, i'll be getting granny this and granny that :D :)


He might buy you a granny flat. :D :D


:D :D :D :D :D :D yeh a shed at the bottom of the garden :D :D :D


Like it! :D :D


just had tea, and was bad, after all the talk today about healthy food i had a white pudding supper with two pickled onions :D :D

well, that was my celebration drink, cause i don't drink, and i'm sticking to that story :D :D


Good for you! :)


need to start the diet tomorrow though :D not too strict though :D get the smoking thing fixed first then my weight, i'll just make sure i don't end up the size of a hippo :D :D


Know what you mean. dont want to be roly polys do we. just cuddly will do. :D :D


Aup Granny Sue,

Biggest and fondest congratulations to you and you Daughter Sue :) :) :) :)



yeh i like cuddly :) hate to hug someone and just feel bones :D :D


Hi Jillygirl, i hope the dentist didnt hurt toooooooo much :o :|

I bet its rite bright around your way again when you smile :D :D


My computer is going nuts like me :D :D on home page it says there is 26 comments when there is 31, bet there's 42 now :D :D :D


Hey and you Ladies stay cuddly, cus i dont like these ere skinny uns :P especially these so called models nowa days, what are they ?? size flippin 8 :P my bean sticks have got more shape to em :D :D


Hi Pete, thank you for the picture, its beautiful :)

hope you had a great day today :) and that things weren't too bad at work :)

I'll always be cuddly, could never get down to that size, i like my food too much :D :D


Your spot on gal, cuddly is the way forward, plus food is good for you isnt it :) :)


Hi Pete, hope your day went well. No dentist didnt hurt. only the payment hurts. :(

great news for Sue isnt it. As for these models at size 8 well double that and I will fit the bill. :D :D

Think we have all got enough on our minds quitting those piggies. One thing at a time eh.

I am just going to have a natter to my brother as its his birthday today. He lives down in Essex so dont see a lot of him. will call back in about 30mins. XX :)


Your right Jillygirl, lets get one thing done at a time eh :) if and only if we think were over weight, then we can do somethink about it cant we :) :)


Aup Sue how you doing gal, on the quitting front i mean ? i hope them piggies arnt getting to you too much, you just keep kicking them outa that door gal :) :) i'm on 5 weeks now for the 3rd time :D :) but am getting there :)

Hey its been busy on here today hasnt it, it's taking me ages to read through all the blogs, just wrote to haribojess247, sounds like she's having a hard time of it :(


Hi Pete, i've not been to bad today, makes a difference getting good news for a change :)

just need to keep an eye out for the little things that could trip me up

That's brill your on 5 weeks :) you'll do it this time Pete, i know you will :) you can stay strong :) xx


Pete you know the old saying 3rd time lucky. I am sure you can do it.



Cheers Jillygirl, luv it gal :D :D


Hi Emjay, i hope your well and got over your dentist appointment and hen party :D erm her in doors is finally thinking of quitting, but she wants to try the e-cig :o erm just wandered if you 've found any more information on it :)

I'm sorry for troubling you at this busy time.

Pete :)


Ok you two, PC gremlins are out and my sore throat seems to be on the verge of turning into a cold. So I am calling it a day. so nite nite god bless you both. luvs ya. xx


Jillygirl you keep warm gal and you put your feet up tomorrow, get that Hubby of your's to do dins and go shopping, do you hear me gal :) :)

Good nite Jillygirl and luv ya loads more than ya luv me :P :P

Sweet dreams :) :) xxxxx


nite nite Jillygirl sweet dreams, luvs ya x


Good nite Sue and sweet Granny dreams to you gal :) :) luv ya xxxxx :) :)


goodnight Pete sweet dreams :) luv ya too xx:)


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