Daily chat: Wednesday 19th September 2012

Daily chat: Wednesday 19th September 2012

Good morning everybody.

It's a beautiful, crisp, sunny morning for one of the last days of summer. What better incentive to staying stopped smoking than to get out and breathe in all that lovely fresh air. All you people thinking and planning your quit, just consider how much better you'll feel and be able to fight off those winter coughs and colds so much easier.

I've just checked my diary and Saturday is the first day of autumn so enjoy the last days of summer. 8-) :)

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  • Morning andi,

    Bet me to it this morning. Its getting better I slept until 6.50am. and only woke up once last night. Like you say getting into practice for next week.

    Have you done your packing yet? I bet you can`t wait. take plenty of piccys then we can see some when you get back.

    Catch up later. have a lovely day. :)

  • Ha!! Thought you must have overslept! Like me, get one or two a week and catch up with the sleep. I had quite a good one last night - went to bed extra early and it seem to have done the trick although I was awake mostly from 5a.m. :o

    Decided to get one in before I went away. ;-) :)

  • Nice you opened up as sometimes get stuck on what to say. P.S. like the pic. nice and cheerful. :)

  • Good morning Pete, where are you now, gone off in your van or in the garage. Thought you would have bobbed in and shown your face., or are you still talking to yourself? :D


  • No i'm not still talking to myself :P i had a senior moment last night thats all :o cant help it am an oldie :( :)

  • morning peeps,well its midweek been unpatched since Monday,im pretty certain i can do this(there's no way i wan to go back to that dirty stinking filthy habit)or expose my kitten to it.had a very strange dream about the patches Monday night i know what the dream was about and im going to tottaly disregard it from my memory,funny the tricks your mind trys to play on you :0 anyway you all have a good day :)

  • Morning Ken, thats great pal, sounds like your all focused and positive about it :) :) you stay at it, cus we are all with you pal :)

    You too have a good smoke free day :)

  • Hiya Ken, I'm just loving your expression 'unpatched'. You never told us if your kitty is still walking around with his legs crossed! :o :D :D

  • Morning Ken, Your still doing great and thinking positive. Hows Kitty doing. ?

    Have a lovely day. :)

  • Good morning Andi, Jillygirl, sooooo Andi you can put pics on now then :) :) you just overwhelm me with your capabilities and expertise :D :D just wondered if you'd got your printer working or not ??

    Jillygirl you done your packing yet ?? and who sits on the case while you zip it up :o :D

  • Morning Pete, will do packing on friday. Yes I sit on the case i`ve got the biggest b****m. :D


    See you soon. :)

  • Do you think they drive those funny french cars as well? :D :D

  • No, you're not folowing me - you know, the ones with the big, bulgy backsides! I think it was Renault Megane and others. :|

  • Yes your right Andi it was the Reno Megane with the derrière :o :|

  • bit like my derrie`re :D

  • ha ha love the pic gal :D :D

  • Given up on printer til after my hols. ;-)

  • Hiya all, back now. Been out for my last bike ride before my hols. Perfect morning for riding along the prom. Against the wind on the way out (not very strong but wind nevertheless! :o ) and cruising coming back. Saw the deck chair and clocked 16 1/2 miles. :) Wanted to get in over 70 miles for week before going away, managed 82! :|

    Pete, come on, time you got going on yours! :D :D

  • Well done andi your doing brilliant 82 miles. Suppose you are busy now with last minute jobs before your hol. :)


  • Trying to - but getting a bit distracted by having the computer on! :o

  • Andi thats just fantastic gal 82 miles, i will get on mine while you are away :o :D

    Just bin looking at the pic of you on your bike, hmmmm nice legs but i dont reckon much to your hairdo gal :D :D time i went to hide i think :)

  • You know I've got short hair but at the mo I've got helmet hair so have got to go and wash it so I look a bit more presentable. :D :D

  • Do you have to colour it or is it naturally streeeeky :D :D

  • at least it isnt grey :D

  • Thought you were hiding you cheeky so-and-so!

    No I don't have to colour it and I don't do streaking either. ;-)

  • Soooooooooory :) :)

    Flippin chuckin it down here, huh so much for my sunshine :( :(

  • I'm so sorry for you. :(

    I did offer for you to come down here for your hols but you chose not to come! As the saying goes - 'Sh.. happens' ! (hehehe) ;-)

    Wonder where that Enjay's got to today?

  • Yeah know what you ladies are like, you say one thing and mean another ;)

  • If I didn't mean it, I wouldn't say it! :D :D

    Have got to go out now. See you later. :)

    Now ..... where did I put my sungalasses? ;-) 8-) :D

  • Oy Andi :P :P

  • Hola Everybody,

    Just a really quick message, I did post early this morning but don't know where my post is.... :-(

    I'm in London all day today, just having our first coffee break now! Hope you are all okay, shall read through everything as soon as I can :D

    Speak soon

  • Spooky!!! hehehe! :o :D :D

  • You a mind reader or something Andi :o that was spooky hmmmm whats she doing in London then ??

  • Afternoon all, have you been up to anything interesting?

  • Hi everyone

    not had anything interesting to do Andi, even though i've been out all day, just shopping, doctors, dentist, and bill paying

    think i need a drink now after all that lol

    hope you've all had a better day :)

  • Hi everyone, not much happening this afternoon. Nearly same as Sue. Shopping and called at doctors for painkillers , so I dont run out next week. Been really nice and sunny here at least dried my washing. Got to iron it now. see you in a while. :)

  • That's one thing i don't do Jillygirl,,,,,,,iron, causes me to much pain :)

  • Dont worry dont iron much only what is really needed. :)

  • Yeah i bet poor Hubby has to wear crinkled shirts and trousers :D :D

  • Of course. he does. always says it wont show under his jumper. please himself so there. Nah!


  • That pic looks like one of my shirts - AFTER - i've ironed it :D :D

  • you that good at ironing :D :D

  • Yep :D :D

  • mines says exactly the same, his excuse cause he can't be bothered ironing himself :D :D

  • mine's does :P :D :D

  • 2 of a kind. :D

  • I will have you know that i like my trousers,shirt. socks and boxers ironing before i put them on :P :)

  • I should think so, Hurt a bit if you ironed them after you put them on. Bit hot under the collar. ! :D :D

  • You are just impossible Jillygirl, flippin typical Woman, got an answer for everything :P :D :D

  • Yeah ! good isnt it. ? Got a new job for you :-


  • hahahahahaha that's a good one :)

  • Which ones supposed to be me ?? :o cus i aint got a shirt with spots on it :D :D

  • Get yerself off to specsavers! I`ve got the spotted pinny . Youv`e got the moustache. :D :D

  • How long have i had that then ?? :o :|

  • 5months that I know of. :P

  • well i don't mind ironing trousers and shirts, but not the rest :D :D

  • And dont you flippin start Susie woosie woosie, cus am hoping for a rest next week, with her and the other one on hols :P :D :D

  • I'll try,, can't guarantee it though :P :D :D

  • Oh yeah who`s her. then. Do you mean Nora B. :)

    wont bring you a stick of rock back if your not careful. :D :D

  • back in about 1 hour got company . :0

  • Cant you make it 2 hours, cus a wont miss ya :D :D

  • Jillygirl will get you for that one :D :D :D

  • She'll have to find me first !! hmmmmm where do you think i should hide Sue :o :)

  • not in your garage/shed/greenhouse will need to be somewhere different like another country :D :D

  • Yeah think i'd best go and talk to Andi nicely and thumb a lift eh :D :D

  • good idea, hide in her suitcase he he :D :D

  • troll.me/images/challenge-a...

    Knew I shouldnt have given him a key for the cafe. Typical man. :D

  • Is that where he hid out Jillygirl. :D

  • Well its where all the food is . and you know what men are like. :P

  • What cafes that then :o :o will have to clean my specks :D :D

  • shortsighted as well as short memory eh! :P

  • Not my fault, am a old boy now :( :(

    :P :P

  • you're not old pete :)

  • Right enough excitement for today. Signing off now.

    Nite nite Sue , andi, and Pete wherever you are. luvs ya all.


  • nite nite Jillygirl sweet dreams :)

  • Night Sue. :)

  • Jillygirl you get younger looking every day gal, and no rollers :o :D Nite nite and luvs ya too gal :)

    Nite nite Sue, Andi and all, sleep well xx :)

  • I'm signing off as well, getting tired now nite nite Pete and Andi :)

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