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DAILY CHAT/      WEDNESDAY   /  10/10/2012

S Smoke-free is what we want to be

T Together we can beat the addiction

O Organise your day to keep busy

P Practice makess perfect.

S Stay positive

M Make hands occupied

O Ok to feel anxious , part of quitting process

K Kick the habit

I Important to stay focused

N No is a good word when offered a cigarette

G Goal is to stop set yourself a target.

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Morning Jillygirl,

the gremlins were out early up here today, taken me ages to get on :D :D

i love your blog :) don't know how you think that stuff up, very clever :)

It's freezing here, as usual, thank goodness i don't have to nip outside for a ciggie :) i'd freeze to death :D :D

got nothing planned today, just housework, how lovely, not :D

i'm off to get a cuppa to heat my hands up :D

have a great day :) x


Good morning Sue, Same here with the gremlins been trying to reply to you for the last 30mins. will report it prob wont do any good. Cold here too.

Hubby decided he is going to clean the kitchen ceiling and walls , then paint them.

At least ther`s no nicotine now to discolour the paint work.

Will prob clean the rest of the house whilst trying to keep out of the way.

Enjoy your day. will log on later to see if those gremlins have gone. :)


Hi johnuk,

Well done on tackling spanish, I`m the same Yorkshire accents dont mix with other languages.

Done all the housework, tidied up after hubby. went to get paint , which he is doing tomorrow.

Off for a rest and a cuppa now. see you later. gremlins permitting. :)


It's party time, i managed to get back on here, only been trying for the past hour :D :D :D

so you have your hubby decorating as well Jillygirl, i like mine doing that it keeps him out of my way :D :D :) he hates just sitting about anyway, he he

hi JohnUK,

great that your learning Spanish, i'd love to do that, maybe one day i will :)

I love flamenco guitar, could listen to that all day, just the thing to keep you occupied as well :)

Hope you all have a great smoke free, stress free day :) x


Just been asked to child mind tonight so may not be on site until late. so see you tomorrow if I are`nt back in time. :)


Have fun Jillygirl :) :)

sweet dreams, if you don't get back on :)


Afternoon Everyone :D

I love your daily chat openings Jillygirl. They're brilliant :D Very inspiring for anybody, no matter what path of their stop smoking journey they are on. Hope your kitchen is looking all nice and new with a fresh lick of paint :-)

Sue, how did you get on at your group on Monday? I forgot to ask you sorry. I seem to have been okay...ish with regrads to PC Gremlins, although I do double check to see if my posts do post and don't go on a wander about and don't return! :-/

Hola JohnUK - Cómo estás? It's really good that you have found something interesting and new to learn. Practising the guitar is a good idea too. Do you have many songs that you can play? Have fun at your stop smoking clinc today. Is it a grop or one-to-one? :-)

The weather has gone really chilly now, I should have put the heating on a timer so the house is toasty warm when I get home bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrr! As Sue says though, at least for those of yo who have already stopped, there's no having to nip outside for a quick whiff!


Hi Emjay,

Hope your conference went well :)

The group was good on Monday, there's only 6 people that go, so starting to get to know people, it's good fun as well, which i like :)

Think the gremlins have gone now, it was just this morning we were having problems, so either HU fixed it or they ran away before Pete comes on with his spear :D :D

away to start the tea, will be back on later :) x


Hi everybody, i'm still here, just had to work late again :X :(

Jillygirl, you enjoy your child minding gal, well i know you dooooooo :D :D and speak tomorrow hopefully :) :)

Sue i'm so glad you are enjoying the group therapy sessions and i hope your feeling ok today :) :)

Me, i've done it again :( :( i told you i was a hopeless case from the start !! i just got so so et up at work tonight :X :X i went and bought a pack, huh i'm soposed to be setting an example to er in doors as well !! just cant believe how stupid i've been.

I'm so so sorry for letting you all down ''again'' erm perhaps I was meant to be a chimney :D :D i dont know :( :( I have got to have a good think about this now, because I dont want to be a chimney, I want to be healthy and live :) :)

Good night everybody, and God bless you all with sweet dreams :) :) xx


Pete you haven't let anybody down, you don't need to say sorry, this is such a hard thing to do, your work seems to be stressful, you just need to think how you can manage this better, which i know is not easy to do

you are such a strength to everyone on here :) well now were all here for you, whatever you need, just don't give up, you will do this, i've lost count of the number of times i've tried to stop, and i'll keep trying till i succeed, you do the same, promise

keep your chin up Pete

sweet dreams luv ya :) x


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