Daily Chat: Wednesday 15th August 2012

Good morning everybody.

If everything was freshly washed yesterday, it's going in the industrial laundry today! Yes folks, the rain has started as well as the breeze. :o Should be gone by teatime but will be up north by then. :)

At least we don't have to join those people cowering for shelter trying to get our fix. :)

Have a good day and stay smoke-free. :)

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  • Morning Andi and everyone

    As yet no rain but a very fresh breeze!! I'm trying to leave early this morning so I can get to where I need to be before the rain starts!! So much for my week of rest!!

    I'm sooooooo not missing having to huddle outside sharing umbrellas to get my fix!! seeing those people get wet now makes me laugh to think of what I used to do just to get my fix!!

  • Hi Andi & All

    Just joined 10 mins ago - have quit now for 48 hrs after 23 years. Looks like rain here in London by lunchtime looking out of my office window here. Still feel crud 48 hrs in but hope it will get better. Like Lisa-Jane, not missing standing in the rain for that anymore. Stay strong out there today

  • Hiya Chris and welcome to our community. Hopefully you've been looking in on us for a while and got lots of useful info to help with this quit. I can still remember my first few days - really tough (no that long ago in the scheme of things though!) At least you've got work to help distract you during the day - and that bonus today about not standing in the rain! :D :D

    I'm sure Emjay will be in touch very soon to find out more details so she can help you further.

    Well done on making that terrible jump and speak later.

    Andi :)

  • Andi22 thanks for this and its good to know there are folks like yourselves out there who understand to help us through this. Gonna make it this time

  • Have you tried to quit before then? If so, how many times?

  • Hi, yes a few, though not recently. Last serious effort was 3 years ago and lasted 17 hours. Have not managed longer than that without one in 23 years, so now at 50 hrs - can't go back through this again, it sucks. Have been thinking about it for a while though and it plays on your mind until now I think my life would be easier if I just quit - I seem to be the only smoker anywhere I go, home, work wherever

  • Are you using nrt or anything? I went cold turkey! :o :D

  • Good Morning Everybody :-) Well, it was a lovely sunshiny day this morning but now the wind is getting up I'm sure some of your weather from down South is on it's way :-/

    Lisa-Jane, I've just checked on our "Wall of Winners" and I don't seem to have you on there? :-/ Can you let me know your quit date and I shall make sure your name is on the list. Hope you managed to get where you needed to be all nice and dry :-)

    Hi Chris, welcome to our happy place :-) a place where you'll meet others going through the same as you and others who have made it through to the other side :-)

    A couple of questions for you;

    How many were you smoking each day?

    Are you using anything to help you stop, nicotine replacement therapy etc. or your local stop smoking service?

    What are your main reasons for wanting to stop smoking?

    Let me know your quit date (Monday 13th?) and I'll pop your name up on our "Wal of Winners"

    I think the best thing to do is to see this stopping smoking journey as something exciting and take each day as it comes. You never know what it's going to be like until you get there. The highs and lows, ups and downs of stopping smoking is probably like going on the biggest roller-coaster ride in the world... or so it seems at the time :-/

    Andi, since typing all the above, that wind now is really bad, I'm sure there is a storm on the way! I bet it won't stop you from doing some form of exercise today though will it? In fact, I bet you've been out already :D

    Remember everyone, the main thing is to stay positive and have a few laughs along the way :-)

  • Grrrr - gremlins!! :X Take two!

    Morning Emjay, weather update - pouring with rain and dark. I'm sure it's filled up the water butts by now though. :)

    Wednesdays I usually go spinning first thing but decided to have a lie in this morning (dozing till 7.30!) A friend of mine wants to get back into running so we have fixed up to go when she finishes work this afternoon. Hopefully the weather will have cleared up by then. :o

    I turned on the radio at 4.30 this morning and it was Aussie day. They were talking about bringing in the unmarked fag packets and targeting not letting youngsters start smoking in the first place. Dropped off again then and didn't hear any more! :|

  • Phew - that took 4 goes to get on! :P

  • I'm going to have to report this problem... again.... It's becoming too frequent now and I also believe that it's happening right across the different HealthUnlocked communities, not just us :-(

    It's a pity we didn't have our own site, maybe I can see if there is anywhere that I can apply for funding for something like this.... Hmmmm...

    I have just replied to Betts on


    and my post disappeared completely! I didn't realise until I looked back in on it either :-X

    I'll pop up a post about what's happening in Australia in a mo... just to keep you updated :D

    It could be quite refreshing running in the rain Andi :-)

  • andi and EmJay Hi, yes was tryin to post but no luck also - was on 20/day and stopped this Mon 13 Aug. Last fag 8.30am. Just goin cold turkey - for me the only way I think - previously tried nrt and even hypnotherapy just did'nt work for me. Reason - loved to smoke but increasingly unhappy being a smoker - this is the awful truth about these things & its just not where I want to be anymore. Now at 46 I'm the only one who smokes in & out of work where I am+ can't explain to 5 yr old son why need to smoke when school tels him its sooooo bad. So have to start down this road now, its been coming for a while I think

  • Hi andi, yep childminding finished until next week (tues and weds) your right the rain has just decided to descend on Yorkshire. Trouble is its still very humid, so it not evenfresh air. Have you got pt tomoz? hope your calf has settled now.

    Off to docs later see about this vitamin deficiency thing. so will catch up this evening. xx :)

  • Hi Emjay, will take your advice about possible allergy to my feathered oven timer. :) Sorry I forgot to thank you yesterday. Prob with those gremlins, well nwt to do with me this time. he he :D :P

    Grandparent duties over until tues and weds next week. Have you got the same at the weekend.?

    Will catch up later. xx :)

  • Hi Lisa -jane,

    Hope your ok love. Like you say pouring with rain here, but at least we can stay dry and cosy now we are non-smokers. :)

    see you soon.xx

  • Afternoon everyone, weather update - rain's stopped and the sun's come out - hurray! 8-)

    :D :D

  • Hi andi, weather update for Yorkshire very humid and heavy rain. :(

    Alright for some. show off! :D

  • Hi Chris, I am jillygirl pleased to meet you. I normally am the first one on the site, but grand parent duties have had to take priority. Anyway welcome and a BIG well done on deciding to quit. I am 63yrs old and smoked from being 17. I have been stopped for 4 and a half months now. I couldnt have managed to stay focused without all the help of quit support members and advice from Emjay and Claire. It really has helped. I do use a inhalator 10mg. but I havent really used it for the past 2 weeks , only if I get really uptight and get a craving. Please keep in touch with us all, I am sure it will help and we do have a laugh on the way.. see you soon. :)

  • Hi Chris, I've popped your name up on our "Wall of Winners" - where every quitter is a winner :-)

    Evidence shows that by using a service such as ours, or your local stop smoking service for example, then you are 4 times ore likely to remain quit. By using some sort of NRT can increase your chances further and although it will never do for you what a cigarette will, it will certainly curb the feelings of cravings. However, if going cold turkey is the way forward for you, then this is the way we'll go :D By going cold turkey, the nicotine will leave your body with 48 hours. It really is important that you try and remain as positive as possible and gain an understanding of how those little nicotine receptors within your brain work, as they will be shouting at you either in great bog loud shouts or quietly whispering away to you. Either way, you have to be ready and prepared for when they strike unexpectedly in the form of cravings. Have a look at the following link and see what you think;


    Hey Jillygirl, we've missed you today :D I'm on my duties on Saturday :-) You've done really well not using your inhalator, keep it handy though, just in case. You're doing brilliantly :-)

    Andi, the rain hasn't stopped here for ages now! I guess all those slugs will be out again later then eh :D What time are you going for your sunshiny run then? Do you run to cover further distance now or the same distance in a faster time? If that makes sense? :-/

    Speak in a bit :-)

  • I'm only a beginner and haven't even done joined-up running yet! :o :D Just trying to run a bit longer before a break still. Yesterday I managed 13 mins then 14 mins with a 2 min break. Added in an extra couple of corners which turned out to be an extra .3 mile. We'll be off about 5.30 - just when you'll be commuting home! :)

  • Thanks you EmJay - yes they've been shouting away most of the day today. Just trying to focus at work and not shout at anyone here. Going a bit up & down

  • I remember my first few days - nightmare! Had to keep sitting on my hands the whole time as I was so jittery and couldn't keep my feet still either. Mouth-wise I had to keep shoving mints in the whole time. :o Still on the mints but don't seem to get through so many now. (BTW I quit on the 2nd May)

    Keep at it and stay strong - you can do it!!! :) :) And with it very shortly you will have a strong feeling of freedom. :)

  • The more cravings you get under your belt, the easier it will become :D

  • That's so funny Andi :D :D Did I ever share with you the walk, jog, run link? :-)

    It is thundering here now! :D

  • Think I looked at this before but I don't take my phone with me and it's not one of these new-fangled things anyway! :D

    Funny how you seem to get to a certain age and turn into a techno-phobe. :o It all moves on too quickly these days so I can't be bothered and everything costs sooooo much! (Crikey, I sound about 95!) :D :D

  • I found mapometer is the simplest one to operate and they don't want so much information from you to sign up! :)

  • I think the moment I woke up once I turned 40 I turned into a a techno-phobe Andi! :o

  • Hi andi made me laugh you and your techno phobe my hubby is like that all the time.

    He hasnt got a mobile phone. he was useless it took him about an hour to send a message to me. silly thing is all the message said was "ok" .

    He is terrified of the lap top. But one day he may just want to learn. :)

  • Bet he won't! hehe

  • How did you know that! :D :D

  • Let's call it an educated guess. :o :D

  • Hi Emjay, Been to the docs. Got to have x rays on my knees and ankles and hands and another blood test. He seems to think I could be suffering with rheumatoid arthritus but says he will sort me out. I laughingly said my hubby keeps saying I need sorting out. :)

    Anyway go back to see him in 2 weeks. Good news is blood test I have just had showed kidneys etc were fine and sugar level.

    Just got to be patient now. At least got the quitting smoking right. :)

  • Have you seen that there's a community for rheumatoid arthritis as well? :)

  • Thanks andi will look tomorrow. If its like quit support that will be good. :)

  • Hi everybody, i hope you all had a nice day and it aint half been busy on here !! :)

  • Hello there, I didn't see you pop up. ;-)

    Just come back on to say am signing off for today as am struggling to keep my eyes open! :o :)

    Nite nite all, sleep well. :)

  • Hello Pete, hope your ok love, we miss your chatting in the daytime. Anyway got to keep it short and sweet as my eyes are begining to close. so love ya! nite nite. xx :)

    Nite Nite andi see you tomoz. sweet dreams. xx :)

  • Aup Jillygirl, i aint alf missed ya this week gal, :( :( but as for the community support for rheumatoid arthritis, i'm sure Sue said that she was with that support community as well, so give her a nudge, mind you if i ever found out that i had got it, i would spray myself with WD40 :D :D Ask hubby what it is if you dont know !!

    sweetdreams Jillygirl and love you gal xx

    Pete :)

  • Goodnight everybody, and i hope all you lovely people have a nice and peaceful sleep tonight :) :)

    Yes Andi, your right about the gremlins AGAIN !! am having a rite job posting tonight, even tried writing a question to see if that side was the same !! yeah it was !!!! :(

    Welcome Chris2, its nice to see you on here gal, you've come to the right place for help and support, as you have already found, maybe speak to some time, good luck on your quitting and stay focused :) :)

    Pete :)

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