Good morning,

Its a grey and misty morning , so will have to wait and see how the weather develops here in Yorkshire. Could do with a bit of sunshine from Andi s part of the country.

Have a lovely day whatever the weather is like and remember stay happy and positive.

Tea and coffee time now. :)

Catch up soon

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone.

    Maybe you'll be lucky and have the weather we had yesterday - you really don't want today's weather! Peeing down and blowing a hooley! :D :D (Don't think I'll be thinking about riding my bike today. ;-) )

    Whatever the weather, hope you all manage to stay strong and beat or shout those cravings away and have a good day. :)

  • Good morning all

    Hope Stoptober is going well for everyone and your lungs, rest of body & mind are enjoying a holiday from the toxic smoke !!!! If NOT then why NOT ???

    All going well here (at the moment!!), days have turned into weeks & weeks into months.

    Trying to take some exercise which is interesting - Andi I managed to jog about 100 yards yesterday (NOT 5K or whatever you said).

    Best wishes for a smoke free day


    Still NOPE

  • Wow Jonathan, that's great! Have you looked at that site though - it's another HU community and you can take as long as you like but it is a tried and tested program - 7000+ people have joined that community so, a bit like this one, it does work. :)

    Btw, how did you feel after that running? ;-)

  • Andi

    I dont think 100 yards is great !!! Mind you better than 10 yards.

    What is this site again: bed to 5K or something ? couchto5k ? Soga&TVto5k ?


  • It's Couch to 5k. :)

  • Good morning Andi and Jonathan,

    Glad its not pouring down here, but is a bit breezy and chilly.

    By the way Andi after last nights conversation with Pete, i found out Bees have knees but no knee caps. Also they have 5 eyes. Now that will confuse him. :D :D

    Jonathan jogging 100 yards is better than none. At least your doing well with the non smoking. keep strong. :)

  • Eye,eye! Whoops, better not take someone's name in vain! :D :D

    Btw, where did the bee conversation come into it last night? We'll be getting Bee complaining next as well as Eye. ;-) :D :D

  • It was when Pete asked me about 10 commandments when I told him there were 11,what he had done. That's when he said us girls think we are the bees knees. Forgot about Bee sorry!

  • :D :D

  • Morning everyone! Stoptober is going well for me so 17! Evenings are getting a bit easier now so all good! Having some crazy dreams but I know from previous quits this is all part of the 'recovery process'. Anyway have a great day everyone. Dawn xxx

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm back at last, had to kick start the broadband to get it working, it was a nightmare, so now i have to catch up on here and go through 300 e mails :o :D :D getting my holiday sorted out as well, going to Thailand in February to stay with my brother in law :)

    I hope you all have a great NOPE day :)

  • HI Sue, lovely to see you back on site. Nightmare when you have moved isnt it . trying to get back to normality ,like you say emails etc. Thailand sound super you deserve a holiday. xx

  • Absolutely pea green over the trip to Thailand 'the land of smiles' Have been lucky enough to visit 4 times and absolutely love it.Where are you going.


  • Hi Jillygirl,

    It's good to be back :) I can't wait till my holiday, we go for a month, a treat for our 25th wedding anniversary :) xx

  • One whole month thats fantastic. good for you.

  • Hiiiiiiiiii ya Sue :) :) its great to have you back gal :)

    I hope your getting sorted out now, at your new place :) and WOW, you going for a month gal :o that will be one hell of a holiday for you and hubby :) Hey, I dont want no flippin funny stuff eh, cos it aint your honeymoon you know :o :D :D :D

    Take care Sue :) xx

  • Been to North Wales and back this morning to pick up my lovely new bike. A £1,000 bike for £20 more than I paid for the one I've just sent back and its only been ridden about 5 miles. hehe :) :) He apparently bought it through the ride to work scheme, rode it once 5 miles and said it nearly broke his back. :o whimp. Anyways now its mine and it will be doing a lot more than 5 miles provided it stops raining. OMG he lived in the most gorgeous house with a great big roaring open fire, wish at this moment in time I had one of those instead of a bike.

    Also get out the whistles, clap your hands, raucous (bloody hell, took me ages to find out the correct spelling for that word) applause for meeeeeee, I have only had one nicotine lozenge in the last 30 or so hours. I have a new e-cig, which started out yesterday super brilliant, fantastic. However now it spits and spats, fills up with condensation and keeps spitting fluid into my mouth which tastes like ear wax eeeeewwwww. But still no lozenge. Well that's mainly cos I was in the car and they were in the kitchen cupboard but I've been back home an hour and a half and I haven't even thought of having a lozenge. yayyyyyyyy.

    Hope you're all having a super bazzing day despite the totally junk weather. :) :) :)

  • Ear wax :P :P :P

    Hey Sinfree, a massive great big well done to you gal :) erm, on you only having 1 lozenge, and a good deal on your new bike :) :)

  • W OW! That certainly is a bargain Expect to see you cycling all over now. Takes your mind off Nic and lozenges. Racous now thats a word i wouldnt know how to spell either.

    Never tasted ear wax but doesnt sound appealing. :D

  • haha, eeeewwww.

  • Hi happy crew, sorry I haven't been on here but have been mega busy today.

    Bee knees , 100yd run, new bike. 17 days smokefree, trip to Thailand... amaze me. Nothing more for me to say, you are all awesome and don't need me.

  • Grr left off my emocions

    Will try again

  • No it won't show my thumbs up sign and smiley face so you'll have to imagine it

    Eye x

  • That's the one!

  • Good evening everybody :) and Boss of course :) :D

    Boss, I reckon you need some training on the thumbs up, and smiley faces eh :o ;)

    Jillygirl, sounds like your on form gal :) does that mean the tilings done then :o

  • Nope. :(

  • Am just wondering how flippin big your bathroom is :o :| :D :D

    I hope you and hubby are well :)

  • Small, but man flu is BIG. :(

  • :D :D :D

    Awww poor hubby :( I should hope your nursing him back to health gal :o :)

  • only so much a girl can do. kettles on non stop. :)

  • Off for my shower now so nite nite everyone, :) :)

  • Sorry Jillygirl, got side tract gal :o

    Enjoy your shower gal, and I hope you and hubby get a goooooood nights sleep and not tooo much snoring eh :o cos you will keep hubby awake :P :D :D :D

    Nite nite Jillygirl, luvs ya ta bits gal :) xxxx

  • Nite nite everybody and sweet dreams to you all :) :) xx

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