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Doctors Appointment

Ok not done so well on the giving up smoking so far !!

Had ten cigerettes last wednesday and have been using an electonic cigerette to much in between. Found myself in town today no e cigerette so eneded up buying 20 when i ONLY WANTED 10 ???? Got a doctors appointment at long last four o'clock today. Think patches are the way forward?? I will not give up trying !!!

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Hi haribojess247,

Well done for at least trying to quit. See how you get on at the docs. Give yourself time and contact Emjay sure she will help you plan. You can do it!

Let us know how you get on . :)


Hey Haribojess, I think it's important to recognise that you really have tried to quit going down one road, however I think that you do need a little bit more support in finding another avenue that will be better suited to you.

It sounds as though you would benefit greatly by planning towards a quit date than by just trying to quit without thinking it through thoroughly.

Go and see your Dr today, he/she will hopefully let you know about the Stoptober campaign.

Let us know what advice you have been given and we'll all support you on the back of that. I would suggest that if you can get support from your Dr or local stop smoking service, then use NRT as advised by them and maybe get everything ready and set a quit date over the next week or so.

This is a fantastice time to get things right and ensure that you stay stopped for good.

We'll be with you all the way :-)


Hi haribojess247,

Nice to see you again, i think the most important thing is, that you and you yourself want to quit, if that makes sense to you :o

Write down on a bit of paper why you like smoking and what enjoyment you get out of it !!

Then write down the benefits you will have by quitting smoking !! - health, no coughing, stink of smoke, white teeth again, your skin, wrinkles as you get older, out of breath, and loads of money :) :)

Then when your ready, and only then, go for it :) then you can look back at the bit of paper and read it when times get hard :) :)

I dont know whether i've helped you or not, but this is my way, it seems to help me :) :)

Pete :)


Hi Guys

Thanks for your words of support

I did get to the doctor and he is referring me to a stop smoking clinic. So i have to wait to hear from them?

I am back using my electronic cigerette and will try not to buy any more proper fags!!!

I no it will help me in manty ways if I can give up properly so am just going to keep on trying


Hi Haribojess, good on you. Hopefully your local stop smoking service will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you haven't heard from them pretty soon, let me know your postcode and I can find out for you what theirsevice offers and then can maybe fastrack you into being seen to :D The sooner you are seen, the better.


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