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Daily Chat: Wednesday 18th July 2012

Good Morning everybody.

Not sure if everyone's overslept this morning. A bit grey here today - what's new? :o

Anyway, I put the bins out last night so that means it's now 11 weeks for me. I've almost given up counting now and each week in my diary I have to check back. :)

Have a good 'smoke free' day.

See you later. :)

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Morning Andi, 11 weeks eh, thats just fab gal, it is, dont the weeks go fast :)

I hope your feeling fine today gal, dont flippin know where Jillygirl is, perhaps she's court the noddin off Emjay eh :D :D

I see you were talking about toy boys yesterday, i used to have one of them, it used to have a cupboard at the bottom to put my toys in, and draws at the top for my cloths :D :D

Have a nice dayyyyyy :)


Good morning andi ,

Didnt open up this morning , had an early appointment with the vampire nurse. Doc thought I might have a vitamin deficiency. Nothing serious just skin around my cuticles is very red. doesnt hurt so not over worried.

BIG well done on reaching 11 weeks. :) Weather grey here too.

You have a lovely day . See you soon. xx :)


Morning all, well done Andi for 11 weeks. I actually feel like a non smoker now and know that this time I will never go back to those horrible piggies! Where's Jillygirl this morning, hope ut OK jillygirl?

Have a lovely day everyone.

Dawn x


Oh there you are Jilly...lol!


Good morning Dawn, fooled you all this morning eh! :D

Yeah I think we are all feeling pretty good about being non-smokers.

Enjoy your day. xx :)


Hi Pete, I remember the cupboard and drawer. I thought we called it tall boy.

Maybe I am wrong. I know I had the bottom drawer for saving things for when you get married.

Anyway feeling old now talking like that. ok suppose i am a bit old! :O


ooooooooh yes thats right it was called a tall boy, silly me :D


Morning Dawn, morning Jillygirl, i thought that you had got the Emjay nodd gal, :D


you Ladies will have to excuse me cus i'm snacking at the moment, sorryyyy :P


Good Morning Everybody :-)

I still seem to be having trouble accessing here when I am at home so don't know what is going on, I did try and post when I saw that Jillygirl hadn't been on and it just wouldn't let me... Oooof!

Pete, I shall have a nosie through your posts from yesterday as I didn't get the chance yesterday :-). I love old furniture and I was going to say a tallboy too... Something like this;


or a smaller one like this;


Yaye to Andi :-) you are right, it is 11 weeks today. I just double checked for you :-) Give yourself a well earned pat on the back as you enter your 12th week - 3 whole months! :-)

Dawn, it's really good that you feel this way. When stopping smoking, one of the milestones of success is when the ex-smoker sees themselves as a non-smoker :-)

Jillygirl, how are you getting on with that cough of yours? Have you still got it or is it clearing at all yet? :-/

Speak to you all in a bit :-)


Hi emjay, spot on with the tall boy mine was more like the smaller one.

Regarding my cough, its not too bad now just keep having a session and get rid of the phlegm . At least its shifting now, where as it felt stuck before. Thank you for asking. I too keep having problems getting on to the site , I tell you those p.c. gremlins are joining forces with the piggies :X just testing us out. But we wont be beaten. :P


Yes mine was like the bottom one, but upside down, cus it had the draws at the top, anyway Jillygirl you and Andi were talking about toy boys :P :P and as for getting problems with this site i dont have any !! :D only when you lot get at me :D

Jillygirl i'm glad you coughs getting better :)


Nope, that the spirit... remember that it's sneaky little things like this that are just sent to test you all ;-)

Forgot to tell you all yesterday... when I was driving into work, the car in front of me (A nice BMW) had a reg of something like PyGG7s or P77GYS (Memory doesn't seem to be working at the moment!) but it reminded me of all of you :-)


Now then, Usain Bolt at 6ft 5in., now he's quite a tall boy! :D :D


Problems with this site? well, usually if you start a blog, you get an email back saying when anyone's posted on it - not happening today.

Getting used to that go-slow thing. Usually it's when Emjay's trying to post - usually when you're trying to do a long one yourself - computer beeps at you, then crashes!!! :P That's a real GGGRRRRRRR!!!!!! time! :D :D


Rite i'm off to bed now so i will bid you all good day, Andi i think that i've just seen the sun, !! no im not flippin fibbin either, so there :P :P

Speak tomoz if you let me :o

Pete :)


Sweet dreams! xx :)


Good 'day', God Bless Pete! xx

I really don't understand what's going on with the computers.. or this site... :-X

I've reported the problems but if you could also report any problems by using the green 'Feedback' tab on the right of your scree, this would be helpful :-)

I've also asked if there is any way we could know who is on-line at any one time, like a forum set up. I would hate to think that any of you are there all by your oneself wondering where every one else is!



Thanks Emjay will do.


Never realised about the feedback tab. :)


It hasn't always been there, I think I noticed it a couple of weeks ago. Has anybody noticed that the screen looks a different colour too? Like a teal and green colour at the top....? Or am I being daft and it's always been like that?! :-/


No that changed a couple of weeks ago - about the time when you went to the meeting about the Health Unlocked site. I noticed one or two other minor changes but couldn't put my finger on what they were now. It also had a blip at the time and kept making you sign on every time.


Hi Emjay, newbie wanting your help on questions. Leanne2012.

As for the feedback tab , yes I noticed it when I first joined. left feedback saying how good the site was.

Andi is right the site did go a bit weird about the time you went to the meeting.

see you soon. :)


hi andi. Just let you know if i am late again in the morning I am trying a sleeping mask and ear plugs tonight. doubt if it will work but you never know. 8) .

signing off now . so goodnight everybody. see you tomorrow. xx :)


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