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Daily Chat: Tuesday 25th September 2012

Daily Chat: Tuesday 25th September 2012

Good Morning Everybody,

Sorry for the late opening up today. Both Claire and I are delivering training today and this is the first chance I've had to pop on here.

Sue, hope you popped that patch on first thing this morning and are enjoying your first day as a new non-smoker. I shall add your name onto our 'Wall of Winners' later. Remember to stay positive and that by now you've already got half the day under your belt :-)

Ken, how are you doing today? Not long until Friday now, a huge milestone in your stooping smoking journey :-)

Pete, hope the piggies or the gremlins will stay away today. Haven't seen much around myself. Maybe that spear done the job! -------> :-) Hope you managed to get a good nights kip in and are well rested today. Will probably speak to you tonight when you are back from work. I missed you last night sorry :-(

Big waves and supportive positive vibes being sent to everyone else :-)

Remember that each smokefree day that you get under your belts will help build up your strength to deal with the next bout of cravings. You really can do this if you stay in a positive frame of mind.

Just think to yourself.... "If it's to be, it's up to me!" :-)

I shall pop on again in a bit, probably during lunch hour.

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Morning Emjay

sorry i didn't get the daily chat started today, i'm just up, got to sleep eventually at 5 this morning, problem i've had for years

got the patch now, and inhalation to hand, just in case :)

feeling fine so far, of course early days, but gonna think differently from now on, that will help :)

Of to take my tablets and get something to eat

will chat later :)


Hey Sue, no worries - I should be around as normal for tomorrow :-)

After you have had something to eat and if smoking is the usual thing to follow try a glass of water and then wash your plates from your lunch. You are well and truly on the right track ow so lets keep you focussed :-)


Hi Emjay, hope your having a good day :)

After dinner i washed up then went got my bin in, before the wind blew it down the street :D :D then went to the shops for milk, can't live without my cuppa :D :D

hope the weather is improving you :)

been struggling with tiredness since then, but need to go and hoover anyway before my joints get too sore, so off to do that now, my favourite job, not :D

will chat later :)


Hey Sue,

back from training now :-)Thanks for keeping a look out on here, you're a star :-)

It's been raining all day here, non-stop. I suppose it's all right if you are a duck or have a really good 'brolly :-) Good to see you have kept yourself busy, this will help to deter those piggies, but should they appear -welcome them in, entertain them for a short time and then they'll eventually send themselves packing :-)

I'll be away home soon so shall log back on in a bit :-)


Hi Emjay,

we've pretty much had wall to wall rain here as well, wind and lots of trees blown down, glad i'm back in now, couldn't use my brolly because of the wind, got soaked :D :D

doing okay at the moment but that could be because i'm busy, just need to make sure i keep strong when i'm sitting watching tv, i will though, i'll just redirect my thoughts like i've done in the past

hope i helped harobjess a little, not very good at that, but i try :D :)

dinner time now, so will chat later :)


Hiya Sue, weathers pretty much the same here, wind and rain :( :(

You sound as if your doing just fine with them patches gal :) :) you keep it up, cus i know you are a strong Lady, and can do it :) :) i think your hard time will be sitting down watching tv, cus you've got nothing to do with your hands, unless your Knitting of course, or snacking :D :D


Pete you gave me a fright there, i didn't hear you coming :D :D :D

our weather has been rubbish as well, wish i could emigrate

how are you doing today, you must be really tired with these horrible work hours this week, you should go put your feet up with a cuppa :)

I'm doing fine Pete, thank you for that, you know how to keep me going, so you do :) :)


Hi Sue. You were really helpful, I've only just noticed the extra post you put in after your first reply. Hopefully haribojess will access her local service to and increase her chances of staying quit even more so :-)

I'm only just settling down this evening myself, time for a cuppa I think :-)


Aup Emjay, i hope your well and happy :) :)

Are you and Claire on tablets this week, cus i dont think you've had a nodd yet :D :D

You put your feet up with a cuppa rosey - lea and have a well deserved nodddddd

gal, do you hear me :) :)


Hi Emjay, good idea, i've not had a cuppa for a while, time to put the kettle on :)

I hope haribojess joins us on the daily chat as well, between the two i'm sure she'd succeed, as i'm gonna do this time

have a nice relaxing evening, you deserve it :)


So sorry for giving you a fright Sue, didnt mean to creep up on you like that :o must be these hush-puppy shoes i'm wearing :D :D

You enjoyyyyyy your cuppa gal :) :)


you enjoy your cuppa to Pete :)

you always look after everyone, which we all love, but you make sure you look after yourself as well :)


Hey Sue, av got a cannie to put me to sleep :) :) so will be going to bed shortly :)

You keep with it Sue, as i know you can :) and you rest them pins of your's and try to get a good nights sleep, cus i tell you it does you the world of good :) :)

Good night Sue, Emjay and all :) sweet dreams

Pete xx :)


meant to say we all love you for :)

think my brain sneeked into Jillygirl's case :D :D


Your a star Sue, you really are :) :)


goodnight Pete sweet dreams :) :) x


evening all.long stressful day today,however got through it with no setbacks,in fact i would say today was a good test and i emerged from it smoke free,3 months on Friday and no going back :)


Hi Kengreen that's brilliant that you got through today, i know how stress can cause a setback, it happened to me

you must be so strong in your resolve now :)

Thanks for posting this, it gives the rest of us hope that we can do this as well :)


Evening all :-)

I'm all settled now, busy day, busy evening and won't be long before I'm away and ready to start all over again tomorrow. Will catch up with my snoozing then Pete ;-)

Ken, whilst you've come so far you just need to keep that little bit of spare caution in your back pocket, so to speak. Some people get to 3 months and think they've cracked it, which the majority of times they have. However, it's when they let their guard down that they get caught out... Thats the space that those sneaky little gremlins are looking out for... So they can get back into your life. It can take unto 14 weeks for those little nicotine receptors to down regulate. So, all you need to do is keep going and doing what you are doing and as the weeks pass the more likely you are to remain quit forever :-) it really does get easier...

Sue, how's it going? You have the 16hour patches dont you? Are you going to be leaving your patch on until the last minute, before you finally manage to get yourself off to sleep? See how you go this week and it may be worth talking to your new advisors about your irregular sleep patterns. I hope you have a better nights sleep tonight.


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