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DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY / 15/10/2012

DAILY CHAT/  MONDAY /  15/10/2012

Good morning Everyone,

Start of a new week, time to think about what you have planned to help you stay smoke-free. Do you need any help ? are you finding it harder or easier.

Dont forget here on quit support Emjay and Jarvo are here for you. Join in with the daily chats many of us find it helps us to stay on the right track

Enjoy your smoke-free day. :)

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Morning Jillygirl, don't know how i managed this long lie in, rare for me :D

no rain today, yet, :D :D cold though, not doing my sore joints any favours, not much planned today, will wait and see what turns up

away to have breakfast, happy a happy day, whatever your doing :) x


Hi Sue , we`ve got the cold and rain here.

Not doing much here either.

kettles on!

see ya soon. :)


Hi Jillygirl, have had breakfast, and been down the shops, oh what an exciting life i lead :D :D

will need to find something fun to do soon or i'll go mad :o :D


erm ! jigsaws, cards,reading , swimming, errr I know..............................


otherwise have another cuppa and put a dvd on. Or think of a rhyme for Pete. :D


Fun house looks great :D thought learn icing skating, but my old bones break to easily :D :D

so might try poem for Pete, try cause i'm not very good at that :D

might go bungee jumping :D :D :D


On my phone just now, hubby's on the computer, I'm nearly out of battery so will be back on in a bit when he's off and i get back on :)

meant to say he broke his phone charger, so he's using mine, which he's also using, typical man x


Hi Everyone,

I was trying forever to get on here yesterday but it would only let me get onto the daily chat and read Jillygirls first post but wasn't showing any comments up. I did try to send a private message to some of you to see if you were having the same trouble but it wouldn't even send that! So frustrating!

Anywhose... How is everyone today? I hope you all had a lovely weekend and had the nicer weather that I had yesterday. It was the Liverpool Marathon so I went down to support all the runners and cheer them on at the 9 mile mark. We had over 60 people running for our charity, the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. I really do marvel at those who were running, 26 miles - thats some distance. I bet we'll hear of Andi running that someday though as she has slowly but surely been building up her running distance and stamina. Does anybody know when Andi is back?

I'm just going to have a catch up to what has been posted yesterday :D


Hi Emjay, there were a few charity events near us too roy castle ones.

Andi went away on the 22nd. and I am sure she said she was away for 4 weeks. Pete may remember. Hope you and claire are ok. dont be working too hard. Off to put my feet up for an hour ankles and legs hurting today, think its the cold weather. see you soon. :)


Hi Emjay i hope you are well :) :)

Yes as Jillygirl said, Andi went away on the 22nd for 4 weeks, so she should be back this weekend, huh i shall have to have words with her as well, she hasnt even sent me a postcard :( :(

Hmmmm as for you only watching the Liverpool Marathon, and not joining in, i think Andi might have a few words with you when she gets back, thats of course if she finds out about it, hey i wouldnt tell her now would i :o :| :D

Speak to you soon Emjay, and look after yourself gal :) :)


Hi everybody, my daughter turned up unexpectedly, it was lovely to see her :), she's just left now,so back to peace and quiet now

It's got colder now, so heating on again, I'm the same as you Jillygirl except it's my hands and wrists today, would love to emigrate :)

away to get a cuppa to heat myself up :)


Well you said something would turn up. Thats lovely for you. Go have a rest and a cuppa. :)


Hi John, hope your ok love. I am sure you will feel better when you`ve seen the GP, sometimes its just a matter of bringing things out in the open. Anyway I hope all goes well.

By the way big well done on staying smoke-free ,your doing fab. Like you say you have to be strong and not give in to those horrid white sticks.

Take care and good luck for tomorrow. :) xx


Daughter away, had tea and done the dishes, so can settle down now, hope the telly is good later, probably won't be though,

had a bit of a struggle there,after tea, the cravings were showing up big time, so took myself out for a short walk, and gave myself a good talking to, they then went, the woman coming up the road must have thought i was insane though :D :D as i was speaking out loud, and didn't notice :D :D, maybe I am :D :o xx


Hey Sue join the club. talk to ourselves if we want to , they dont have to listen to us. :D

Well my legs are still painful tonight so I think I am going to have a nice warm bath, see if that eases them. Probably call back just before bed time. :)


hope the pain eases for you Jillygirl :) x


Thanks love back soon. :)


Hello pete have you done at work , ;)

Hurry up get washed and don a clean shirt. :O

Sue has been bored today didnt know what to do :(

She`s been hanging around waiting for you. :O

Its not the same when your not on line

You make us feel happy all of the time. :) :) :)

So here is your lager and a sweet :) )

Because your our favourite monky Pete! :D :D :D




That's brill Jillygirl :) I couldn't think that up if i took forever :) x


: ) I like that Jillygirl made me smile. I love reading your blogs they make me smile as well. Well done John for reaching two weeks and well done for being strong and resisting the temptation to smoke. Did you say that you are doing it without NRT? I am using niQUITin minis which do help me a lot but I'm sure they are disturbing my sleep pattern, rather that though than smoking and I'm sure that will pass. It's been quite a nice day here today, a bit of sun this afternoon and no rain ... yet :)

How are you doing Sue? On your third week now? Keep strong everyone, love the picture today Jillygirl, very cheerful.

Kaz xx


Hi Kazz , lovely to hear from you. well done on still being smoke-free. My sleep pattern was weird when I first quit. Anyway got to go now see you soon. Nite nite sweet dreams. :)


Hi Kazz, it's great to hear from you, you sound really positive which is great :) it will help you to stay an ex smoker

I'm using the 16hr NRT, and the inhalator if needed, hope your sleep pattern is sorted soon, i know what it's like to not sleep

I'm getting excited about being a granny :), it's helping me to stay focused as well

keep strong and positive :) xx


nite Jillygirl, away to have a shower then go to bed, i'm really tired now

I hope you get a good nights sleep, and your pain free :) sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx


Nite Nite Sue sweet dreams. :) xx


Hi Pete

hope things went okay at work for you today, you enjoy your lager and sweets before bedtime :)

I'm off to bed, am soooo tired,

nite nite, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx


Aup Sue, as for work and a Monday, it wasnt too bad, and didnt have to stay too late either for a change :)

It sounds as if you've had quite a relaxing day and a good nights sleep, thats just what you need gal to charge your batteries up, and keep focused, am so glad you kicked them piggies outa that door gal, am proud of you :) :)

As for you talking to yourself gal, if you see somebody watching you, just give them a wink, cus they soon look away then gal :D :D

Nite nite Sue and God bless you gal xxxx :) :)


Hello Pete, and nite nite to the man of my PC life. Sweet dreams. xxx luvs ya.


Hi Jillygirl, just loooooooove that poem gal, you are a softy, :) :) i dont deserve it gal. Love your new pic as well, is that hubby :D :D

Hey Jillygirl, i hope your legs dont hurt you tomorrow gal, and you too have a good nights sleep, so i will say nite nite to you Jillygirl and you have the sweetest dreams ever gal xxxxx :) :)


Night night all, me and my hotwater bottle are off to bed now :)

Thanks Jilly and Sue, yes still smoke free, it's almost 2 weeks now and the time has gone quite quickly which is good. The longest I have ever given up for is 3 months so that is the target I want to beat and stay off the fags for ever after. When is your grandchild due Sue, is this your first?

As Sue said, I hope work went ok Pete, strange shift as it means you don't get to do much with your day. I know you said you were planning on giving up smoking tomorrow but you also wanted to get your co2 level which you couldn't do until weekend. If it's tomorrow then good luck to you, speak soon.

Kaz xx


Aup Kaz, its nice to see you on the Daily chat gal :) :)

Work went pretty well today thank you for asking, and wasnt too late finishing tonight :)

Yes i've got an appointment on Saturday morning at 9.30 to meet the quit smoking advisor and have been told that she will take my co2 reading, so i have deferred my quit date until after then, because i do want to know my co2 reading as a smoker, and then as a non smoker the week after, if that makes sense to you gal :o

So i have set my new quit date for Monday the 22nd Oct :)

Kaz its sounds as if you've got what it takes to quit for good this time :) :) you stay positive about it, cus you can do this and you know that you can, deep down :) :)

I shall say goodnight to you Kaz, and i do hope you have a good nights sleep, sweet dreams gal xx

Pete :)


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