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Daily Chat : Wednesday 5th September 2012


Good Morning everyone, its wall to wall sunshine here at the moment 8-) 8-) and gives it for the rest of the day tooooo :)

I havnt got a postcard off our Jillygirl yet :( huh not bothered, a wont send her one :P

I hope that you all had a nice sleep last night and charged your batteries up ready to fight the piggies off, and stay smoke free :) :) A BIG well done to all of you :) :) speak later, got a little job to do now :) :D

Pete :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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Good morning Pete

It's lovely sunshine here today.. I'm just pottering round before I go to work!! Don't much want to go today however I'm aware this job needs finishing and it's already dragged on much longer than I would have liked.

Will pop back in a bit later x

monkyAdministrator in reply to Lisa-Jane

Aup Lisa-Jane, glad its sunny there tooooo 8-)

Ahhhh what would one day do :o :| i'm sure it will be there tomorrow !!

Hey and big big huggs for yesterday gal xxxx

Enjoy what ever you decide to do :) :)

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Good Morning Everybody :D

It's Wednesday already, which means we are halfway through the week again! Weathers not as nice here as it sounds there Pete, I hope it us in Blackpool though for Jillygirl 8-)

You're now into your 2nd week of being smoke free Pete, stay strong and keep on welcoming those cravings in as they arrive. Remembering that once you fill your cravings bucket up, you can gladly empty them down the drain and feel as strong as ever :D

Lisa-Jane, I've not received any message from you at all, if you want to resend your info, I ll sort everything out for you once I get back into the office. It's a shame that you are paying full price for your NRT now when you could be just paying for the price of your prescription. (same goes for everybody) Having your CO reading done too will keep you motivated :D

Chris, how are you dong today? What as been the most trying part for you so far and how have you overcome it? :D

Andi, are you away out cycling today? I don't think I've ever known anybody who has been as motivated to take part in as much exercise on different days as you. Maybe you could share with everybody how you eased yourself into running in the way that you have :D

I hope everyone else is okay. Will pop on again once I am back in the office later this morning :D

monkyAdministrator in reply to EmJay

Morning Emjay, its a bit harder for me today, having to snack on some pistachios at the moment, not done that for a couple of weeks :o :|

O well here we go again, hmmm perhaps be a good idea to give that rowing machine some hammer :) i'll be back :D

chris226 Months Winner

Hi all - beutifully sunny here in Ldn too. Hope you're all doing OK. Thnaks for the tips on the breathing exercises yesterday, they helped.

EmJay - the most trying part I think has almost been a mourning over not being able to smoke & when get stressed about stuff, thinking about sitting outside in the sun with a nice fag. When not stressed its a lot better but family life & all - it stil all just goes on so really just have to try and block it out and believe it will get better. Have cut down on the coffee big time now and that helps

Plus find I'm going to bed a lot earlier now than when I smoked which is probably good as well

andi22 in reply to chris2

Hiya Chris, I came to that conclusion too, that it's a kind of bereavement. I guess that's why one still gets hit with the cravings (?) a long way down the road. You sound so like me, I hit the caffeine at the beginning. I'm trying to have no more than 2 coffees a day now - if I feel a desperate need I've weaned myself onto de-caf for the extras otherwise I have a drink of water. Early nights too - you'll find yourself running next!!! hahaha ;-) :D :D

Good morning everyone, it seems we are having an exceptionally warm autumn which is weird eh!

Just thought I'd check in with you- since my doc's surgery receptionist has a bug up her butt the size of an elephant and wouldn't help me with getting a nurse to call me back regarding my smoking cessation I'm having to go from step 2 to step nowt in the nicotine patch dept until Thursday- apparently it's my fault for being agorophobic and not attending the face-to-face clinics. I am on day 2 of no patches and I am so ANGRY all the time, I feel like the incredible Hulk! On the plus side it's only the rage, not the cravings, that have been the problem and when I do get to speak to my nurse tomorrow going down to step 1 should be a walk in the park :D

It's been a bit of a tough time. I am trying to find a new flat, and being on disability means that potential landlords don't want me, plus the fact I have 4 cats means that there is more chance of me getting into my size 8 spandex trousers this year than a flat of my own so it's been very upsetting. Still, I have mints, a boxset of Friends, and fingers crossed. xxx

andi22 in reply to Lenne

Hiya Lenne, having another tough day? I wish I could have visited you whilst in the neighbourhood yesterday to give you a real hug and take you out for a walk in that lovely sunshine (that you hate so much! :o ) Hang in there girl, (you know you have no choice, hehe) and shove in another mint and pick up your cross stitch. :) Oh, and have a good cuddle with those pussies!! :D

Big hugs xxx :|

Lenne in reply to andi22

Good plan! Going to watch Friends, snuggle kitties, and try to remain calm. You're right, there's no choice, so why battle against it? :)

monkyAdministrator in reply to Lenne

Hi ya Lenne, hey hey gal dont put yourself down, just be patient and you will find a flat of your own :) :)

As for the anger, what you have to do is get all the cushions and put them on the settee, and beat hell out of them :X :) speak later

Pops 2 :) :) xx & huggs

Lenne in reply to monky

Darn, I suck at being patient :D Will do my best xxx :)

Good morning everybody, busy on here already today - maybe it's our lovely wall-to-wall sunshine! 8-) :)

Had a nice time yesterday but am stuck at home today awaiting a delivery any time from 9 til 5. :( It's horrible feeling trapped on such a lovely day. Never mind, my sister's taken herself off and I can do a bit of stuff at home and some gardening later. Think I might be having a bit of a minty day today though!

monkyAdministrator in reply to andi22

Aup Andi, its nice to see ya gal, so glad you enjoyed Bognor, never been thier but heared some good reports about it :)

As for the mints, i'm on pistachios today :) :(

Gardening - hmmmmm you !! :o ha ha no flippin chance :D :D

Rite i'm off to bed quick :) :o

andi22 in reply to monky

Aup, good to see you're back on the pistachios - means you've got lots of rowing to keep off the weight. :D :D When are you going to get back on that bike - perfect weather for it this week - and great training with all those hills where you live! hehehe! :|

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Hola Everyone :D

The weather has started to brighten up here and it's almost like a summers day... but not quite!

Pete, Each time that you really feel it, try a pint of water, maybe even put a bit of fresh lemon into it. Take a note of the time that you feel the craving coming on you and then again the next time. For it to come back on you, it must have gone away :-/ You are doing really well, you just have to learn to stay strong with it.

Chris, the feeling of mourning is very common. Think about it, cigarettes have been your (so called) friend through all your happy, sad, good and bad times in your life. So it's a natural sense of longing and mourning that you have. You can still sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, you just don't smoke with it. Try not to give yourself such a hard time about stopping, focus on the positive. It may even be worth your while trying to establish what it was that you found really nice or enjoyable when smoking in the sunshine... I can't think of anything nice about it at all any more. Thankfully :D

Andi, going onto decaf is a good idea. Especially during the evening time. It's also worth remembering that when new non-smokers also quit the caffeine, this can also lead to vivid dreams too :-/ I hope your delivery has turned up and you can do something nice with your day :D

Lisa-Jane, not sure if you reposted your message to me, but I haven't received it so far if you have? I hope your work is almost complete :D

Lenne, you just keep strong, you've come so far so don't let the attitude of somebody who means nothing to you, wind you up. Tomorrow will be here before you know it, just practice your breathing techniques. Maybe when you go along to your appointment, you can ask if they can book your next one in advance. It would be such a shame if you slipped at this point. As Andi has suggested, get one of your cross stitches out :D

Here's a few things for you all to think about....

1. Remember that you can smoke if you want to, nobody is telling you that you can't. Most people say "I want to stop smoking" and then when they do stop, they turn their self talk against themselves by saying things like "I want to smoke but I can't, because I'm giving up". Change your negative self talk to positive. Say things like "I can do this, I am doing this" or "If I stick this out, this feeling will pass"

2. It is you that is choosing not to smoke, you don't have to do this if you don't want to. However, what's the point in smoking? Really?

3. If you do smoke, you are doing something that you no longer want to do any more. Afterwards, you will probably feel awful, guilty, horrible. Just stay strong and see it through

4. You are stopping doing something that you no longer want to do any more.... remember this :D

Together we can do this. Just stay as positive as possible along the way :D

andi22 in reply to EmJay

Hiya, you'll be off in a mo. Now 4.54 and no-one's turned up! Grrrr!!! :X I am so wound up now I can't wait to get on their website at 5 and tell them what I think!! (I'll try and be polite :o ) What a waste of a day! :(

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Ring them quick Andi.... :-X

Deep breaths and remember.... everything happens for a reason :D

hi peeps,smoke free since 29th June gone through the patches am down to the 7 mg started them this week.am past the chocolate phase now,its chockies for being good now but not every day,suffer a little weakness late at night,but by that time the shops/pubs are shut and i got chokcies and biscuits for that,its dooable you all keep up the good work :)

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Hey Kengreen,

welcome to our on-line stop smoking community :-)

Please have a nosie through the different posts and see what you find. Hopefully there will be something to help keep you motivated to stay stopped. You'll also find that there are many other people going through the same as you :D

I'll pop your name up onto our Wall of Winners, where every quitter is a winner :-)

If there is anything you would like to know, please ask. If there are any hints or tips you have, then please share :-)

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