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Daily Chat Friday 28th September 2012

Sorry folks no picture, i've given up trying, my computer won't do it for some reason

The weekend is nearly here again :) :), so long lies and relaxing days, hopefully :D :)

Another smoke free week gone, unless your like me and it's just a few days, you all must be really proud of yourselves :) :) keep going, stay strong, you will win this battle :)

Come chat on here for help, info ,support, a moan, and a really good laugh :) x

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afternoon peeps,3 months today smoke free and 2nd week without the patches,i don't know at what stage you become an ex smoker or like with drinking are you merely abstaining. but what ever i will get up every morning and remind my self "i don't do that any more" and take it from there , you all have a great smoke free dAY AND scuse caps :)


Hi ya Ken, your doing spot on pal, erm as for when you become an ex-smoker !! erm i'm not really sure myself, but i would think it's the first day you stop smoking :)

Emjay's obviously having a good nodd day today, cus she has been very busy this week :o but when she finally wakes up i'm shore she will be able to tell you :)

I hope you dont mind me asking Ken but what are scuse caps ????

Pete :)


Aup Sue am here now gal, had to flippin work late again :X flippin fed up with it :(

Thats enough of me moaning, hows your day been gal :)


Hi Pete, sorry you had to work late, i've had a busy day,slowly doing housework, hoping to have a lazy weekend :), although the way things go here who knows, what you gonna do over the weekend, have a nice long lie in, you should you deserve it :)


Have a lie in -- i wish, got to go shopping in the morning, i like to go early before it gets crowded, but will have a lie in Sunday :) :)


How are you feeling yourself Sue ??


Glad i got back on here, stupid computer nearly went out the window again :D :D

I'm fine, a bit sore now, but not bad, main thing still off the piggies, not many cravings today, when they came just shouted them away :)

You still staying strong? I'm sure you are :)

sorry this is taking a while my hands have decided to go play somewhere else :D :D :D


Sue you take as long as you like gal, i know you have a lot of troubles and i really admire you for fighting your way through it all :) :) i really doooooo gal :) :)

Have you got anything planned for tomorrow ??


Nothing planned for tomorrow Pete, too tired, might look for films to watch, and sit wrapped in my duvet with some hot chocolate. wish it was tomorrow already :D :D

you should do what i do, shop on-line, it's done in 5 mins. i did mine today and it's getting delivered tomorrow morning, no heavy lifting, which i couldn't do anyway seen my hands are off playing :D :D :D

how have you been today?, apart from being angry at working late, which i would have been as well, especially the hours you do

You should treat yourself on sunday, that'll cheer you up :) :)


I've not been too bad today, but its just when i get stressed out at work :( all i see is them piggies :( but thats me for ya :D

As for treating myself on Sunday hmmm i resealed the guttering on the front of the house last week, so got to have a look at the back guttering this weekend, but to tell you the truth, i like messing about, keeps me occupied, and good exercise climbing up and down the ladder, as long as its not the quick way down :D :D


I know what you mean, stress can be bad for that, i sing a song now when i'm stressed, a cheery one really helps, if only it helped my singing :D :D

seems a lot of work to do, but if you like keeping busy that's good, and it will help keep your mind occupied, and your hands busy :)

Just stay safe on that ladder :) :)


Hey Sue i dont take risks, well not at the top of a ladder, i dont :D :D

As for singing, i'm sure you have a lovely voice, cus i can sing you know :o in the bath that is, but not so good in the garage :D :D as my neighbours have told me :o

Anyway Sue am starting to do an Emjay :D :D so think i'd best get to bed gal, thank you so much for chatting to me Sue, just love it gal, you seem to relax me :) :) so will say good nite and God bless you, will speak tomorrow if you feel up to it gal :)

Pete :) xx


night Pete sweet dreams :)

will chat tomorrow :) :), just not sure when i'll be up :D :D


Hey Everybody, sorry I've not been about today. I had an appointment at the dentist this morning, had two teeth out and have deep most of the day. Not sure if it was the pills I had to calm me or the fact that I get so traumatised by having to go the dentist, but I slept all day!

Sue, you are doing so well. We're heading into your first weekend. Sounds like you have it planned out. Stay strong :-)

Pete, lovely to catch you :-) you've been busy this week haven't you?! You're doing the right thing by keeping busy and finding jobs to do around the home. It probably gives you some 'Pete' time too and time to reflect on how well you are doing. You're a winner, do you know that? :-)

Ken, you've stopped smoking for a whole quarter of a year now :-) how fab does that feel? Just remember to always be prepared for when those cravings lie in waiting and pop up when you least expect it. This has often been found to happen around this time. But if you're ready, they've had it :0)

I need to go and take a couple if painkillers as my little empty spaces where my peggies where are feeling it now!


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