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Still thinking about quitting? Why not join in with Stoptober - the 28 day stop smoking challenge?

Still thinking about quitting? Why not join in with Stoptober - the 28 day stop smoking challenge?

Stoptober is a great opportunity to be part of a new 28 day challenge that will see people all over the country stop smoking for the month of October.

Stopping smoking for 28 days means you're 5 times more likely to stop for good. Stoptober is a new way to stop smoking and comes with more support than ever before.

Why not give Stoptober a go?

We're with you all the way...

As soon as you join Stoptober, you'll start receiving as much (or as little) support as you want - the choice is yours. All Stoptober support is free and includes;

- Stoptober stop smoking pack

- 28 - day phone app if you have a smartphone, if not use the app on-line

- Facebook page to share Stoptober experiences and tips

- Text service for motivational pick-me-ups

- Your local NHS Stop Smoking Service for free advice, through 121 or group sessions and access to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) on prescription.

How you can join in...

Lots of smokers are making October their Stoptober. With lots of free support, why not join in?

Search for Stoptober on-line today

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This Stoptober campaign will be running throughout England. However, for those of you who may live in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, across the pond and beyond, please don't let this stop you. There is still plenty of help and support available within you area.

There's nothing stopping you from taking part in your own Stoptober campaign and with the help and support from everybody here, you can still be a winner too :-)

Lets get planning, organised and ready for marching on ahead towards a fun filled and healthy smokefree future.

Anyone can do this, why not let it be you?


Really good idea and I for one will be giving it a go. Hope I'm successful.


I think Stoptober is a brilliant idea and if I am right it helped around 160,000 people last year. Anyone who is looking to join there is some good info I found about it here:



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