MOT !!

Good evening everybody, am sorry I havnt been on today, but had to take my van for MOT today, soooo had to get it ready etc :o :)

SHE flippin passed :D :D wayyyyy flippin hayyyyyyy :D :D :D

Which reminds me, I too have my MOT tomorrow morning at 8.50 am :o just flippin hope I pass my MOT eh :o although saying that, I dont feel as confident about myself than I did with my van !!

Buttons, come on out gal, come have a chat with us :) :)

Pete :)

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  • Blimey that was good I didn't think it was gonna pass ;) Im sure you will do just as well mister monky..... you doing your cholesterol tomorrow? Would be interested in how you have got on ;)

    Im sitting here watching the footie but I really really need to go and paint my kitchen.... I have all my family coming over on Saturday for a late lunch :( :D I have no enthusiasm at all.... HELP..................

  • Hi Juliedroopy :o hmmmm, pretty close eh :D :D :D

    Yes I will keep you informed on my cholesterol reading :) :) what ever it is eh :o

    OY, I thought you had painted your flippin kitchen :o :| :D :D

  • Got results of my cholesterol today on the non fasting test I had done after 2 months packed in and it's come down from 6.2 to 5.9, I know that's not great but I'm well chuffed as it's a start :D

  • No that's really good.... it's come down, A MASSIVE WHOOHOO to you, am really chuffed for you fresher :D :D :D

  • Thanks Droopy :D :D

  • Oooooh it was 6.3 not 6.2 lol..

  • Well that's just fandabidosier then :D

  • I think that's great. I hadn't realised smoking affects cholesterol, and Dr muttered about statins last time, but I don't want them if it can be helped. So one more reason yo stay quit. Every bit of motivation helps.

    Thanks Fresher

  • They had been mentioned to me before and really didn't want to go on them :D

  • Hiya Betts, yep it can make a massive difference.... this is why I stopped as I don't want to be on Statins forever... :D good luck with yours :D

  • Way to go then :)

    And you know I am singing along to CDs in the car much better, so definitely improves the throat/voice (passengers may tend to differ mind :D )

  • lol:)

  • Ooh Betts I've noticed that to, I can hold a note so much better now, kids in the car aren't overly impressed though :D

  • Takes a seasoned ear to appreciate the seasoned voice.

    Oh, and did I mention I'm going a bit deaf?

    Wonder if that'll be helped to :)

  • What you say Betts :o :D :D

  • :D :D

  • How does that work..... my mum doesn't smoke and cats that are being strangled can hold a better tune ;)

  • :D :D

  • Tooooo flippin right :) :) :)

  • Cat wait for my hols.... :)

  • We're off away for the weekend next week and I can't wait either, where you off to Droopy

  • Where are you of to too Fresher?

  • We are going to Knaresborough In Yorkshire, looks lovely and going kid free yippee

  • Well howdydoodyholiday you wll have a fab time, the weather is supposed to be great at the weekend and kid free...... its like you've won the lottery :D

  • Love Yorkshire. Think I remember a zoo there? Long the ago tho, it must still be there?

  • Na Monkys in Derbyshire..... :D :D :D

  • ;D :D :D

    Might see him rowing upup for the beer, eh monkey :D

  • And great Yorkshire beer!

    Ahhhh, memories.....

  • what about Yorkshire pudding? I love Yorkshire pudding

  • Oooohhh now I want drink and Yorkshire puddings lol

  • lol :D

  • You bet!!

    As a starter with gra by, then a Biggin with the roast beef, then, best of all :), with jam for pudding. By eck, you are one lucky lady going yhertheree Fresher.

  • Whoops! Did you hey any of that?? And that's before the beer :D

  • Hahaha it's because you're getting so excited about the Yorkshire puddings lol :D

  • you talking in a foreign language Betts....

  • Getting excited about Yorkshire!!!!

  • Haha you'll be trotting off to Yorkshire before you know it,, where do you live Betts

  • lol.... Well guys I am gonna join monky and climb them wooden steps to bed ;) Night all, pleasant dreams and a great smoke free day tomorrow :D

  • The puddings, let's talk about the puddings, please please!!!

  • Hahaha puddings, puddings puddings lol :D :P

  • Well Im not going anywhere beginning of July, just using up leave but the last week in July I am off to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games ... :D :D :D

    Where you off to at the weekend???? gonna be nice weather over here ..

  • That'll be brilliant!

    I'll never gorgetvthe games in Manchester. Everything and one buzzing :)

  • Cannot wait... be like the Olympics all over again... and THAT was awesome :)

  • Ah that will be a great experience :D

  • umm what does all that mean? :D Has your ipad been drinking? Are you talking about the games in Manchester? I remember sitting in the car all night when it finished waiting for the fireworks and listening to that M People woman singing. Absolutely slung it down all night.

  • Ah but during the week it was sunny, the Piccadilly surprise fountains brilliant - and yes, rain at the end - but hey, it was Manchester? And little daughter in opening ceremony


    Rose tinted specs ;)

  • My heart has just melted :)

  • I can't remember tbh. Oh I remember my hubby who was a compressor engineer went to fix the mobile squash court. It worked a bit like a hover craft and to move it around it was raised on a cushion of air (cos it was all made out of glass so was heavy), can't remember what was wrong with it but I remember him going fixing it.

  • Clever stuff! The mind boggles!

  • yeah, it was made out of glass so spectators could watch the game from all sides of the court. Aww bet you were proud of your daughter.

  • Sure was :)

    Brilliant design for those courts!

    Will be dreaming of floating glass squash courts and Yorkshire puds tonight :D

  • OMG it was 2002. twelve years, no wonder I don't really remember much about it.

  • Goes tooootoooo quick, doesn't it?

  • I know. My daughter would have been 16 then. Just been babysitting tonight while she went to the school my grandson will be starting in September. Ooooh time goes far too quickly. Last time the world cup was on he was a little baby.

  • So lucky to have a grandchild. Maybe one day ......

  • Haha just replied to Betts same thing, Knaresborough in Yorkshire for a kid free weekend :D

  • Hey ermmm, Droppy, I will carry your bags for nothing if you like gal :o :) :)

  • She'll only let you if you do her painting :P

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Fresher you took the words outta my mouth.... except maybe while I'm away monky could do my painting :)

  • You deserve a good hol, great stuff :)

  • Awww, thats just great news Fresher Ali :) :) :)

  • No I've only done the glossing...... really need to get the walls done now but no doubt I 'll end up doing it Friday night and Saturday morning in between cooking.... :(

  • Droopy, your supposed to paint the emulsion on the walls and ceiling before you paint the gloss :o :D :D

    Thats why I thought you had finished it !! :) :)

  • He's right you know - although I didn't like to mention it! :D :D :D xxx

  • WHAT WHAT WHAT are you two talking about..... I always gloss first then do the walls as you can wipe off emulsion from gloss but you need to use white spirit to remove gloss and it leaves a stain on the paint .....????? :)

  • It's a good point well said! I do agree with you droppy - I was only repeating what I'd been told before - apparently the gloss is like the finishing touch!

    I think Spain seem to be losing the plot! To think they won this the last time! :) :) XX

  • MMMM think I might change my name to Droppy :D Spain is going home unless a blooming miracle happens ;(

  • Monky, you are on your jollies this week - go and do droppy's painting for her there's a good lad :) xx

  • OK, if I must hmmmm, by the time I get down there to her, she will have done it :o :| xx

  • Droopy - walk away from the paintbrushes - Monky is on his way! :) :) :) xxx

  • No really Monky I wont have finished.... it wont take you long to get here in your MOT passed van ...... ;)

  • Also, I always supply bacon sarnies and tea/coffee for all my tradesmen .... :D


    Although you could end up with a wall like this! :) :) :) xx

  • :D :D :D

  • OMG.. I love that, it reminds me of the jungle print duvet and wallpaper I was allowed to have the first time I had my own bedroom....... I loved it.... (I was also 23..) :D

  • ;D :D

  • Yeahhhh, but am an old boy, not a tradesman seeeeeee :o

  • So no to my bacon buttie and tea then.... blimey Im gonna have to do it myself then :(

  • I would loooooove one of your bacon butties and tea gal, I really really would, ermmmm, do you do brown sauce with it ??

  • Errrrrr YES.... what else would it be? I do not do ketchup unless its mixed with mustard and its on a hotdog or burger....

  • :D :D :D

  • Hey I hope it all goes well for you with your MOT tomorrow babe - and hey, at least the van passed :) :) :) xx

  • Thank you Chrissie Dearest :) :) xx

  • Droopy, Droopy, Droopy :) :)

    You slap the emulsion on the walls and ceiling first, quick and no messing ok :) :) Then you cut the gloss paint in to make a nice and neat Finnish :) :) nooooo need to flippin wipe anything :o :D :D

  • naaaaaaa I hate cutting in and I hate glossing as I get it everywhere...... I even got some on the soles of my feet the other day?? How I do it I have no idea... have even got it on my butt before now and it wasn't as though I was painting in the nudd..! ;)

  • See I do need you Monky ;)

  • :D :D :D you nit :o :|

    But I love ya ta bits gal :) :) :) xx

  • Aaahhhh Monky don't be tight,,,, get up their on ya bike and get it done :D

  • Yes boss :) :)

  • Yeh Monky.... although please don't come by your rowing machine otherwise you wont get here... :D :D

  • Hmmmmm, have I told you that you are a nit :o :D :D

    As if I would come down to you on my rowing machine when there's no flippin water about tut tut :P :P :D :D :D

  • But I live near the reservoirs...... or as my nephew used to call it... 'look at that big puddle' :D

  • He'll be there In spirit, droopy, in spirit :D :D

  • He's on his hols so it will prob be a tinnie :D

  • Slurp slurp :P :P :D :D :D

  • :D :D

  • I'm sorry everybody, got to get some zzzzzzzzzz now, cos got to do my pre mot early in the morning see :o :D :D

    Nite nite you lovely people and God bless you all :) :) Sweet dreaming huggs heading your ways if you want them and see's ya all tomorrow hopefully :o ehhh :o xxxxx

  • good luck monky, will be sending low cholesterol thoughts to you :D nighty nighty monky and sweet dreams :)

  • Battery about to go, so me too. Sleep well all and wishing you sweet sweet dreams of lovely puddings, mmmmmm :) :)

  • Night Betts, enjoy your pudding dreams :) Night to anyone else still around. I'm going to bed now. Keep promising myself I'll get up early to go cycling, never happens though.

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