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SUNDAY 19TH August

SUNDAY  19TH August

Good morning everyone, Well I tried to post last night but it wouldnt let me, when it got to 11.00pm I gave up.

Hope everyone is ok. Well done Garry 7 days now. Thats brilliant.

Andi well done to you riding 28 mile. fantastic.

Pete so glad you got sorted with your wheels.

Ok we didnt go to Masham yesterday after all that. No they dont do spuds. But they do have the Black Sheep Brewery. (no they dont brew sheep) :)

We decided to go to Blackpool. We stopped at Lytham first as there was a armed forces show on. They had all the first and second world war army lorries and cars. They were all dressed in the appropiate uniforms. So after about 2 hours there we went on to Blackpool. It was really busy there. after another 2 hours we drove inland and went for a pub meal.

Had a really good day. Going to make a boiled egg for brekky and still in the army feel I will do some soldiers. :) Catch up soon if the gremlins let me. Have a good day!

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else. (You put up a weekend blog tsterday and now you've done a Sunday one - I hope you're not starting to lose the plot! :o :o :D )

Glad you had such a good day and didn't drink any sheep. ;-)

Yes, I gave up last night too. So they fix one load of gremlins and introduce a load more - the joys of being computer programmers! :D :D They're gonna have their work cut out tomorrow. :o :P

Was planning to run this morning but decided to give my legs a rest today and go tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be sunnier today and I can get to the beach so the sea will do them good. 8-)

So we're now gonna have 'Turbo Pete' so I guess he'll get home from work in half the time. :D :D

Chris, now into your 7th day, that's nearly a whole week, fantastic!!! :) Bet you never thought you'd see the day! Hope you get out and enjoy the lovely weather with your little boy today. :)


Morning andi yeah I prob have lost the plot but the gremlins wouldnt let me post on that site so started a new one and it worked think I got to it before the gremlins had finished with yesterdays post.

Have you noticed the number of comments varies it told me I had 4 comments this morning so I looked and I had 0. Then I start wondering if I have lost the plot.

You have a good day on the beach. Going to tidy up now. as got a viewing on the house at 12.00.

see you later. :)


Hi Jillygirl, Andi, and all, managed to get on here today, got a confession to make to you all. :(

Had a big big row with her-in-doors last night, tried to log on here but no chance could i get on !!!!! :( :( so went down the pub and got p-----, erm sloshed and got chatting to a couple of my friends who are smokers, yeah you've guessed it :( :( 11 weeks down the drain, as i'm smoking again !!!!

I am just a hopeless case, god am i mad with myself :X :X :X :X

I'm a man, i should be the strongest !!!! but i seem to be the weakest on here :( :(

i am so so sorry for letting you all down, please please foregive me :( :(


Hi Pete. Now listen to your 2nd. mother. :) Pull yourself together and look in the mirror and Smile :) and say ok you piggies might have won yesterday , but NO way are you going to win again. All they are doing is poisoning you. No amount of alcohol or nicotine will solve anyones problems. Have a good moan to us I am sure you will feel better for it. Even have a private word with Emjay on the messages post. I am sure she will help. OK start again but this time you will be even stronger. You can do it Pete.

As for forgiving you there`s nothing to forgive, It can happen to anyone of us. I mean that. I am sure Emjay will agree with that. You help us out and cheer us all up your a great guy. DONT! put yourself down. Luv ya. xx :)


Monky Hi I think you've done bloody well to get to 11 weeks - that takes an amazing amount of willpower so don't you forget that - I'm only on 7 days and its crap, I can't even imagine 11 weeks. Just get back on the wagon and get going again. Falling off a few times ain't no biggie - just focus on the long term gain. One evening does not delete the last 11 weeks and god you've done well so just move on, forget last night You've still got those 11 wks under you belt. Hope you have a better day today


Evening all and what a beauty it was! Had a wonderful time on the beach and the sea was georgeous! 8-) :) :)

So Pete, you must have looked a right state last night, once you were pickled I'd be surprised if you hadn't turned purple with pink polka dots if you had a few fags whilst still on those higher dose patches! :o I'm surprised you weren't completely off your rocker and can remember anything today! :o :D :D

Now if that's the way it's got to be with you then that's the way it's got to be!!! One night does not mean you've failed cos for the last 11 weeks you've won so there! :P :P

You've done it a couple of times before and I'm sure you're gonna do it again, soooooo, if you have a blip every 3 months or so I don't think anyone's gonna hold it against you - it's just tough titties and that's the way it is. :o BUT BUT BUT, DO NOT LET IT BECOME A HABIT. I'm sure in time you'll have one of these set-backs/benders and get to the next day and realise that 'Hey, I didn't have a fag last night! Wayhay!!! :) :) '

And that's my twopenn'orth. :o :D :|

Anyway, you can't afford to go back on the fags as that money's gonna allow you to turn on the turbo on your new wheels! :D :D


Well folk I am going to get ready for bed now. Glad you had a good day andi. rained up here :(

Chris start of week 2 keep at it. :)

Pete I hope your ok love. We are all here for you. :)

See you all tomorrow as long as the gremlins let us.

nite nite . xxxx :)


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