DAILY CHAT / SUNDAY /12/10/2014

DAILY CHAT  /  SUNDAY  /12/10/2014

Hello everyone, from foggy Yorkshire. I have already done my shopping and back home to get warm.

Bit nippy outside. I do hope its better weather where you are.

Congratulations to The nun on reaching 13 months. Thats fantastic.

Welcome to all our new members and dont forget let me or Monky know your quit date, then we can add you to our wall of winners.

Like the piccy says Smile its infectious. :)

Have a lovely Sunday. xx

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  • Hi Jillygirl and everybody :) loving the smilie :D :D

    Jillygirl, you get your feet up for a bit after that rushing around shopping :) We had the fog yesterday :( but its lovely and sunny here now 8-) :) sooo, when the dins is finished I shall be out in the gardin again, a bit a pruning to do today :)

    See's ya soon :)

  • Glolin, I expect you've gone to get some well earned zzzzzzz now, sending you cuddly sweet dreaming huggs to help you sleep and charge your batteries up for another weeks work ahead :) :)

    Take care gal and sleep well :)

  • Morning Jilly :) monky and all

    It's a beautiful day here, like you say Jilly, a bit nippy, but very sunny. Lovely clean air to breathe in deep. Soo glad not to be smoking. Oh, and just a quick throat update, it gets better and better ;) Reaching the higher singing notes now :o

    It's just good to have things to measure the benefits of quitting by. Also getting up the hills with big breaths, no stops. And smelling those damp autumn leaves, the best scent ever. Definite sense of smell improved.

    I hope everyone quitting is feeling proud of doing this, getting the smile for that, we sometimes forget how well we're doing, it can be tough, so stay strong! We're in it together here :)

    Have a good smoke free day!

  • Afternoon everyone, I'm enjoying the sunshine and testing out my new iPhone that my wonderful Son has just given me so not sure about smilies yet.

    You just keep singing those high notes Betts coz you have a lots of good things to sing about.

    Thanks for the smiles Jilly.

    Enjoy your pruning Monky.

    Anyone else looking in have a happy smoke free day x

  • Thanks Briarwood. Enjoy you phone. We will wait for the smilies. :D :)

  • :D :D thanks Jilly I suppose I just try this and see if it works :) x

  • Wow it did work :O x

  • Yay, you got it :)

    Nice present :) , it might take a bit of getting used to, but you'll be running your life from it in no time :o :)

    Here's a smile for you:


    Have a lovely evening :)

  • Thanks Betts, what a lovely smile :)

    It's funny coz I'm trying to take a picture of my cat but he won't smile for the camera :D

    You'd swear he knew he was gonna be posted on HU :O

    I was going to try to put him up but it wasn't working anyway, so thanks Betts for sending me one, you're a star and hope you are shining :) x

  • I truly get where your cat is coming from....... hate having my photo taken, tis the reason why I never got married... :O :P

  • Hiya Droopy, I'm with you on that one, also hate it and my Daughter is big into it and always taking pics of children and me :(

    I keep saying NO just take the children and NOT me :X

    If I smile I've a grin like a Cheshire Cat :D

    How was your day hun :) x

  • Ahhhhh, now I've found you Briar :o :D :D


  • LMAO mr adminininin, hope you not doing too much jomping lately, I hear it's very baaaad for ya :D x

  • I will have you know Briar, its very good for ya, if ya like that sort of thing :o :D :D

  • Yeah alright, I'll take your word for it :D

    Just seen two monkys on a brooch on antique road show, worth a few bob coz they were made of diamonds, so now if you were made of diamonds I might be jomping :D x

  • Naghhhhh, am not made of diamonds gal :( just the normal stufffffffff :o :D :D

  • You're a diamond geezer don't worry :D x

  • Heyyyy, wheres Droopy draws gone :o

    I bet she's flippin nipped out for a pizza or a kebab :o :D :D xx

  • Think droopys watching X factor and I'm getting sat down for downton abbey :) x

  • In that case Briar, I will luv you and leave you gal :) and you enjoy upstairs/downstairs :) :)

    I will say notey note to you and sending big big sweet dreaming huggs for a good nights sleep :) :)

    Take care now Briar :) :) xx

  • Notey note Monky, love ya to bits and sending diamond hugs to ya, note note :) x

  • nope don't do X factor or downton... am watching kiss of the dragon :)

  • Oh I see you are a kissing dragon sort of Lady :D x

  • mmm you saying Im a dragon.... :O :P

  • No no no no lovely lady, ya just like kissing them :P :D x

  • LMAO :D :D

  • Think I might have to change LMAO to LMBAO coz I have developed a Pringles addiction and just don't know how I get to the botom of them sooo quickly huh :( :O x

  • LMEBAO (EVEN) as I have just chomped thru a whole box of orange matchmakers..... :( :(

  • LMBAO :D

    Now I have to waddle upstairs and do twice as many steps tomorrow coz I only did less than half of what I should of done today :O

    Notey note hun, it's ok for you coz you got a holiday to look forward to :)

    Hugs for you and sweet dreams :) xx

  • And you hun, notey note :)

    AM gonna have to do well over 10000 to make up for a whole box of matchmakers.... :D :D

  • Yes 10000 MILES should be about right : D x

  • LOL.... :D :D :D

  • I is definitely off to my bed..... although I have to make it first...DOH :(

  • images.sodahead.com/polls/0...

    This ones from mr adminininin for ya :D x

  • Sooooo, you'll have to go jomping on your own :O :P :D x

  • Well that does sound like me monkyyyyyyy :D :D :D but no it was spag bol for dinner tonite :) :)

  • I thought a geezer was a hot water tank :o

    Do I look that good :P :D :D xx

  • Ah yeah BETTER :D x

  • :P :P :D :D

    Hmmm, luvs you toooo gal xx

  • I was watching antique road show coz it was coming from Derby and I thought ya might be on it :P :D x

  • You saying am an antique :o :P :P :D :D xx

  • You saying your not :D :P x

  • LMAO :D :D :D

    Briar, thats why I love ya gal, you sure do know how to compliment an old boy when he needs it :P :P :D :D xx

  • wot slugs and snails and puppy dogs tail???????? :) :)

  • ooh I saw those Briar....... they weren't very nice looking.... unlike our monkyyyyyyy ;) :P

    er although I am afraid to ask I fink I gotta....... what is jumping????

  • Ah there ya are now Droopy, I will explain JOMPING as monkys spelling not soooo good :D he said he was jomping around the fields and I'll leave the rest to your imagination :O :D x

  • oops I meant jumping.... me and my fick fingers.... !!! thank god my imagination aint that good.... :D

  • LMAO :D x

  • oh for crying out loud... how many times have I got to write jomping without it changing to jumping with flippin predictive text :O

  • lol -x-

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Yeah! well done.. :) :) :) xx

  • still smoke free and doing well at loosing weight too was told on friday i have lost in total of 1 week and 5 days 8 lb now and smelling things alot better and not felt no cravings today but got a saw throat

  • Aup Stacey, 12 days quit now then ANNNNNND you've lost 8 lbs toooooo :) :) flippin fantastic gal :) :)

    Yes, an so glad you can smell things better now and I hope you can taste things more too :) :) Your breathing should be getting better soon as well :) have you noticed at all :o walking upstairs, running for a bus etc :)

    As for your sore throat, some of us do get sore throats when we quit for some reason :o but there again, its the time of Year for colds and flu type things :o Try to drink plenty of fluids, water, a cuppa a tea etc :)

    You'r doing ever so well Stacey :) :) you keep focused and positive on your quit and it will get easier for you :) :)

    Hmmm, I will soon be jomping over them there fields to catch a new Winners badge for you he :) :)

    Take care now and speak soon :)

  • Jomping :O is that a cross between romping and jumping :D x

  • Ask the cows n sheep :o :D :D

  • Errrrr no thanks, me doesn't really want THAT answer :O :P x

  • :D :D :D I'm on my own when I go a jomping in them there fields :o sooo make your own mind up eh :P :D :D :D

  • Ewwwwww, NO THANKS :P x

  • LMAO you flippin Woman youuuuuuuu :D :D :D xx

  • Congratulations Stacy, you're doing brilliant and losing weight too, wow :)

    Good to hear no cravings today and hope your sore throat gets better soon :) x

  • Nitey nite everybody, sweet dreams to you all and loads a anti craving huggs on there ways to ya if ya need em :) :)

    Try to keep focused and positive on your quit and you will get to be smoke free :) free of the addiction, free of mr nic, free of being ruled, free to do what you want, when you want :) :) without you know what :) :)

    Take care everybody and if you need help, please, please just ask :) :)

    Monky/Pete signing off, cos need some zzzzzzzzz :) :)

  • notey note mister monkyyyyy sweet jumping dreams to you :O :)

  • My quit date was July 9th. This weekend I have suddenly started to feel more like a non smoker rather than a smoker who is resisting temptation. Although I still have occasional cravings. Have felt a bit smug because my husband and I have both had bad colds, mine has gone but he has been left with a very bad cough. Trying hard not to say anything because I always said ex smokers were worse than non smokers at preaching to you. Thanks for everyone on the sites help and support.

  • Hi Yorkiepam, good to hear you're feeling more like a non smoker and you have recovered from your cold :)

    What a lovely wife you are not saying anything to hubby about the reason for his cough, I take it he is still smoking :O

    You are doing brilliant with your 3 month quit, well done Pam :)

    Keep up the good work :) x

  • Loving the new badge yorkie pam, it really suits you, nd sooooo shiny too :)

  • Hello! Our quit date was 10 september2014. Going well, Nope! Is working!

    Cheers Sue and John

  • Hi Sue and John, congratulations on your first month cold turkey :)

    It's so good to know you are both doing well :)

    You are now both non smokers, brilliant :) x

  • Aup Sue & John, you are doing amazingly well :) :) I'm sure it helps that the 2 of you are going it together :) Just loving that new Winners badge of your's, I think Jillygirl must have given it some more shine :) :)

    Have you found that you are benefiting from your quit's :o

    You are a female and a male quitting together, just wondered if you have any different feelings during your quit :o or are they about the same :o

    Sue, John, I bow down and take my hat off to you both for going cold turkey :) :) I really do, stick with it and it will get easier for you :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Well done to you both, amazing quit :) keep up the good work and stay strong :)

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