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Daily Chat Sunday 4th August 2013

Daily Chat Sunday 4th August 2013

Good day to everybody :) just finished making my lumpy salad :| flippin salads take longer to do than a flippin roast dinner !! well, they take me longer anyway :o

Hmmmm the weathers a bit iffy here in Derbyshire today, dont think it knows what to do :o but its dry at the moment :) i was going to paint the fence, but if it rains it might wash it off eh, so think I will have a lazy day today and just potter around for a bit :o :)

What ever your doing today, I hope its smokeless and friendly :)

If you have any questions or just want a rant & rave, come on here and let us know how your feeling on your quit journey, there are so many lovely people on this site with loads of help and advice :)

Enjoy your day and take care :)

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Hi Pete and everyone, your pic is soo cute, it makes me want another kitten :)

We have sunny weather here, and windy so my washing is out, now i'm gonna have a lazy day too, i need it after yesterday, i barely got my bum on a seat :D :D

Just wondering, how do you make lumpy salad :o :D :D

Have a great nope day everyone :)


Aup Sue, I hope your feeling better now gal :)

As for my lumpy salad, ermmm it just happens :o :| :D :D


Hi Pete, i'm feeling better now, thank you, i just have to learn to pace myself, that won't be easy :o :D

I won't have lumpy gravy today, my son is making the tea to give me a rest :)



Pondering Pete was dizzy in the head

So he went in the garden and into his shed


He pottered around and he couldnt believe his eyes

there in his cupboard was a nice surprise.

A can of lager , now that got him thinking

he must have left it last time he was drinking.


He sat in his deck chair with his a biscuit from the tin

drank his lager and pondered " erm I wonder why I aren`t thin"




Hahahaha that's brill Jillygirl :)


Hi Sue probably still in his shed fast asleep now. :)



OY hahahahahah just love it Jillygirl :D :D :D


Hey Jillygirl, you got me thinking now gal :o I wonder if I can make a hammock out of an old beach towel ??

And for your information, am in my garage so there :P :P :D :D


Hi Jillygirl, I bet he is :D :D

I hope your having a great lazy day after being busy yesterday, i'm getting some peace, hubby's sleeping yipeeee :D :)


Good afternoon everyone.

Pete, I just don't know where you find all those really cute kitty piccies - thought yesterday's was just fab. :)

Jilly, (and hubby), Sue and Pete, glad you're all having a bit of a lazier day - you deserve it.


Well, I did the bike ride. I cycled 30.51 miles altogether. It was very up and down (elevation gain 253m) and I had to get off for quite a few of the ups - I'll have to do some more training. :o Didn't get back til nearly 2.30 so was starving and I still am - will have to do my dinner shortly before I fall asleep at the table.


Hi ya Andi :) YOU young Lady, need a lazy day by the sound of things :o 30.5 flippin miles :o :| your just a sucker for punishment !

Hmmmm ave just found a little snack for you to be going on with :)


Speak soon Andi, if you havnt nodded off eh :o :D :D


Blimey, I haven't had any of them for a while. :o Do you remember when I was a bit hooked on them last summer when I had the cravings? :D :D


Hi Andi, that's some distance you cycled, don't know how you do it :o :) I'm not surprised your hungry. I hope you have a great night with your feet up :)


Hiya, yes, sucker for punishment - I've booked in for another one next week which is much longer. Yikes! what have I done? I've checked out the route and have spotted a couple of places where I can reduce the distance if need be. It's into the New Forest and I think there'll be fewer hills (hopes). :)


Hiya Andi, that sounds like a lovely route, through the new forest :) it must be nice to live close to there :)


I bet it's really nice near you too. I'll get to Scotland one day. :)


It is, i'd have to go a bit to be near a forest though, mind you, you could probably cycle it :)


Jillygirl, will you please keep your ideas to yourself in future :o cos I made a hammock, fell out of it, got a sore ed, trapped finger, tennis elbow, a dislocated ear, bent nose and a flippin flat cat :o :D :D :D who I might add, is not amused :| ;)



:D :D :D


I've managed to survive this long but won't much longer so I'll wish you all nite nite and hope you sleep well.

See you tomorrow. :) xxxxxxxxx


Nite nite Andi, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow :) xx


Nite nite Andi, I hope you have a lovely nights sleep, cos you flippin need it gal :o :) :)

Speak soon :) xxxx


Well folks i'm off to bed now, i'm really tired.

nite nite all, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow :) xx


Nite nite Sue, sweet dreams to you toooooo gal :)

See ya soon :) xxxx


andi, well done you on your bike ride today. That's very athletic of you. Do your knees not hurt now? Mine were killing yesterday. See I would still struggle if I got off and walked up the hills cos my knees would still hurt walking up hills. I think the hinges have worn :D

I did a grand total of ......8.3 miles today coming in at an average speed of 9mph. I did the Manchester skyride and am not doing it again, it's one of those been there done that, even got the tee-shirt, well the bright yellow tabbard anyway. This is not the same kind of skyride as andi did, this is one where they close off part of the city and everyone cycles en mass including little children on bikes with stabilisers, aww they look so cute trundling along. As it was held at the National Cycling Centre have decided to do a taster session in the velodrome. Have always fancied riding round in there, wanted to have a look today but never got chance. And before we set off this morning I ordered my new bike off the internet - a Giant Avail road bike with drop handle bars and a compact chainset for getting up them hills. Sooooo excited.


Aup Sinfree :)

Gosh gal, you know your stuff about bikes dont you :) I will google it and find out what it looks like :o :)

Am so sorry gal, but am on earlies this week, so I start at 6am, so have got to go to bed now to get my ermmm ugly sleep :P :D :D

Nite nite gal and you just dream of getting your NEW peddle power eh :) :) speak soon gal, Pete :) xx


Night Pete. BTW if you do google it, mine is the cheapest an Avail 5. There are other models at eye watering prices but they're made of carbon.


Well it looks like everyone is going home / to bed .... maybe I get the last word tonight .... still a NON smoker today ... hurray hooorah & dance in the moonlight !!!

Bon nuit

Whoof woof




Good night Jonathan, enjoy your dancing in the moonlight ;) and look forward to another day closer to being a permanent non smoker. That's quite poetic for me. Night.


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