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Good morning /evening to everyone, Welcome to all our new members. This community is growing strong, Just like we have to be ,stay strong and dont let Mr Nic intrude into your life.

Any queries or problems come on here and fire away. If you want a laugh and a natter just come on to the daily chat.

Have a lovely Sunday. :) :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone.

Beautiful morning here down south, too nice to be in but I really must catch up on a few jobs before heading out. From where I sit at the computer during the day I can see a big tree which a pair of magpies have been building a nest in over the last week or so. They're still both flying in and out at the same time so I don't think any eggs have been laid yet. What a good distraction. Have a good day everyone. :)


Good evening jilly and everyone. I guess you're all just waking up as I'm thinking of climbing into bed. Hope you all have a great day. :)

My Sunday was spent lazing on the couch. I think I'm still in shock with all that's happened. But it's a long weekend here so I'll try and get motivated to pack etc tomorrow.

On the positive side I still haven't reached for a smoke YAY!!!

Well I'm gonna take some sleeping pills and get a much needed full night sleep. I'll look forward to reading all your posts in the morning.......I find I can't climb out of bed till I've caught up on all your news!!

Love you guys xxx


Hey Mardi, I hope you have a lovely nights sleep and have the sweetest dreams ever gal :) :)

You are one hell of a Lady and to keep smokefree toooooo :) flippin yipppppy dippppppy flippin doooooooo :)

Sweet dreams, knockout, sleep well, enjoy huggs heading your way gal :) xxxx


Hi Jilly and everyone, Beautiful day here in North East Wales, I'm sweating in my Jersey trousers and jumper ! But may go for a walk soon so will not need to put a jacket on, these trousers are so comfortable but they show all my newly formed flab !! :-(

I hope everyone keeping Mr Nic at bay, he's a crafty so and so, don't let him get the better of you, keep strong, xx. :-)


Hi everyone :) It is the most flippin gorgeous day here in Derbyshire 8-) 8-) :) :)

Am just flippin loooooooooving it in the garden :) talk about charge my batteries up :)

Jillygirl, that's just a lovely pic today gal :) I hope you are all making the most of the sunnnnnnnn :)


Good evening all, What a lovely sunny day. Been child minding this afternoon, so had a lovely walk in the fresh air.

Went to Asda this morning and bought some frying steak for tea time dinner. looked lovely but it was tough as old boots. :( It was only cooked 1 to 2 minutes , so I done think it was over done. Anyway going to get a chinese later on.(more edible). :) :)


Evening all. Glad to hear you've all been enjoying the lovely weather. I got out on the bike again this afternoon. Set off in the opposite direction to yesterday which had lots of hills. I didn't have to get off once on a hill this time. :) Really hoping I can do more cycling this year. I did 17 1/2 miles today so just think what I could do if I wasn't going away again. :o I got to the seafront and rode along the prom - so many people out, it was just like summer with huge queues at the ice cream kiosks. :)


We have a microclimate here on the lovely North East coast (we're only 8 miles from.Newcastle) that has just three settings 1/ Cloudy 2/ Wet. 3/ Cloudy and Wet,today we were lucky and got number 1.What is this strange phenomenon called sunshine that everyone talks about ? : ) xx


Oh Helen, so sorry you haven't got it up there. Didn't stop you doing your happy dance though, did it, you little ray of sunshine! 8-) :|


Toooooooo flippin rite Andi :) :)


Think I'll sleep well tonight. I'm feeling a bit knackered now and can really feel my glutes. (That's backside to you.) :o


have you tried going to the toilet ?? :o


I will bid you all a lovely, no snoring, no waking, no trumping, no fidgeting, no flippin smoking, deep sleep with lovely sweet dreams :) if you want ought else its flippin tuff :o cos its Sunday night, see ! and am flippin creamcracked :o :D :D

Hopefully, speak tomorrow :) xxxxxx


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