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DAILY CHAT /  SUNDAY/12/082012

Good morning.

Sunday, and the sun has disappeared here. misty , grey and humid .

No plans for today bit too warm already and its only 6.15am.

Must be nice to be near the sea, sure the air feels fresher there.

At least the air is fresher at home now we are all smoke free.

going to get breky now. will catch up later.

Enjoy your day. :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

Yup, sun disappeared here too, funny, mixed looking clouds in the sky, hope the rain keeps away til this evening at least. Off for a bike ride this morning and need to mow the lawn this afternoon.

Perhaps you can go out in 'them thar hills!' before it starts raining again Jilly, sure it'd be cooler there.

See you later. :)


hi andi. yes we are going for a ride out. you enjoy your bike ride. see you later on love. going now before pete wakes up :D


Yes, I've got to go now too, - he's going to be too busy for us today anyway. :o

Enjoy! :)


Good morning Jillygirl and Andi the weather is a bit overcast here as well, not cold though, hope you both enjoy your trips :)

I had a great day yesterday, the weather was lovely, i bumped into my cousins so ended going out for tea with them, didn't get home till late :)

Going to have breakfast now, see you later :) xx


Hi Sue, Glad you enjoyed yesterday, nice when you go out for tea when its not planned sure its more enjoyable. Especially now you dont have to worry about sneaking the odd ciggy. :)

we have just got in just a ride around york area. nice change and it did get sunny. just clouding over now we are home.

Catch up later on . xx :)


Hi everybody, sorry i'm late been flippin busy :( :(

yep weather changed here too, just started raining, and gone very still, hmmmm on my brom--- erm weather thing it says stormy :P :(

I'm glad you had a nice day out yesterday Sue, it dose you the world of good dosent it, rite best get back to it before they come, cus if there is anythink wrong, i assure you i will be told, speak later, if i'm still alive :D :D


Hi Pete hope your having a great time this afternoon :)

will chat later :) xx


Hi Pete, hope it all went without a hitch and you haven't been banished to the shed or greenhouse by now. :D :D There's all that extra time you can give them all now cos you're not disappearing to have a piggy any more. :o :)


Hi Pete, Hope your afternoon is going well. enjoy! :)

will catch up later. Let us know what work hours your doing this next week, I get mixed up. easy done for me.:) see you later love. xx


Hi Jillygirl it was so nice not to miss any conversation yesterday cause i needed a cig :) it was a good laugh

glad the sun stayed out for you, you'd be able to have a much nicer time i've only been to Yorkshire once, remember thinking what a lovely place it was with great scenery :) must try to remember to go again, if my brain works :D :D

away to start dinner will catch up later :) xx


Hi Sue, missed you yesterday but so glad you had a lovely day. :)

If the opening ceremony was good, the closing one should be just as - might have to record it again as I'm not sure I'll be able to stay awake that long! :o Mind you, it'll be something to watch when it's peeing down with rain tomorrow! :D :D


Hi Andi i missed everyone on here as well, but had a good day :)

Think i'll be taping the closing ceremony as well, don't know what i'll watch now though, the lympics were brilliant :)

Oops forgot about the paralympics, i watch them to :)

Think my brains gone on holiday :D :D xx


It seems we are all busy entertaining , or eating today or both. So I have finished my evening meal and washed up. going to put my feeet up. will call back later. :)


Glad you had a nice day out in York. I went there once and bought the Snickleways book and had fun trying to do it in an afternoon. :)


Evenin' all. :) Just after signing off this morning it started raining - just turned out to be a passing local shower and the weather just brightened up more as the day went on. Went on the bike ride which was really nice. It was a Skyride. (You can find out about it on the web) There were about 20 people and we covered about 18 miles. (I had to do about a 10 mile round trip to join up. :o )

Afraid I missed the best part of the day by catching up on the marathon and mountain biking before cutting the grass, having my tea and settling down for the closing ceremony of the 'lympics. :|


Hi Andi,

Just got rid of em, gosh have i had some stick this afternoon, thats without you and the rest gettin at me, any way i was expecting it cus i'm the young one !! :o

Huh what with you lot gettin at me, and now my sisters, mind you they have allways got onto me, huh cus they are older than me and allways know better :P :P

Love em really, :)

Jenny is my younger Sister, who is the twin of my younger brother, she is lovely, as in she does not moan at me, plus she is 52 now, but dosent look 40, same as my brother, huh hate him, but they have never smoked, so that tells me somethink !!!!

And yes i've had a great day, had a good chat with my Niece, although she is only 13, she flippin knows what she wants :o :o not like me , cus i aint got a clue :P :P

Am cream crackered now, think its about time for bed,


HI Andi so glad the weather brightened up for you. I am signing off soon, like you get my feet up and get square eyes.

Hi Sue , Are you getting square eyes aswell. hope youve had a good day.

Well Pete you must have had a good afternoon as you havent logged on yet. or are you still washing up . hope all went well.

I wont be opening up tomorrow or Tuesday got my childminding duties again. So will try and bob on when I can. Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow.

nite nite xx :)


Nite nite Jillygirl see you tomorrow :) xx


Nite nite Jilly, enjoy your exercise day tomorrow! :D ;D :)


I'll stay switched on and lurk for Pete - he might need us! :D :D


Thanks Andi, luv ya gal, for waiting up for me xxxx


Hi Pete how did your day go :) x


Yeh he might :D :D i'll keep looking in too xx


hey Sue, you get to bed gal, dont you worry about me, cus if i get knocked down !! i will bounce back up again, no messin :D :D


Jillygirl, goodnight gal, and luv ya loads xxxx


Nite all then, sleep well. :)


I just love you all, for helping me, i reallly really doooooooo :) :)


Nite nite everyone sweet dreams :) xx


Jillygirl, I'm on the late shift this week, i start at 10 am and finish at 8 pm, so i will be late gettting on here, so so sorry, its beyond me, i have to do as they say.

Sweetttttttttt dreams everybody, and dont you ever forget, I luv ya alllllllll :) :)


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