Daily Chat/Sunday/07/10/2012

Daily Chat/Sunday/07/10/2012

Good Morning all.

Another lovely day sun and blue skies , the skies ought to be getting even bluer now there are more people not smoking and polluting the air. Like one of the famous supermarkets say every little helps.

Sunday supposed to be a day of rest , but I always seem to get busy, what are your plans for today let us all know. Whatever your doing enjoy your smoke-free day. :)

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  • Good morning Jillygirl,

    we have sun and blue skies here as well but it's freezing, just saw penguins walking down the street :D :D

    don't have anything planned for today, i'm gonna try and have a lazy day, again :D :) don't think i'll go out though, just stay warm and cosy in the house :)

  • Penguins wow dont get them in Yorkshire. You enjoy your lazy day. :)

    just changed all the bedding so got washer on. try to hang it out if it stays sunny.

    catch up later. :)

  • Hope the weather holds out for you :)

    Will be visiting my daughter this afternoon, hear how her appointment with the midwife went :) :) so will not be on for a while

    you have a great day :) x

  • Hope all is well this aft. give her our love. See you later.xx

  • Will do, thanks Jillygirl :) just away to leave now :) xx

  • been for a walk around the(small)lake,will visit my mums later to cook dinner then have a pint on the way home :)

  • Hi Ken, Sounds like a good afternoon. Bet mums happy that your a non-smoker now. Hey think Pete must be at the pub already , perhaps you`ll see him there. :D :D

    Enjoy your afternoon. :)

  • Hi everybody, finished dins now, weather hmmmm its lovely when the suns out 8-) but a bit cloudy and cool when the sun goes in :P

    Sue i hope everything is ok this afternoon :) :)

    Jillygirl just luv your new pic gal :D :D just magic, as for Sunday being the day of rest :o i'm the same as you gal, cus have more work to do on a Sunday :( :( just finished cooking dins, now got to go and finish sealing the guttering hopefully, if the weather holds out for me, and hopefully finish it today :) :)

    Aup Ken, it sounds like your doing ok pal, ace you keep with it, but as for you calling for a pint on the way home from your mams, i wouldnt if i was you, cus its no good for you !! if you believe that your as bad as i am :D :D just envy you Ken thats all, wish i'd got the time to go for a pint :P :P slurp slurp, you enjoy pal :) :)

    Rite am off to do the guttering, speak to you all later, if you will let me :o :| that is

  • No am not at the pub Jillygirl, so there :P :P

  • Hi Pete, you be careful on that ladder. :P


  • Hi everyone,

    just got back from visiting my daughter, had a great day, midwife appointment went well, she's getting her first scan some time next month :)

    Jillygirl Samantha said thank you for your kind thoughts :)

    you be careful up that ladder Pete, don't want you hurting yourself :)

    away to get a cuppa, back in a mo x

  • Ooooooh! can I be babys third grandmother.. Something to look forward to. :) `

  • You sure can :) and if i manage to do it I'll put a picture of the scan on here, as well as baby, once it's born :) x

  • Super dooper!. :D suppose Pete will want to be an adopted grandad too. :P

  • I'm sure he will :D, he can if he wants, :D :) could do with extra hands for babysitting :D :D :) x

  • He might even make a legless cot for baby. :D


  • :D :D :D :D :D :D that's briliant, love it :D :D :) x

  • Sue, just luv it gal, could be your granddad as well if you like :D :D it would be my honour to look after baby SamSue, if i was ever so lucky too :) :) you enjoy gal :) :) you enjoy

  • clipartguide.com/_named_cli...

    Just picture it now Pete. :)

  • Hi Pete,

    what a lovely thing to say :) :)

    I think your a bit too young to be my grandad, think I'm only 3 years younger than you, but you can if you want :D :D :)

  • Yes Sue i would luv to be :) :)

  • well you two , I`m signing off now . legs and hands hurting tonight so going to see whats on tv. So nite nite god bless luvs ya.

    Pete are you on the horrid Henry shifts tomorrow? take it easy. xxx

  • Jillygirl im on 8am - till - 6pm this week, erm i think :o :|

    Hey Jillygirl, you just think, how much more you would be hurting, if you hadnt quit when you did :) :)

    Jill, i know you will get through this, cus i know your a strong and very pretty Lady, you will get over it, if not !! i will sourte you out :P :D :)

  • nite nite Jillygirl, hope your joints are pain free soon, luv ya :)

  • Jillygirl, that is me off to a tee, only am an older version :D :D

  • Hi Grandad Pete, i've got gremlins now, 3 times i've tried to post this, and i'm getting really tired now so gonna have to sign off

    nite nite, sweet dreams :)

    take care luv ya :) x

  • Good night Sue, and well you know i love you gal, sweet dreams to you as well :) And you try to have a good nights sleep :) :)

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