DAILY CHAT/   SATURDAY/   25/08/2012

Good morning,

Well I slept in it was 6.10am today dont feel any different though. Perhaps its because it`s a bit darker this morning. Very foggy when i looked out.

Never mind not doing anything special today.

Hope its a bit better weather where you are.

Bank holiday weekend, and another week passed. another week of staying quit.

Hope you all have a lovely smokefree day. see you soon. :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

    Well I woke up to the rain hammering down on the roof. Gone over now but I'm sure there's a lot more up there. Good for the garden but not very conducive to bike riding. :o (Cor, which brain cell did that come out of this early in the morning!) ;-)

    Off to the gym in a bit so see you later. :)

  • Morning andi, still foggy here. probably turn to rain if it clears. Are you trying to frighten Pete with these big words? :D :D

    Enjoy the gym and the rest of your day.

    catch up soon.xx :)

  • Morning Jillygirl, you had a lay in then, huh lazy so & so you :D :D

    Hey love your knew pic gal :) whats up wont your hat fit over both your ears then :D :D

    Time i was'nt here :)

  • Didnt want to cover both my ears , cos I need to listen out for you, dont want you sneaking up on me. :D

  • Morning Andi, whats up cant you hold a brolly while your riding your bike then :D :D

    The suns out here at the moment, dont know how long for though :( :( have a good workout at the gym, cus you need it gal :D :D ( tummy )

    Speak later - if i can still walk :o :)

  • Morning all hope you're feeling good this morning. Got 'friends' coming over for a barbie at luchtime. Think we'll be inside. No alcohol for me, not ready yet so another day to be achieved with no smoking. Day 13 now. Take care all

  • Hi Chris, enjoy your barbie. celebrate tomorrow 2 weeks of being a non smoker. great stuff.

  • Morning Chris, well done to you 13 days now, hope the weather stays fine for your barbie, and have a good smoke free day :) :)

  • Good Morning everybody :D

    Not sure which way the weathers going to here but hope it's nice for everybody for this bank holiday weekend :D

    Almost 2 weeks Chris, fandabidozey! You're doing really well and it's good to see that you are thinking and planning ahead. All these kinds of efforts really will pay off. You'll still have a good time :D

    Pete, you'll be getting chased out if here by Jillygirl and Andi... You'll not stand a chance, so hope you'll find a good hiding place ha ha

    speak to you all in a bit, just going to have myself a cuppa.... In Jillygirs cafe too :D

  • Morning Emjay,

    Gosh gal just had a rite down poor here, it was bouncing off the ground about a foot !! :( :( I hope you have a nice weekend :) :)

    As for Jillygirl & Andi, just been in the cafe, there not their, so may stay their a bit, cus its got a back door so i can escape when i see them coming !! :D

    See you in a bit :)

  • Oh yeah ! , think youv`e escaped dont ya. Well i`m coming in the front door and andi`s locked the back one. Get out of that if you can ! :P

  • Come through the window :D :D


  • Forgot to tell you borrowed Sues Dobermann to keep guard. :D

  • Rite i'm off to buy a tin of dog food :D

  • Good evening all. Hope you've had a lovely day - mine was pretty boring but should be better tomorrow if that rain goes away. :o Might even get on me bike Pete - and you can get on yours! (you'd have to pedal real quick to keep away from that dobermann! :D :D )

    Jilly I see you've been really busy in the kitchen - all these recipes - I see the last one's got no carbs, says it's with rice then no rice in the recipe? :o (or am I going bonkers? :o )

  • Your right its me put rice and its supposed to be spinach. Me thats bonkers. Prob cos I was doing curried rice and chicken for our tea. :O

  • good job got you to keep me on track. :)

  • Bless! :|

  • Hey Jilly, do you think the old man's gone down the pub fagging it again? :o

  • Hope not. just been looking at the questions blog he`s been asking for help on there. Poor Pete he seems fine then struggles. Have a look and see if you can help him with his question. :)

  • Is your hubby any good at cooking or is he a typical northerner - only good at the eating part? :D :D

  • Typical northerner. He can cook but it seems to take forever. everything has to be exact weight time etc. Me I worked in catering about 10 yrs ago. Didnt have time to mess about being perfect. Thanks for replying to Pete , thought you might have an answer. Emjay should be able to help.

    Off to get my bath now. will call back in a while. xx :)

  • Aup you two old faithfuls, love you both by the way, your just magic :) :)

    You are two completely different Ladies, but seem to get to the same point !!!! :) :)

    LUV YA both -- and no i aint bin down the pub, cus bin paintin the outside dunni so there :P :P

    Jillygirl you soak them pins of yours gal do you hear me :) :)

  • we love you too thats why we care. going to watch tv now. will call back soon. :)

  • Hiya Pete - cor that's another one to add to the list of outhouses! :o I think you must live on such a large estate to have so many outhouses. I'm surprised you have time to go to work with all the time you spend maintaining them and gardening as well! :D :D

  • Well, one has to do what one can youknow :P :)

    Any way, i can hear my bed calling me, or is it her in doors, so best go :( :(

    Dont you ever foget that i love you both, cus you have helped me tremendously over the last few months, :) :)

    Nite nite you two, and god bless you both :) :)

  • Nite nite sleep well, I'm off too so nite nite Jilly too. See you in the morning. :)

  • Nite Nite all sweet dreams. :)

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