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Good morning,

Its lovely and sunny , and its Friday again.

Another week under our belts.

Still a bit warm for getting to sleep. Hope you all managed to sleep last night.

I woke up this morning, with a sore throat, (all that yapping at Pete) :D

So I will see how it develops over the day.

My little feathered oven timer goes back today. probably replaced with my grandaughter.

Anyway enjoy your day, stay smoke free and be happy!

see you later. xx :))

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else, yes, sunny here too. 8-)

Yes, slept a bit better last night, didn't have the long lie-awake in the middle, slept under a duvet cover, had all the windows open and the fan on so not too hot.

My computer died just as I was about to join in last night! :P and I discovered where the hooter thing started.

Hope you're not going down with the lurgy - I think there's some of it about! :o Maybe you've got it from your grand-daughter. :(

Right, better go and make the sarnies.

See you later. :)


Think the lurgy thing is from hubby, he has moaned for 2 weeks now. thought it was a man cold. if you know what I mean. :O

Dont feel too bad at the mo. see you later. xx :)


Good afternoon everyone 8-)

Jillygirl I hope your feeling better soon.

Oh dear Andi, have you managed to fix your computer?

I’ve enjoyed a few days off in the gorgeous weather, back to it today ? . But always lovely to see how fabulous you’re all doing ;-) .

I hear Pete’s being cheeky again!!! Emjay and I take it in turns to nap ;-) !!!

Speak soon


Hi Claire, Glad youv`e had a good few days off.

Yes Pete is always cheeky. If you look at some of the posts i have done you will see. Must admit been rather silly most of the time. At least it keeps us all cheerful.

Lenne seem to have struggled this week and I hope she is ok today.

This cough thing I have got is just irritating, got to go to docs next week so will check on it.

Lovely to have you back . :)


Hi everyone just got back from shopping, the weather is lovely here, warm and sunny :) hope you all got a better nights sleep last night, away to have lunch will chat later :) xx


I know we all love the warm weather just now but i'm melting here :D :D


Afternoon Everybody :-)

Looks like it's been a quiet day on here so far, hope it's because you are enjoying the happy sun shiny weather :-)

Pete, as I've only just woken up (Claire's time for a nap!) I'll grab a cuppa and have a little catch up :-) I hear you are looking for a new car? Me too, time to let my little chugger boom fizz bomb go to a new home I think :-)

Sue, we have the fan on here in the office, I just hope that we have that promised heatwave at the weekend, although I have heard rumours that rain may be on the way :-(

I think it's best to get that cough checked out Jillygirl, just to be on the safe side. Sounds like you've made a new friend with little Mrs / Mr Budgie Hope you're not going to miss him / her too much. I love that you called him/her your little feathered oven timer :D. Actually,I wonder if you may even be allergic to feather dust... with you having developed a cough again.... just a thought.

Ooooh Andi, what were you off making sarnies for? Was it for a lovely day at the beach? Hope you have fun anyways :D

Right, off for a catch up :-)


Hi Emjay, I have had budgies in the past, but thinking about it I suppose we had smokers coughs then. Bertie was actually moulting so you could be right. Suppose it will go in a few days if thats the case. Only budgie I know with internet fame. :)

See you later.


Aup Jillygirl,

Women can catch man-flue you know, but of course we men get it a lot worse, than you Women, but we do suffer quietly :D :D


You must know different men to me. :O

how many tinnies have you had. :P


What are you getting at Jillygirl, asking me how many cannies i have had, flippin cheek :P :P


Hi Emjay & Claire, huh so you think '' I'm '' cheeky what about er then, that flippin Jillygirl, er's got a rite cheek er has !! :P :P

As for you and Claire taking turns in noddin, just great gals, cant fault you :D :D

Andi said she was going to the beach at Studland !! today, hmmmm mind boddles :o ;) i'm out of here.

Pete :)


Hiya Sue, yeah hot here too, 8-) 8-)

Just got a cannie out of the fridge - dont know why i got it out, should have got in with it :D :D I hope your feeling well today gal and enjoying this spot on weather :)


Hiya Pete glad you getting hot weather too, how knows how long it will last :), get in the fridge, now that's s good idea, wish i'd done that earlier :D

I'm feeling a lot better today thanks, hope it keeps up :) but i'll party either way :D


Aup Emjay, so your looking for a car as well :)

What sort are you looking for then, and what colour ?? cus Jillygirl said that the colour is a Woman thing !! :o :o

Let me think !! hmmm you are a successful, intelligent, sophisticated, intellectual, young blonde Lady !! so i think one of these will do you just fine :) :)

BMW - black - soft top - sport :) :)

Or a - red - Audi - sport :) :)

Maybe even a Mini Cooper, just got to be red or black though, otherwise they just dont look the part. :o :D

By the way the cat helped me with the spelling :D :D


Good evening all, finally got home at 7.30, had me shower and a bit of nosh and switched on! :)

I've had a looovely day thank-you. It was like being abroad, especially as we had to cross the water to get there - and they served delicious coffee after we'd parked up. We went to Studland and ended up having 6&1/2 hours on the beach - amazing! And of course as soon as you get too hot you just go and have a dip in the sea to cool down. Tan's coming alon nicely now thank-you very much. :D :D


Ace gal just ace, i'm so glad you had a good day their, AND a suntan comming on tooooo, what more do you want ?? :) :)

May i ask you how you are feeling, in yourself ???? :)


I am feeling very good in myself at the moment, thanks for asking. I knew it was a bit of summer I needed to perk me back up. :| Thank God that terrible weather we had before has finally gone away and it's turned into a more normal sort of english summer. :)

Did you have a poet's day today?


Boy are you lucky gal. glad you enjoyed your day.

see you in a bit.


Sorry you lost your little house guest but I'm sure he can come back again next year (provided you find out it's not him your allergic too!) :D :D


Hi Andi you've had a great day by the sounds :), and think the weather's gonna be great tomorrow as well :) off to get a cuppa will chat soon :) x


Hi Sue, surprised you didn't get out to St Andrews for the beach on such a lovely day. :)


Hi Andi was gonna do that but got caught doing other things, but there's always tomorrow :)


Rite i'm off up the wooden hill now, up early in the morning, as in flippin shoppin,

Goooood nite everybody, sweet dreams, xxxx

Jillygirl thanks for the pressie, that will help me sleep, perhaps, - zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

To late av gone. :) :)


nite Pete, Jillygirl and Andi i'm off too, really tired tonight, sweet dreams everybody :) x


Nite nite all too, sleep well and see you tomorrow, x :)


Night night all . sweet dreams. :)


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